It was heartbreaking watching Venus Williams look completely out of gas in her first-round loss, but she’s been struggling with injury — besides which, she’s 43. I hope she plays until she’s in AARP, cruising in, losing in Round 1 (or not!), getting paid, enjoying the hell out of her gift even when it’s brutal out there. Djokovic, meanwhile, had zero trouble; a lot of the American men you’ve heard of made it through, and some of the women, although not Sloane Stephens. I hope she can have a rebound season soon. I miss Ash Barty, too. I’d have enjoyed a few years of a Barty-Swiatek respectful rivalry.

ANYWAY: Here are the clothes, with appearances from Michelle Obama and Sara Bareilles as an extra treat. Frankly, Venus’s practice gear might be my favorite, but Nike churned out some wild patterns this time.

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