I just spent far more time that I probably should have taken out of my one wild and precious life staring at Ben Platt’s thighs here, before concluding that he’s working some kind of slightly darker half-chap effect on an otherwise bog-stand pair of khakis. (Albeit it surely pricy ones.) Friends, get ready for a sentence I never thought I’d write and may never write again: I wish Ben Platt had just gone Full Chaps. And I accidentally originally wrote “Full Chaos,” which….look, might as well cross your fingers for that, too.

I don’t know that this exactly qualifies:

But it is weirdly proportioned and doing strange things to his crotch. That’s his husband Noah behind him, and Noah’s pants ALSO seem to be… crotchily inclined. I did not have Stare at Crotches For Way Too Long on my to-do list for today, and yet here we are.

(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)
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