All I can hear is Larry Miller in Pretty Woman saying, “Who ordered PIZZA,” during Julia Roberts’s shopping spree. Except that he was sort of annoyed, and everyone on the picket lines must have been DELIGHTED. Who doesn’t love to see pizza? Even Larry Miller, had he been honest with himself in that moment, cannot have been too upset. Not when it ends with a melty warm slice being shoveled into one’s facehole. ANYWAY: Herein, we have another delight from Jack Black, Rachel Bloom, Jason George, an Ed Harris sighting, and a cast member each from Oppenheimer and Barbie.

[Photos: London Entertainment, Robin Marshall, Rob Latour, Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock, Gotham, MEGA/GC Images, Hollywood To You and BLW Media/Star Max/GC Images, Alexi Rosenfeld, Unique Nicole/Getty Images]
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