Fugs and Pieces, January 6 2012


First Fugs and Pieces of the year!

– Yeah, yeah, Sienna Miller is pregnant. What I’m really excited about is her giant fur hat in the pictures! (Lainey)

– Don’t you want to read about a cute dog who lived through an avalanche? (Time)

– What’s it like to live above a restaurant? Sometimes you get free caviar. Sometimes they accidentally blow up your apartment. (NY Times)

– Have you run out of reading material already? Flavorwire has the 10 new MUST READS for January. Must! (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of reading, this is a fascinating look at the culinary impact of the 1964 World’s Fair. (Gourmet)

– Speaking of reading SOME MORE, you want to read this interview with Judy Blume, because Judy Blume is awesome. (Smithsonian)

– This time-lapse video of a round-the-world trip is amazing. (It also has sound, just so you’re prepared, but you can enjoy it without.) (YouTube)

– Also amazing in a different way is this milk jug that LEAKS MILK VIA NIPPLES. WHO WOULD PUT THAT ON HER KITCHEN TABLE, I ASK YOU? (Scroll down; past the lamp with hair on it.) (California Home and Design)

– This is a fabulous interview with Joanna Coles, about Marie Claire, and about stepping into the Tim Gunn role on Project Runway All-Stars. I have such a girl crush on her. She just seems SO SMART. (The Cut)

– And this interview with Kristen Bell rocks. She had a Hunger Games birthday party! (HuffPo)

– But the INTERVIEW TO END ALL: French and Saunders reading aloud a very VERY poorly translated interview with Madonna circa Evita. Just listen to it. Seriously. (You Tube)

– Hang on. Did I know that Cameron Diaz is dating Sean “Diddy/Puffy/P. Diddy” Combs? (Celebitchy)

– AREN’T YOU EXCITED ABOUT DOWNTON ABBEY COMING BACK THIS WEEKEND?!!? I am. I even took a quiz telling me which character I am. Apparently, I am Matthew — who knew? You guys, I promise to take real good care of the estate.  (WETA)

– The Awl ranks the characters from The OC.I mostly agree.  I might put Ryan a little higher. You guys, the cage fighting! (The Awl)

– Dude, I think I can just post the headline from this story: “This Girl Snuck Into a Russian Military Rocket Factory.” She took pictures. (Gizmodo)

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Comments (26):

  1. Carrie

    Taylor Townsend is not on that O.C. list. INVALIDATED. ;) (Also, no Captain Oats?)

    • Starling

      Carrie, I’m right there with you. Although I appreciate how high up on the list Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows are, the list is wrong wrong wrongity wrong not to have Taylor (seriously, she redeemed that show towards the end) or CAPTAIN MOTHERFRICKING OATS, Y’ALL.

      Phew. That made me weirdly all-capsy.

      • ladyd

        Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one upset by the lack of Taylor Townsend.

        I probably would have put Seth below Sandy’s eyebrows though. Not season one Seth, but whiny later seasons Seth.

    • Julie

      I know! No Taylor, what were they thinking? I agree, Ryan should have been higher as should Julie Cooper, who I think may be my favourite TV character ever.

      And yeah, no Captain Oates?

  2. ortenzia

    I’m Lord Grantham. That just made my Friday. It was creepily accurate. And I’m a woman.

  3. Martha

    EW THAT MUG. I definitely gagged a little at the sight of that. Also, possible nightmares tonight. EW.

  4. Amanda

    I just wanted to give myself a note of recognition, I called it on Sienna Miller being pregnant in that black dress that was posted a little while back! :)

  5. Sarie

    The O.C. list made me very happy today.

  6. Miriam

    Downton Abbey = Yea! But seriously, for TV this weekend: Absolutely Fabulous 20th Anniversary Specials! Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders are back as Pats and Eddy! On BBC America and Logo on Sunday night!!!

  7. Carolyn

    You are right. That French and Saunders clip made me cry with laughter.

  8. Jen

    The second season of Downton does jump the shark but it is still watchable. The Christmas special redeems it though!

  9. Jessica

    Please, no Downton spoilers for those of you lucky to have seen it already. Thank you!!!

  10. Clossit

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  11. Sarah

    I love cupcakes and identify with Sally J. Freedman. I’m just like Judy Bloom you guys!

  12. Blue Shoes.

    The Corgie that survived the avalanche is from my hometown! We couldn’t believe that that little guy made it out!

  13. candybeans

    1) Downton!!!!! I couldn’t help myself and already watched it all via internet (my fiancé and I were totally watching the christmas special the night of the 25th), but am excited that people will be talking about it again! god, that SHOW. I came out as Sybil on that quiz, which I’m not sure how to take.

    2) Kristen Bell sounds like the actual best. Seriously, I want friends who are that into The Hunger Games. Can I say, a little bit more like her character on Party Down than I was expecting, but in the best possible ways?

    3) the Corgi coming back to the motel!! Amazing.

    Excellent work, again, ladies.

  14. Miranda

    This Fugs and Pieces was much more of an emotional roller coaster than usual. I was not prepared for the Actual Death and Sadness of the corgi story! I thought it was just going to be cute dog escapades! And then almost all of those Flavorwire books went on my wish list, which is not helping me save money/diminish the backlog. The comments on the Cameron Diaz/Diddy article are not helping me feel better, people are so terrible to each other sometimes.

    Unrelated: I really need to catch up on Downton, but I’m trying to let my mom watch it with me and she keeps NOT WATCHING IT. Sigh.

  15. Sarah Bruce

    I’m Anna! Never been more surprised! :)

  16. Bevvie Hedstrom

    I was angry at my beloved FugGirls for making me look at those revolting designs featuring body parts. So sickening. But, then I got to the palate cleanser and all is forgiven. Love you, FugGirls!

  17. Caity Rose

    DOWNTON ABBEY GUYS. Almost as excited about this as I am about the Hunger Games movie in a couple months.

    Also, I’m Matthew apparently.

  18. vandalfan

    I would SO have a table or chair with legs legs. I’d like a sofa with feet that look like real feet, too. And to our local Montana corgi: Good Dog! Good dog!

    But the hair on the bottom of the jug, what the heck? Perhaps (shudder) they mean armpit hair?

  19. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    I got Matthew in the Downton Abbey quiz too. Hmm. Rigged?

  20. NYCGirl

    I am Bates. Apparently my secret identity is so secret even I don’t know about it. ;)

    And Judy Blume IS awesome.