Not so long ago, Nicole Kidman probably would’ve worn this in white, and I would’ve gone all whiny-ragey about how it washed her out and how I wished she’d wear color. WELL. Welcome to the now.

I love that on her. Dusty rose is a color not that many people wear, generally preferring to go with the hot pink or the more baby-ballerina-Barbie variety. So this makes me happy. She looks glorious, like a movie star. I wish Angelina would wear that dress. You know, just to see if she can, or if her skin immediately crusts over and peels off in a mass evacuation.

Nicole busted out color for the photocall, too:

Maybe a little tight on the bust, but she still looks nice. I confess, I mostly picked this photo because of how hilarious McConaughey looks in it, and also because THAT lets me lead into whether anyone out there besides me has heard and reveled in his radio spots for beef. Basically, they’re tiny little monologues about the various delicious cuts of steak you can get, and they are amazing because somehow he is the ideal person to be waxing poetic about meat. He, in his slow drawl, commits completely to the rhapsody. The best one is the one about filet mignon, in which he actually tells you, “It even SOUNDS delicious. Say it with me: Filet. [long pause] Mignon. [long pause] Mmm, mmm, mmm.” Once Jess finally heard it she actually texted me to tell me it changed her life, which of course led to an exchange in which we renamed him Meatthew McConaughey, Matthew McConaughfilet, Mignonthew MeatConaughey, Meatchew Mignonaughey… wait. I’ve said too much. Please just go about your business and know that Nicole Kidman is not (at the moment) dressing like an out of work ice queen. Hooray.

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