Fugs or Fabs: Serena Williams

I may have notes about the outfit she worn on Letterman, but her abs just inspired me to do 25 crunches, so thanks for that, Serena.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]

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  1.  Miranda

    I think she looks pretty great. Her gorgeous face, great hair and bangin’ bod don’t hurt matters either.

  2. JJPP

    I agree with your reservations (the cropness, especially the necklace), but I also don’t really care. She just looks too fab to fug her!

  3. swimmyfish

    Her hair is FANTASTIC! I don’t know if there’s some extensions or other trickery involved, but I also don’t care, because DAMN.

    • Jessica

      I know. I LOVE this hair. (I also love her.)

    • Sarah

      I’ve always loved her as a blonde.

    • LT1

      Historically, she’s big with the weaves–when she wears headbands you can see the bumpy parts. I just wish she’d go away from the blonde. It’s gets so brassy as she’s out in the sun, etc.

    •  Ericajeanine

      I actually really dislike the hair. It looks like a lion’s mane. It reminds of the hair Beyoncé was wearing in your AMA throwback pictures with the gold lame short set.

  4. marylou bethune

    If anyone should wear a midriff top, it is Serena. She looks fabulous.

  5. Cara

    I LOVE the first look, and kind of hate the second. I think it’s not only too short, but too small overall- there’s no way the top of that dress can button. You can also add me to the group that has a distaste for white heels, but I suppose with navy blue it’s not a terrible choice.

    •  Liviania

      Yeah, I could live with the length if she could button the top.

      (I will give her that she’s exposing a pretty bra.)

  6. LT1

    Serena has always had a problem with the too short. Her tennis outfits never look right because they’re too short and I always watch her matches and imagine how a different outfit would look better. They squinch up her torso and take away from her teeny waist.

    I’ve never been a big Serena fan but after watching her take Wozniacki out for good times in Miami after Rory (the asshole) McIlroy dumped Caro so ignominiously I’ve changed my mind. That’s a good friend.

  7. Looly

    I’m pretty over this whole midriff top thing. That being said, if I had 6-pack abs like Serena instead of a party ball, I’d totally be rocking a midriff, too.

    • Joanie

      I <3 you, Looly! I'm appropriating "party ball" for future use.

      Plus, ditto all you said.

      • Joanie

        P.S. Mr Man in the background on the grate, please hem those trousers. Thank you.

        • julyol1972

          You only want him to hem that Sumo suit? How about he find something about 12 sizes smaller!

  8. Ruth

    I think Serena looks better with a fitted skirt rather than a fuller skirt (i.e. outfit one versus outfit two.) She IS working the first outfit.

    •  fiatluxury

      totes agree here – actually not unlike with The Rock, muscley people look better when their clothes help define their slammin’ bods, instead of adding a bunch of flounce and volume to the muscle. let your muscle speak for itself! especially if it sounds like that (referencing Serena’s first skirt here.)

    •  SugarMagnolia

      I was coming on here to say the same thing. I find the second look a bit too junior and it takes away from her slammin’ body.

  9. Francien Rohrbacher

    Not sure about the belly jewelry, but everything else totally works.

  10. Jen

    If I had those abs I would never cover them up. I think. Not that we will ever ever ever find out.

  11. Char

    She looks fabulous. I so want her abs. But that would involve actual work.

  12. Kirsten

    The Williams sisters are so beautiful.

  13. Cat

    Agree that the crop top is a bit too cropped, but she looks great. The first outfit is definitely a win. The second outfit is awful. Doesn’t fit in the bust and is too short. Fug!

  14. TonyG

    I love the first outfit. It’s ooooh la la la – la la la la la. She truly is working it like a pro.

    The second outfit, she’s trying to sell it, but the pitch is only half-hearted. I like that blue color though. Her feet need more coverage; don’t like the triangle white tips which make her look like she put on the wrong shoe size.

  15.  Holly

    I look at Serena and think this could be my body if I went to the gym a little more often – I too have lots of boobs and backside. Maybe the 1st outfit (minus the body chain) will be my fitness goal. Now I would never wear it out because old but I would so totally stomp it out at home.

  16. Alex

    I mean, can you blame someone with a body like hers from wearing things that are a smidgen too short/cropped? At least she’s not wearing all the sheer/illusion/naked realness we’ve seen from everyone else.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes. I can and do blame her. And that nylon WIG!

      • Gypsy Danger

        Something tell me she can afford much better than nylon.

        •  HelenBackAgain

          Then she oughta be wearing it.

          But really, I’m sure it’s hair, but boy oh boy does it look CHEAP. Unbelievably tacky.

