Fugsten Dunst

Oh, girl. Sweet, innocent, slightly peeved-looking Kiki.

I thought you knew: NEVER tangle with a bike messenger. They brake for no one.

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  1. Willow

    you would think the dress was thw worst thing about this outfit and then you see those shoes.

    They look like spiders with a foot fetish.

  2. Jill

    Aside from the makeup and the boob stripe, I… don’t mind this?

  3. TaraMisu

    This is ok…. I’m not horrified by it. Not sure about her hair though, looks like an after-thought ponytail.
    @willow – agree on the shoes, ick.

  4. Lina

    Wait, so this is a transparent blue lace t-shirt (with black boob stripe) over a black triangle bra, with a black lace transparent cummerbund, with a blue and black animal print skirt? Or is it a dress? (WHY IS THIS? What designer thought this was a good idea?)

    The shoes don’t help the mess of a dress, but I think if you put the shoes with a totally different outfit (something Heidi Klum would wear), they could be kind of awesome.

  5. claire

    I get the feeling that she was trying to go for something similar to Anne Hathaway’s look in the last post…filtered through a Kiki lens. Put her in that dress and she would have looked fab.

  6. Stefanie

    Oh Kiki, never change.

    I am totally glad to see her out and about again. I missed her! Has anyone seen the trailer for her new movie that costars my boyfriend, Skarsgard? She looks seriously beautiful in it. (And so does he but thats a given.)

  7. vandalfan

    Is it a dress, or two pieces? I like the skirt, avec cummerbund, but the lacy sheer top, with (thank goodness) a bra beneath is just wacko. The droopiness at the waistband is just evil. I’m not thrilled with her hair. The shoes might work with the skirt and, say, a nice white menswear shirt.

  8. Bella

    Had you not printed her name, I would not have known who this was.

  9. Amanda

    I really love the color. I don’t think the whole thing bothers me too much either. I kind of like it. Maybe the torso of the top needs to be fitted a bit better. I don’t know. I might just be blinded by the fact that I think the color looks great on her.

  10. Lynnie

    It seems so similar to Anne Hathaway’s dress, which was cute… yet this is so NOT cute.

  11. Anne B

    I’m sure the dress is comfortable. I’m also sure I don’t like it.

    However, add a Spirit Stick and she’d probably be good …

  12. lc

    It looks like she’s wearing the black band of anonymity across her girls.

  13. anny

    She looks like she’s all “Yeah, I know, I … yeah … “

  14. Lindy

    Aww, she looks kinda cute.

  15. Marie

    The dress is kind of growing on me. Maybe because I like purple. But the shoes have got to go and she should do something about that hair. It’s not the first time she pins it like this.

  16. jean

    I’m leaning toward cute. And my goodness, she’s all-one-shade! Of natural pale.
    I didn’t know she was doing a movie with Skaaaaaarsssgard. That can only be good. Does he never squire his wife around? Best arm-candy around other than Pacey.

  17. Leone

    Do somethin with the hair and stop slouching girl! Sorry, it’s messy and mediocre. Step it up already!

  18. kimmy

    its ust kind of “meh”. more fitted and a little shorter and it would have been acceptable. i like the hair and make up and have missed Kiki. i’ve always liked her!

  19. Mo


    And what’s with the Renee Zelwegger eyes. You’re not in a fucking sandstorm. Open your eyes. I don’t know why she leaves the house. Or makes movies. Or we give a shit about her. Loathe.

  20. Lisa

    That is the WORST. THING. EVER.

    How anyone can say anything else is bizarre. That is the ugliest outfit. Something you’d see the oldest Golden Girl wear on a date. And may I remind you, that show was on in the ’80′s.

    I rather despise Dunst. She is just not cute at all to me. VERY average. And then she looks all greasy and hump-backed all the time, too.

    Makes you think all one has to do is be blonde and skinny to make it in Hollywood.

    Oh wait, that’s true.