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This is so sad: Sinead O’Connor passed away on Wednesday at just 56 years old. She led a truly difficult and troubled life, and lost one of her children about a year ago. I don’t know of anyone in my generation who can’t immediately summon the sound of her voice, or the image of those eyes. She was indelible. [CNN]

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Pajiba has a recap of Doja Cat’s continuing beef with her fans. She… REALLY does not seem to enjoy social media, and really maybe should turn her passwords over to a loved one.

Worth your time, at Vanity Fair: “40 Years of Madonna: Four decades after its release, one VF writer looks back at Madonna’s self-titled, self-assured debut album and how it laid the foundation for a young woman from Michigan to one day become the queen of pop.”

It’s HOT, maybe you need some new shorts? Here are some cute ones.

Always read Dave Holmes at Esquire. This time: “The Two Weirdest Years in Music: In 1989 and ’90, the culture had not yet figured out what it wanted to be. What we got was the Diet Slice Era—refreshing, indistinct, and a harbinger of what was to come.”

An UPDATE on the Who IS Tom Brady Now?!?!?! Question. [Lainey]

Also at Lainey, also on the Celeb Romance Front: Joe and Sofia’s civil divorce (so far).

Delighted to see this very kind inclusion of The Royal We on this great list of summer beach reads at The Stripe!

This headline is a ride: The Sloth King of Long Island Tried His Hand at Venomous Lizards.  (This Sloth King literally IS a sloth. Although “The Sloth King” is also a great nickname for a person.) [Curbed]

The New Yorker asks, “Can Professional Cricket Thrive in America?”

Smithsonian wonders, “How Many Dinosaurs Remain Undiscovered?

I’m not ready for fall clothes yet — at all!! — but these Madewell loafers are cute. [affiliate link]

This is so bright and airy: Inside Amanda Seyfried’s Farmhouse-Inspired New York City Pied-à-Terre. [Architectural Digest]

Indeed: There’s No Such Thing as a Guilty Pleasure. [LARB]

Eater reports on Death by a Thousand Service Fees. It DOES seem like receipts are getting more complicated.

The NYT claims that Hunching Over Your Computer Like a Buzzard Is Not Helping Your Back. YOU DON’T SAY! [gifted link]

Are we sure this is a good idea!?!??!?!!? At WaPo: Scientists woke up a 46,000-year-old roundworm from Siberian permafrost. [gifted link]

This little belted denim jacket at Gap is cute — and on sale. [affiliate link]

We’ve had some fun afternoon chats here lately! ICYMI: We wondered about the best thing you’ve bought off Instagram, and we hailed the return of What Are You Reading? We also discussed the movies we watched on repeat as kids.

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