Fugging Up with Kim Kardashian

Coming this fall to E!:

Kim Kardashian is everyone’s favorite genie in bottle in Rub Me The Right Way: The Kim Kardashian Project! Join Kim as she wears a series of uber-shiny midriff-bearing tops and pops out of a variety of objects — a cake! a hot tub! And, in one very special, never-to-be-forgotten episode, a washing machine! — to grant the wishes of her biggest fans!* Watch as Kim loses the pencil skirt and models harem pants for beloved fiance K-Whatever McBasketball as they plan the wedding of, if not the century, at least of that weekend (as long as Brad and Angie don’t decide to make it legal that day)! Submit your own wishes on Twitter, Facebook, by email, by phone, by carrier pigeon, by walking them over to E! in person, by fax, by telegram, by singing telegram, by dedicating a song including the wish’s details on late night slow jam radio programs, or by psychic brainwave. BE PART OF THE MAGIC OF Rub Me The Right Way: The Kim Kardashian Project! SUNDAYS ON E!

*Some wishes not eligible for granting due to FCC regulations.

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  1. kathotdog

    That is all so wrong. I mean, I am not a fan of any of these K people, but I would disagree with anyone wanting to wear that outfit.

  2. Leah

    I like the shoes? But that blouse… I’m at a loss.

  3. Mongerel

    Looks like four newborn calves wrestling in a bordello.

  4. Geemee

    If the blouse covered her midriff and was tucked in, I think I might like this. But I’m having a hard time concentrating because I’m distracted by the INTENSELY Photoshopped life-size Kims behind her.

  5. Allie

    I’m a big fan of the colorblocking trend. I’m not a big fan of desperate and trashy famewhore attempts at colorblocking that involve overly shiny fabrics, clothes that are far too tight and cleavage and midriff-baring “LOOK AT ME! LOOK HOW HOT I AM!” tops, however. I really wish she’d just disappear from the spotlight.

  6. Lina

    I wonder, once she starts popping out babies, if she’ll have any success in making ‘mom-hips’ sexy? Or if that’ll be the end of her reign as whatever-she-is. Does she have the power to redefine beauty like that? It’ll be interesting to see what happens. As for the outfit, it looks like her stylist is angry at her over something, doesn’t it?

  7. Peony

    How bad do you think the welts on her abdomen are going to be once she takes off that skirt and torture device-looking belt?

  8. Candy

    Although I wish the Kardashians would just go away… I am digging the (albeit heavily photoshopped) images next to her. She’s got the body to pull off the ’40′s bombshell look, she should go with it.

  9. Steph

    I realize that by commenting on the very sight of a Kardashian, I am not helping my cause. But my hope is that we all just stop paying attention to them… and they just go away.

    That, and her outfit is dead ugly.

  10. Bella

    I wish I had the lamp. I would ask that genie to please, let all Kardashians disappear!

  11. pinkcheese

    OMG Mongerel, I think everyone in my library heard my guffaw – I love it!!!

  12. Popcouver

    Jennifer Lawrence wore this on the cover of Flare in June, and she kind of rocked it. I feel like Kim is too curvy for that style of skirt… Maybe it just translates better on a magazine cover than it does in real life?

  13. Sandra

    What is up with the purple and orange? All the the famous-for-no-reason girls are wearing it this season. Even the New York Mets dress better than that (though I’m no fan of the blue-and-orange monstrosities either).

  14. Jenn

    @Popcouver – I agree – Jennifer looked good in it – or maybe just the fact that it looks like it fits her and appears to be a dress not some bizarre blouse helps. I think Kim’s torso is too short or something of that nature to pull this one off.

  15. Jamie

    If she’s going to have her photos so heavily retouched to make her look thinner, she should probably not make a habit of posing directly in front of life sized posters of them.

  16. megs283

    I think she’s stunning, but that outfit is doing her NO favors.

  17. Kristan

    Yep, Jennifer Lawrence already did this. Like, 10 times better.

  18. Carolina Girl

    Cute shoes, though.

  19. Bella

    @Jamie, LOL! I just noticed that ad. Slight difference, there, eh>? Even the legs are shaped differently.

  20. val.

    Oh my– this is really unflattering. Where is her best friend? The one who has to be all honest yet diplomatic in the dressing room when you ask if something makes you look like a stuffed sausage?

    She has a great body but this is not the way to dress it.

