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The GFY Guide to (Mostly) London

Apr 24, 2019 by H and J at 11:00 AM
Over the past several years, we've been asked for recommendations by people who are heading to London (or the UK… Read More »

Fugs and Pieces: August 11, 2017

Aug 11, 2017 by H and J at 2:00 PM
Everything from heart-eating dogs to senior citizen romance! Read More »

A Chat With GIRLBOSS Costume Designer Audrey Fisher

Apr 21, 2017 by H and J at 8:00 AM
Today, Netflix drops their latest series, Girlboss, based loosely on the life of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso and her book… Read More »

AbFabtrospective: Everything Patsy and Edina Wore on Absolutely Fabulous

Dec 27, 2016 by H and J at 8:00 AM

The 2016 GFY Gift Guide

Dec 7, 2016 by H and J at 9:00 AM

Royals Round-Up, October 14, 2016

Oct 14, 2016 by H and J at 1:45 PM

Fugs & Pieces: July 29, 2016

Jul 29, 2016 by H and J at 2:00 PM
The Olympics are a week away, and pressing questions remain: Will Rio be such a disaster that it makes Sochi look… Read More »

AbFabtrospective, Part II: The Best of Bubble

Jul 18, 2016 by H and J at 10:00 AM

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