On Monday, I told you all about my Personal Beef with Maria Shriver (in short: she was incredibly rude to me once) and now I can balance the karmic scales by telling you that I had a personal interaction with Jamie Chung here once and she was legitimately a TOTAL DELIGHT and now every time I see her I think about how I want good things for her and I hope she and Bryan Greenberg are really happy together.

But is this a good thing for her?

Can we truly return to A Time of Crushed Velvet?

You probably want to see the front. I can help you with that!

I like the color? I like her face? Spoiler: When I start out by hopefully noting that I like someone’s face, you can bet that I’m not wholly on board with her outfit.

Just tell me how to feel, already.

  • Feel terrible, because this is a miss. (32%, 834 Votes)
  • Feel NOTHING, because you're cold and dead inside. Also, because this is mediocre. (50%, 1,313 Votes)
  • Feel great!!!! (19%, 489 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,636

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