In answer to your first question, the Logies are — as Heather put it last year — “the Emmys of Oz, but sartorially wackier.” In answer to your second question, I don’t totally know whether the SAG strike impacted this in terms of attendance. There are certainly folks here who are SAG members — including Sam Neill, whose photo I didn’t pay for because he just looked like Sam Neill — and the SAG-AFRA memo says its members can’t go to awards shows during a strike if said appearance or show promotes work done under their former contract. However, Australia has its own acting and writing unions that are NOT on strike, so nobody putting together the Logies would be scabbing/crossing any picket lines, and the Logies appear to honor solely Australian-made productions under Australian union contracts (as opposed to the Emmys, which is indefinitely postponed, because it does use WGA writers and honors SAG-AFTRA and WGA productions). Per the AWG’s helpful website about what’s okay to do, the Logies seem kosher. Besides which, surely Sam Neill would NEVER?!? Additionally: As ever, we look forward to our Australian readers giving us the scoop on any and all of these folks.

[Photos: Hanna Lassen/Getty Images for TV WEEK Logie Awards, Sam Tabone/Getty Images, Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images, Don Arnold/WireImage]