Golden Globes Fug or Fab: Vanessa Hudgens

Guys, I am so torn on this one.

Dynasty Heather appreciates her attempt at growing the heck up, and thinks this is a campy marvel — a tasty throwback gown the likes of which all our favorite ’80s divas would’ve loved to wear for a lily-pond brawl and/or some boring Denver function at which there is a 70-30 chance someone in a nearby room is lighting hate candles. Cranky Heather thinks it’s still too mature for her; that skirt is catching the light like it’s molting; and that the earrings completely thwart her attempt to look more adult and sophisticated because they’re in the middle of a MASSIVE catfight with her shoulders. Both Heathers wish Revenge would do anything even halfway as awesome as the time Adam Carrington painted Jeff Colby’s office with lead paint so the fumes would drive him slowly insane.

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  1. Esmerelda

    A vast improvement! Dynasty Heather won for me because not only is it deliciously campy it is just SO MUCH BETTER than what she usually shows up in! Ditch the giant earrings, shorten it to cocktail length, make sure she has a bitchin’ pair of shoes on and she would look totally fab. She may dress like a complete crackpot 99% of the time, but she’s a beautiful girl.

  2. Sajorina

    I’m with Cranky Heather all the way! Dress is OK for somebody else! The accessories are driving me slowly insane like lead paint fumes! Good call on that one!

  3. Kat

    …she looks like she’s wearing a bedazzled Hefty bag. The shoulders are way too big for her, too. And yes, she just looks so pleased with herself, and I can’t stand it. No, Hudge.

  4. Siobhán


    To me it looks like someone strategically poured tar over her and topped it off with 2 hands full of glitter.

  5. Caroline

    I like the concept and, as Dynasty Heather said, the fact she seems to be trying to mature. It’s not quite there but is so very much better than crocheted pants.

  6. remi

    it swallowed her feet and this is made worse by her pose. It must be quite volumnous at the bottom yet it looks sleek otherwise.

  7. genny

    She needs more years and more neck to carry off this ensemble.

    • Gail

      Yes, it looks like she’s wearing her mother’s dress. Her taller, heavier mother.

  8. S

    I like the dress in general, but there is way too much skin showing in the front! Are we sure that isn’t the back of the dress?

    It’s not even that it is cleavagey, it is just OPEN. Vanessa, look to Amy Poehler on how to do deep-dip cleavage properly. It is low OR wide, not both.

  9. Helen

    This could be great on Jennifer Lopez.

  10. Jessica

    I voted for “What is your DAMAGE, Heather?” because I will always support a Heathers quote. However, in terms of the dress, I am with Cranky Heather all the way. This is horrid.

  11. tagatha

    I’m never sure what to think when someone shows up wearing a dress this, shall we say, open. It’s either “Where’s the filling?” or “It’s falling out already.”

    Also, it’s probably the wonky pose that makes the whole thing look deformed.

  12. amys

    Loathe entirely.

  13. Andrew S.

    Why is she stealing dresses from Kris Jenner tho?

  14. jay

    It looks a tiny it like she fell into an oil slick, but I still actually really like it on her. And considering it’s Vanessa Hudgens, I’m taking this as a victory either way as I’m sure even the most resolute haters of this dress would agree that it’s better than about 85% of the stuff she put on last year.

  15. Rubee

    I can see Angelina pulling this off, tacky giant earrings and everything. But Ms Hudgens here seems to be eaten by this outfit, not to mention she looks twenty years older than she is, courtesy also of hair and makeup. FUG

  16. msd

    I love it when you make Heathers jokes!

  17. house mouse

    It’s not perfect, but I’m down. Mostly because she looks like she’s having a lot of fun in it.

  18. Mikaela

    she is going to see her boyfriend haha