Happy Friday, everyone! Hope your weekend is a delight.

The Washington Post reports, “Food storage synonym Tupperware has ‘substantial doubt’ it can survive.” This is where I learned that Tupperware parties are, in fact, still a thing — it never occurred to me to wonder whether actual Tupperware was available in stores. I would just buy whatever was in front of me, which seems like… a problem for Tupperware, if that’s not where it was. But, Tupperware truly is one of those brand names that’s also used as the generic version of the thing — like, as the piece notes, Kleenex and Band-Aid. And can you imagine if Band-Aid no longer existed, and that reference point simply went away? Wild.

Also at WaPo: How to fight book bans — and win.

So interesting, at the NYT (gifted link): “The Brides Wore ’90s Dior. And ’00s Margiela. And ’80s Chanel: With vintage fashion in high demand, the hunt for archival designer wedding dresses is becoming serious business.”

Funny, and smart, at Eater: Why Is Resy Mad at Me?

I have found this saga very compelling! At Grub Street: I Ate the $29 Ham-and-Cheese Sandwich.

The AV Club wants you to argue over R.E.M’s 40 best songs. They ABSOLUTELY picked that number one to get people to argue. (Although it’s a great song.)

And Vulture wants you to fight about this: Draculas, Ranked.

This is a good interview with Mae Whitman at Salon!

Vital celeb romance news, over at Lainey: The Whereabouts of Olivia, Harry, and EmRata.

This is WILD: A Classic Chanel Handbag Will Now Cost You $10,000. It was like half that just a few years ago? At some point, aren’t they going to hit a wall of what folks will want to pay?

Speaking of fashion classics, here’s to a very chic life: Mary Quant, British Fashion Revolutionary, Dies at 93.  That exhibit at the V&A sounds like a kick. [NYT, gifted link]

Lainey also gives some love to the Jonas Brothers!

At Pajiba: Paul Cattermole, S Club 7, and the Lie of the Pop Star Dream

I’m not supposed to be buying any more summer dresses, but this one is so cute! [affiliate link to Anthropologie]

The Ringer presents The Biggest Question for Every NBA First-Round Series.

This seems right, and I hope she wins: Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix joins Dancing With The Stars following Tom Sandoval cheating scandal. [Socialite Life]

This is nice! Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider welcome twins, a boy and a girl [Celebitchy]

ICYMI here earlier this week, we had a fun chat about your current favorite beauty product! Over at Drinks With Broads, we recapped this week’s….intense….Succession, as well as Yellowjackets (which is undergoing a sophomore slump). Everyone got a peek of Jane Pratt’s fourth act and CELEBRITY LEGAL DRAMA (Bill Macy isn’t looking great right now), and paid subscribers enjoyed (hopefully!) FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS in Crazy Rich Person Rupert Murdoch’s love life, HBO’s identity crisis, and one verrrrry weird real estate listing. It’s a hoot, so come on by.