Hello! A brief bulletin:

As many of you know from frustrating experience, the ad unit along the bottom of our slideshow pages (on desktop) has been coming up way too regularly — like, every slide — and way too aggressively (hard to close!). We agree that it is maximally irritating and weird, although sidebar, everyone who’s reported this to us has relayed that sentiment in a really kind, supportive way, and we totally appreciate it.

ANYWAY: It’s not supposed to be like that, but like a recalcitrant toddler, we haven’t been able to make the unit behave. So it’s been paused completely. It is in TIME OUT. And thus the issue should be resolved by about 7:30 p.m. California time this evening (Monday).  Thank you very, very much for sticking with us, and let’s all cross our fingers that this works.


H and J