Fugs and Pieces, May 25, 2012


Happy Memorial Day weekend, Americans! (Happy weekend to the rest of the world.) Hope you’re kicking off your summer in style — we will be back posting as usual on Tuesday, May 29th.  It would be remiss of me not to suggest that you pick up a paperback copy of SPOILED for your holiday weekend read — and to remind you that it’s VERY possible MESSY could be out at your local bookstore now (even though it doesn’t officially come out until the 5th). Kick off your fluffy summer reading with US! After all, the gorgeous geniuses at Forever Young Adult called MESSY “beyond fabulous.” As, dear reader, are you. But until then:

Are Pacey and Kruger SECRETLY BETROTHED? I just love a secret betrothal. (Celebitchy)

Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Abbey parody is back! I love that Jimmy is essentially writing Downton fanfic.(Vulture)

– This week marks the 7th anniversary of Tom Cruise’s Couch-Jumping. SEVEN YEARS. Gawker takes a comprehensive and kind of amazing look back. I can’t believe that GFY is merely one year old than the Cruise/Holmes relationship. We were all so YOUNG then. (Gawker)

Stephen Colbert is number 69 on the Maxim list of the Hottest Women in America, which honestly feels just about right. (Gawker)

– Ooooh, you are going to LOVE this article about the fashionable influences of Queen Elizabeth. Seriously. (BBC)

A 15 year old boy created a test for early-stage pancreatic cancer that is 90% accurate and way cheaper than current testing. That kid is brilliant and awesome. (Time)

– This is a very interesting look about the day in the life of a NYC cab driver. (NY Mag)

– Grantland discusses the sartorial brilliant of Craig Sager. (Grantland)

– Britney’s X-Factor rider has been leaked and it RULES. Ahem:  12 Snickers bars, 10 bags of Doritos, 6 cases of Diet Coke containing 24 cans, 12 vases of magnolia blossoms, 10 pieces of chicken, and four pints of potato salad. Let’s be real. This is also MY RIDER. FOR LIFE. (Celebitchy)

Let’s talk about notorious actor/director feuds. I ALSO love a good feud. (Flavorwire)

The Awl did a piece called “Becoming Joan Didion” that Didion fans (of which I am one) will be well advised to read. (The Awl)

The Awl is ALSO discussing Gone With the Wind, and I think you guys are going to enjoy said discussion. (The Awl)

– All I need to say about this article is the following series of words: fatal traffic jams…ON MOUNT EVEREST. (Atlantic Wire)

– Oh no. Now Tara Reid is apparently a mess again (no surprise, sadly) and is dating some very tan older man. If it were five years ago, I’d make a Carson Daly joke (remember when they were engaged?) but he somehow has a job again. And actually, now that I think about it, maybe marrying a very tan rich older dude is EXACTLY what Tara Reid SHOULD do.  Actually, I think this is a GREAT plan for her. She SHOULD marry an older richer European dude and just loll by the pool. Life problems: SOLVED. (Lainey)

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Comments (15):

  1. bex

    was that lebowski reference intentional?

  2. Danni

    Read the piece about the Queen earlier today – she is clearly “faboosh”. Will there be time for Eurovision shenanigans next week? You know you want to…

    • Nancy

      Yes! Great shout. Eurovision shenanigans would be excellent.

    • Leelee

      I can’t wait for the Eurovision coverage. I will of course be watching it with a group of friends and a lot of wine (and shame), but I would love to hear what Fug Nation thinks of the group of boys wearing capes who then turn themselves in to a boat. Oh yes – BOAT-CAPES! And they leap! They leap while wearing capes and being boats!
      Oh I’m giddy with excitement.

      • The Fugger


        But yes. Turkey was the second-best act.

        I only say this because the dude from Moldova was even more epic. If you remember Gogol Bordello, I imagine that this is what they aspired to be.

        Also glorious: Ukraine. I also concede that Loreen (the chick from Sweden) deserved the win, because I think my notes on her performance were “This is how you fill a stage as one woman.”


        • Hel

          Me and my family give marks to the countries. I gave a 2 to Albania and they ended up in the top 5. I voted for Hungary and they were in the last spots.

  3. The Fugger

    Jessica, I humbly disagree that this is your rider for life.

    Only SIX cases of Diet Coke per week? And no Diet Coke butler? Britney should have gone for the gold.

    As for the rider itself: This just proves that while you can take the girl out of Louisiana, you can’t take the Louisiana out of the girl. Bless you, BritBrit. (And not in a “Bless your heart” meaning, but more like “oh my god if this is wrong then I don’t want to be right.”)

  4. Kate

    Okay. In that BBC article about QEII, that green dress. It’s the first photo of the article, with the gorgeous fluttery sleeves. I must have it in my closet immediately so I can wear it to ALL OF THE THINGS. Like any formal event at school! My class color is green, so I’d be displaying class/school spirit.

  5. Blue Shoes.

    I just got Spoiled in the mail yesterday! I worked 14 hours yesterday, and ten today and I am already half way through it. I love it, and I honestly wasn’t expecting to. (I have no idea why, as I have been a long-time reader of this site, and obviously enjoy y’all’s work. Dear lord, that’s a lot of apostrophes.)
    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am obsessed with it to the point that I wondered how dangerous reading and driving on the interstate would be. Don’t worry, I decided it would be way too dangerous. Even if I won’t get to finish it this weekend. Maybe I could teach my dog to read it to me?

    • GFY Jessica

      YAY! Thank you so much. That is so so nice to hear. Please drive safely. :)

  6. Chantel

    The discussion on the Awl about GWTW = awesome.

    • megs283

      Yes! I need to reread the book…and see if the magic is there during a second reading. :-)

  7. Tara

    How does Britney eat like that and look good? Damn genes.

  8. Stubenville

    I love Joan Didion’s earlier work, but her recent books just seems to be whiney and repetitive. In her latest book, did she really need to repeat that her daughter wore Laboutin shoes at her wedding six times?

  9. Asheleigh

    Hunted back to find this post specifically to say this:
    “Thank you, GFY, for bringing Downton Sixby to my attention!”
    Don’t know how I missed it, but mega internet points to GFY!! You have won at everything.