Guys, I am so torn on this one.

Dynasty Heather appreciates her attempt at growing the heck up, and thinks this is a campy marvel — a tasty throwback gown the likes of which all our favorite ’80s divas would’ve loved to wear for a lily-pond brawl and/or some boring Denver function at which there is a 70-30 chance someone in a nearby room is lighting hate candles. Cranky Heather thinks it’s still too mature for her; that skirt is catching the light like it’s molting; and that the earrings completely thwart her attempt to look more adult and sophisticated because they’re in the middle of a MASSIVE catfight with her shoulders. Both Heathers wish Revenge would do anything even halfway as awesome as the time Adam Carrington painted Jeff Colby’s office with lead paint so the fumes would drive him slowly insane.

Which Heather is right?

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