  21. AP

    Ew. Whatever.

    At least her clothes are more interesting than she is.

  22. vandalfan

    Mongrel, you slay me!
    I like the choices of colors here, but good heavens not the execution.

  23. Bambi Anne Dear

    Please, I would rather look at one picture per day of Lady Gaga than see one picture per week of the useless Kim Kardashian. She has nothing to offer the world except her wasteful excesses. At least Gaga entertains even if it’s not to everyone’s taste.

  24. Ann

    bunchy bunchy bunchy. She looks so uncomfortable, and looking uncomfortable makes anything look bad.

  25. Olivia

    This outfit was actually on the cover of 8 magazines this spring…and everyone rocked it better than Kim: http://fashionista.com/2011/06/springs-top-five-most-popular-cover-looks/5/

  26. Liz

    Was gonna say – Joan Smalls wore it the best!

  27. Asta

    Looks like four newborn calves wrestling in a bordello.
    rofl, gorgeous!

  28. Faye

    The shoes are pretty cute, though!

    That’s all I can say to avoid ranting about the Kardashians. I’m still trying to figure out how making a sex tape —-> celebrity, but whatever. To each their own, I guess.

  29. Geemee

    @Olivia: Thanks for the link! Truly, everyone else who wore it did it much better. Even the 15-year-old with the frosted blue belt.

  30. Sarie

    Spanish sports reporter Sara Carbonero also wore it better, way better. Like, with the exact same shoe even.

  31. Amy

    She’s is gorgeous and she has NO IDEA what to do with it. You exhaust me, KK.


  32. Lara

    My eyes! After seeing Olivia’s and Sarie’s links, every single one of these nine women wore it way better than Kim K here. And now I sort of feel bad for her, because if she ever sees her picture next to any one of the others, well, she must see that she looks like sausage in a dress that’s two sizes too small.

  33. Carol

    It is hard work to look this awful … each piece of the outfit emphasizes the worst … icky eww.

  34. Jules

    Love the links, love Mongerel’s comment!
    As for my opinion, it lookes more like a costume than an outfit.
    I guess for some lucky people, it’s Halloween every day.

  35. Tori

    Now, Kim IS lovely, but this get-up is ridiculous. I love purple and orange and teal together, but as a print, not as a Cyndi Lauper costume.

  36. Jen M

    Love the shoes and her face is, of course, gorgeous. The rest is wretched. If KK is the reason we embrace boobs, butts and hips, I would like for her to STOP with the awful hair trend. I am so weary of long hanks of hair climbing down starlets’ fronts like orangutan arms. When did four foot long fake hair become our normal?

  37. Pat

    Looked better on Sara Carbonero (she’s an Spanish sports journalist), though I don’t like the outfit very much.

  38. Kimberli

    “K-Whatever McBasketball”

    I spit Jimmy Johns on my work monitor because of that.

  39. jennifer

    My wish is completely grantable: That the Kardashians GO AWAY!

    And seriously, could she not have picked just one more color to add to this disaster of an outfit?

  40. Erica

    The racial-cultural assumptions of this post raise an eyebrow and a few questions. Would Jessica be making genie in a bottle and harem pants jokes if this were on say, Beyonce, or on some random white girl? My guess is that on anyone else, we’d get lampshade comments about the gold tasseled belt and some wit about the color choices. Kim Kardashian’s half-middle-eastern descent is obvious to anyone who reads gossip blogs even moderately frequently, and that makes the joking on this post rather unfunny. She’s definitely asking for some mockery, what with her “fame”/infamy over sex tapes, faux-tv and crass commercialism, but a little more thought about this post–and not resorting to the genie, the harem as a way to belittle middle eastern-looking women–would have helped it.

  41. Elfrieda

    How delicious would it be if a Brangelina wedding really DID upstage the Famewhore Wedding of the Year? UNIVERSE, MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Then please make the Khardashian Klan go away.

  42. Jessica


    Actually, yes, I TOTALLY would have made genie jokes regardless of the person’s ethnic heritage. In fact, we’ve made genie comments about Gwen, Leighton Meester, Selena Gomez, Kat Graham, Pink, and Tyra Banks in the last year alone — a rather diverse group, and apparently a rather overused reference now that I look at it.

    Please don’t look for racism where there is none; I assure you I have no intention of belittling anyone for anything but their outfits.