One thing I love about Shailene here, and I may have said it before: She appears to employ only her own hair. Maybe I’m being hoodwinked by tremendously expensive extensions, but it looks bouncy and healthy in a way that ninety percent of Hollywood tresses do not. It lacks the clunkiness of hair made of science.

I also love this dress, and with the scalloped flats, especially for a daytime event where you’re shuffling around on grass. It works — she looks authentically her own age without looking underdressed or unpracticed, or as if she’s determined to Make A Statement. It’s that whole effortly effortless contradiction that’s hard to nail, but she’s doing it. Also, seriously, Ken Paves WISHES he could stick that hair in a box and sell it.

It is equally pretty and shiny here:

This is great on her, too — totally adorable, especially compared with (sorry, Judy) the lovely Ms. Greer’s somewhat droopy shift. Also, great shoes. We just need to discuss the tan. On one hand, it feels authentic to have tanner legs than face, because people probably put less sunscreen on their legs, because we’re human, and it’s human nature to worry a whole bunch about your face. However, this is SO different and SO Tanning Level 5: Pottery Barn Coffee Table that I have to believe it came from a bottle in her hotel room — and if you look back at the other photo, which was taken the day AFTER this one, you can sort of see a line on her foot (which isn’t present here) where she stopped applying the bronzer, so I’m guessing maybe some came off in the shower. I don’t know. The point is, if you insist upon rejecting the natural color of your legs, at least practice it first. Because it’s really distracting when you look like you plonked yourself on two well-pedicured pretzel sticks.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]