Fugboys and Aliens

“Hello, cherished patrons.”

“Welcome to Aggie Harlot’s Olde West Poker Hole, where the moonshine flows as fast as the double entendres. I’ll be your hostess, Aggie ‘Black Widow’ Harlot, and you’ve got my word that if you ante up, someone will double you down, and we don’t fold nothin’ but the sheets. Yee-haw!”

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Comments (24):

  1. nmlhats

    Shoot, I think she looks mighty purty! That is a lovely dress and she looks lovely in it, though I might brighten it up with some emeralds or some other brightly-colored gemstone jewelry.

  2. vandalfan

    Another reason to hate Black Lace Overlays. And, with the “going to wash my car” ponytail, I thought this was Kathie Lee, of Regis And… fame.

  3. CH

    I think I’d prefer it if they de-laced (deloused?) the neckline and sleeves. It’s a pretty overlay for the skirt, but it’s too Mae West on top. Her hair, makeup, and shoes are nice, though.

  4. Ken

    I like it!

  5. AM

    I really like this.

  6. Stefanie

    I think I like it? I wish she was just standing there and not holding the skirt out – I cant make accurate judgments when the people wearing the clothing are showing personality.

  7. Sajorina

    I really like it the way it is, but might love it without the sleeves and other shoes! But as is… FAB!

  8. Willow

    Leighton Meester’s jumpsuit is apparently a shapeshifter.

  9. Rowynn

    At least there’s an actual skirt, instead of granny panties. underneath. That in itself is such a big plus that it cancels out two minuses.

  10. AndersonicTK421

    Giada Face

  11. angela

    Seriously? Dude – with the ga-normous amount of designers out there dying to have a celeb wear their clothes the best you can come up with is this dated, silly dress??? At least wear it with a feathered doo-hickey on your head like a proper miss kitty…

  12. Em

    Um, what? She’s gorgeous and has a fantastic body–what is she doing wearing that mess of awfulness?

  13. LoriK

    I feel like this should have been an Unfug It Up. I can see glimmers of a good look here, at as it is it’s bad.

  14. yeahandalso

    That is dressing WAY to on the nose for the premier of a western. YIKES

    I also think I am kinda over her already, at first I liked her because she was sort of like a much classier version of Megan Fox…but now Megan Fox has disappeared and I realized I had grown accustom to her special brand of bat-shit crazy talk

  15. Sam

    Nope, not a fan of this at all. It reminds me of one of those toilet paper covers that twee ladies have in their bathrooms

  16. Rayna

    I’m not opposed categorically to sheer overlays, lace or not, and in principle, this should be a good look, as per @LoriK.

    But the whiff of eau de bordello is ruining it for me.

    IDK, maybe nix the sleeves, bring the solid neckline up a bit, the sheer neckline down a bit, and we might have a winner.

    @Rowynn – we are thankful for small favors – a real skirt – YES!!!

  17. carriegood

    is it just the picture (or just me) or does this dress manage to make her look like she has huge thick forearms? do you really want to look like a transvestite old-west popeye?

  18. Lina

    That’s an awful vivacious and jovial expression for a woman wearing 18th century widow’s weeds. All she needs is a veil and a book of common prayer.

  19. C

    I really like the top and think it would be a great dress with a just above the knee pencil skirt on bottom – same lace overlay, same accessories. But above all I think the sleeves and the cut of the bodice and neckline underneath must stay!

  20. witjunkie

    What Yeahandalso said about being on the nose. I mean, give it a nod but don’t come out in full costume.

  21. schadenfreudelicious

    “I’ll just be a sashaying over to the cathouse, we got us some fine gals a yonder”….

  22. lc

    Straight-out fug!

  23. Geemee

    Haaaaaaaate. So disappointing.

  24. Deedee

    no no no. olivia, how could you?