Coming this fall to E!:

Kim Kardashian is everyone’s favorite genie in bottle in Rub Me The Right Way: The Kim Kardashian Project! Join Kim as she wears a series of uber-shiny midriff-bearing tops and pops out of a variety of objects — a cake! a hot tub! And, in one very special, never-to-be-forgotten episode, a washing machine! — to grant the wishes of her biggest fans!* Watch as Kim loses the pencil skirt and models harem pants for beloved fiance K-Whatever McBasketball as they plan the wedding of, if not the century, at least of that weekend (as long as Brad and Angie don’t decide to make it legal that day)! Submit your own wishes on Twitter, Facebook, by email, by phone, by carrier pigeon, by walking them over to E! in person, by fax, by telegram, by singing telegram, by dedicating a song including the wish’s details on late night slow jam radio programs, or by psychic brainwave. BE PART OF THE MAGIC OF Rub Me The Right Way: The Kim Kardashian Project! SUNDAYS ON E!

*Some wishes not eligible for granting due to FCC regulations.