I just read in People AND Us Weekly that Olivia is currently dating Jason Sudekis, so it MUST be true. About a year ago, I had this whole theory about how I was pretty sure Sudekis (who I think is quite funny) was secretly unbearable. But that was when he was dating January Jones (the theory being that SHE seems unbearable, so anyone spending a lot of time with her was either ALSO unbearable, or didn’t care that she was unbearable because she was so gorgeous, which is also kind of jack-ass-y). Olivia always seems funny in interviews, so, hey! Look at that! I’m back on the Sudekis train again, although I’ll never get over what he did to Liz Lemon. Parenthetically: do we think the fact that his 30 Rock character turned out to be such an ass had anything to do with the fact that said character turned ass-y right around when Sudekis and his wife were getting divorced? His wife who is, by the way, a 30 Rock writer? And if so, does it make him a good sport that he went along with it, or do we think he was internally fuming? And also, I love the idea that his ex and Tina Fey theoretically decided to screw with him in that manner, mostly because I am evil. And also: this post isn’t about him. He’s not even in the pictures. I’m sorry for that total tangent. I guess I just had a lot of say about Jason Sudekis. I actually had no idea that was all swirling around in my brain. Let’s look at Olivia. And then come back and vote:

HAS it been designed out the ying-yang?

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  • I don't like the FRONT. I love the back. (3%, 141 Votes)

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