          Serena seems endlessly determined to obscure her natural beauty as much as possible, at all times. It’s kinda depressing.

          •  Ericajeanine

            Yes! I really hate the cheap wig. It looks plopped on, with no skill at all.

    •  MissElaineous

      If I had that body, I would walk around {un}dressed like Rianna on the regular.

  17. Lily1214

    I really like her hair. Very good-looking.

  18.  HelenBackAgain

    Trashy trashy trashy.

  19. Tara

    She is a gorgeous, gorgeous lady full stop. I love outfit #1 on her. Like the above poster, I was impressed with her “Come to Miami and forget about that golfer!” move with Woz and I think she photo-bombed a beach wedding in a fabulous leopard bikini the same weekend. Serena for the win!

  20. Bella

    I’m quite willing to give Serena a sartorial pass. She is a work of art.

    • Bella

      I hope someone, somewhere has done a bronze sculpture of her. Seriously.

  21. Lynne

    On one hand, these photos are making me want to join a gym but then I remember that Serena is a) a professional athlete and b) the best in the world at her sport. She’s supposed to look better than us. I mean, I’d love to have those abs but I’m not willing to do that much work to get them. You know?

    I like the first one even if I do wish the top were a bit less cropped. Add length to that blue dress and I might like it. You can’t possibly get me to like those white shoes though.

    • casey

      I’d love to have those abs, too, and I actually don’t mind the exercise part of the work. It’s the fact that – given that my job doesn’t involve exercise – the amount of time I’d have to spend would mean quitting my job. And giving up wine…and then whither the wine cardigan?!? Nevermind, I’ll let Serena rock the crop tops (and she is rocking it!) and I’ll rock the wine (and beer) cardy :)

  22. LT1

    In case you were wondering what she was doing in that 2nd dress–karaoke! Turns out she loves it and is (refreshingly) honest about her singing skills.


    Deadspin has compiled some of her YouTube karaoke renditions:
    Serena, Vika and Redfoo? That’s some fun.

    •  Holly

      So tennis is the not the only game she committed to! As always I appreciate the skills

    •  fiatluxury


      That makes me love Serena even more (IF that’s POSSIBLE).


  23. halley

    I’m not even mad at her top. If I had those abs, I would wear that shirt every. single. day. To everywhere.

  24. Lori

    Photo 2! Her glutes are amazing. Muscular globes of glorious.

    Love the shoes and skirt. Jumping on the add-an-inch bandwagon on the crop top. Hate the stomach necklace.

  25. Peg of Tilling

    So this is “Ugh or Abs” then?

  26. Isabel

    I just read Martina Navratilova’s autobiography (written in the 80s) in which she predicts that the next truly great female tennis player would probably a black woman. Spot-on!

    Anyway about the outfits: she should ALWAYS wear a fitted skirt. The top & body chain don’t bother me, she does them justice. The blue number just doesn’t seem right for Serena, although the colour is pretty good on her.

  27. KHS

    I think she looks fantastic in that first outfit. I honestly don’t care so much about the croppiness of her shirt, because she’s pretty well covered everywhere else. And that skirt looks great on her. I generally prefer to judge based on how flattering something is rather than how fashionable, so the first one is a total win for me. Not a huge fan of the second look, bc that dress feels kind of unsophisticated and immature on her.

  28. Gypsy Danger

    Getting those abs requires more than 25 crunches :)

  29. Bambi Anne Dear

    If there’s one person I like with a bare midriff it’s Serena. She looks fantastic.

  30. maybesehglows

    I’m not proud of it, but I’m catching up on my GFY for the first time in a week and the new slideshow layout/advance buttons confounded me for a good ten minutes.

  31. Christy

    12 years into my relationship with my boyfriend and Serena is still the only celebrity crush he has admitted to. I will be sure to hide these photos from him because I think she looks fab.

  32. gigi

    really?? what am I not seeing? this is the Serena I miss: http://www.gofugyourself.com/well-played-serena-williams-12-2011

    • SPJava

      She looks great there too but these current looks seem more appropriate to summer time in NYC. Where as the red dress is perfect for closing in on Christmas time in December.

  33. Anna

    Is anyone else having trouble with the new slide format cutting off at people’s feet? Think about the shoes!

  34.  Nancy

    Wow! She looks awesome! I don’t even mind the stomach skin on her.

  35. SPJava

    She was smashing on Letterman ;} I adore Serena so I’m biased but I love what she is wearing in both; she is wearing these outfit they are not wearing her. She and sister Venus have so much fun with their look on and off the court.