Abigail Spencer is having a good year. She’s got Cowboys & Aliens coming out, which is going to be huge, and above all she’s stopped dressing like she has no self esteem:

This is really cool — it’s got a touch of the ’80s about it, but the bright and lively ’80s we LIKE to remember, not the garish and freaky ’80s from those photos we shove under the bed in the hopes nobody will find them until we are long gone and can’t hear the laughter. It’s “The Power of Love,” not “It’s Hip To Be Square.” It’s James Spader in Pretty In Pink, versus, let’s face it, pretty much the rest of Pretty In Pink.  Better Off Dead, and not Monique’s hair in Better Off Dead. You get the idea.

She also looked adorable at the actual Cowboys & Aliens premiere:

Apparently, this is an Oscar de la Renta — or, if you want to be really hacky about it, Oscar de la costs-as-much-as-my-Renta. (Lucky for us, nobody ’round these parts would make such a valiantly embarrassing joke, right?) It’s lovely on her, it’s something I dearly wish would manifest in my closet, and something I suspect Sarah Jessica Parker will be ordering in about ten minutes. Seriously, you could Photoshop her head onto this and it’d make sense. So for Abigail Spencer, getting to SJP wardrobe levels — when you are not actually anywhere near as well-known as Madam Three-Letters — is kind of a banner achievement. Bravo, lady. Now, pay it forward, okay? Specifically, to me.