Fug or Fab: Leighton Meester


You know, aside from the usual yada-yada about how women in neckties should’ve died out after Brenda Walsh, is it just me or is Leighton Meester kind of pulling this off?

I mean, okay, so the pants are pulling weirdly at the groin. And her eye makeup is sleepy-heavy. And I don’t think those are true peeptoes so much as Shoes With A Transparent Toe-Adjacent Blush. And maybe the pants might be too short? Or not? I don’t know anything about menswear, much less menswear that’s being appropriated as womenswear. But I can’t shake the feeling that La Meest actually looks a bit cute in this, and frankly, I think we should all join hands and sway and sing “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” because we’re relieved she’s not wearing this backwards. Yes, as much as Brenda Walsh will be yoked eternally to photos of girls in neckties, so will Celine Dion’s reverse-suit disaster be tied to photographs of other suits, and hats, and maybe even anything off-white. That’s a major law of the universe. 

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  1. Meghan McNally

    THe make up is unfortunately atrocious, but this outfit is adorable. She looks very chic, and I think I even like the short pants.

  2. Allie

    I don’t love it but I really like it! I don’t mind a smoky eye as long as other make up is is simple, and I think she did that. I like the pants being cropped, keeps it from being too boxy, too mannish. And the shoes are pumps, they just have sheen (and possible a seam?) that reflects where the light is hitting her toes. Not as good as her little black dress and sandals, but sooooo much better than lacy butt pantsuit!

  3. Korlin

    I would like this is she had done her hair up. The hair just doesn’t work with this. A high undone chignon would have rendered this so much more elegant and close to pulling it off.

  4. Rayna

    Dude, I’m just so relieved she isn’t nekkid and/or draped in black lace, I’d let her wear the entire Brooks Brothers inventory if she wanted to.

    I’d let her wear Hammer pants.

    OK, maybe not. But she does look cute.

  5. Mandy

    Mehhhh, I think you’re just happy her ass isn’t hanging out.

  6. Bess

    I don’t haaaaate it, but feel like it would work better with a different neck-based accessory.

    Also her hair matches her buttons.

  7. geemee

    I’m distracted by the fact that she looks like she needs a long nap.

  8. granny

    Cute if the pants fit.

  9. Susan

    As my mother would often say, “You mean of ALL the things in your closet, you’re going to go out looking like THAT?”

  10. Emily

    I don’t like it at all. However, in defense of the shoes, I agree with Allie that they are just shiny, not see-through. Like velvety or something that reflects the light just so. As I said, though, still a no for me.

  11. Jessica

    Johnny Depp here has really grown his hair out quickly since The Tourist.

  12. that girl

    I think there is a bit too much black going on here. Perhaps a vest instead of the jacket?

  13. Abe

    How could you have missed Amanda Peet? YIKES!

  14. Jill

    I think Menswear as Womenswear always looks a little costumey outside of a certain Woody Allen pic. But if you’re gonna do it, this is how you do it. I don’t the pants are really pulling, it’s just how she’s standing. But it’s well tailored and carefree and I like the simple black shoe and ankle pants.

    The eye makeup is a little weird, but I like that everything else on her face is neutral.

  15. SD

    Maybe losing the tie would have helped? And the eye make-up is horrendous.

  16. maggie

    Is it the cut of the pants or something about the way she’s standing that makes her look a wee bit bowlegged? –I don’t like this. I simply don’t see the point of it.

  17. vandalfan

    I’d put her in jeans, and either put her hair up loosly, or remove half her eyeliner.

  18. Rachel

    I’m with Jessica. It kind of looks like Johnny Depp dressed as a girl dressed as a boy. The eye makeup and brows are too heavy.

  19. QueenB

    She actually looks really good. Anyone who watches Gossip Girl can probably attest to the fact that they have really slacked off on doing her hair and make-up on the show this season…so I’m just happy she looks presentable from the neck up! And somehow she is totally pulling this off. At this point, anything is miles of ahead of that lace / booty revealing disaster she wore last week!

  20. Cassiopeia

    OH MY GOSH, she absolutely looks like Johnny Depp. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that! In fact, I almost never leave comments here, but after seeing this I had a strong urge to hear someone say “I know, right?” about the Johnny Depp thing. Thanks, y’all, for making me feel vindicated. :c)

  21. EAG46

    Different pants, or maybe a skirt in the same material, and the look would be perfect. I like the menswear on women look, and she looks really cute here.

  22. kat

    I’m not thrilled about the pants, but otherwise, she does look supercute. Just maybe get some sleep or something. Or less eyemakeup. She looks a little tired.

  23. testington

    I like it, sort of Annie Hall to me, which might be a good image for her to try and adopt in order to keep getting good parts since she obviously can’t out-bombshell or out-goth her costars

  24. Kate

    Does she. . .I think she might just look a little like a smiley Johnny Depp with the whole eye makeup situation that’s going on.

  25. Bree

    I love the idea of women in suits but I think in reality it is a very hard thing to pull off. I think if it was a little tighter around the waist (to make it less of a manly look) she would have nailed it.

    Hmmmmm no that I think about it… if she had a little bit of sparkle somewhere then that might be good… or terrible I don’t know…

  26. Yawnathan

    Same ol’ Johnny Depp.

  27. Ji
  28. LilMisSassitude

    Is it just me, or does she look like Johnny Depp?

  29. nancy

    why don’t the pictures get big? that was the best thing about this website. the details!

  30. Su-Yin Johns

    we’re ALL happy her butt isn’t hanging out. she looks happy & comfortable & stylish, this is good. but now you’ve said johnny depp, that’s all i can see! maybe some jewellery or a relaxed up-do would help, tho given jd frequently wears both, maybe not.

  31. Kate

    what?! no! really? you’re giving her a pass on this?!

  32. Kris

    Glad I checked the comments because the first thing I thought was WOW, she could be Johnny Depp’s long lost twin sister!!

  33. Bina

    Helena Bonham Carter face!

  34. ilovetrash

    & before her diane keaton & before her marlene dietrich & before her, if briefly, greta garbo & before her, if more briefly than one might imagine, adah mencken &, circa the same time, collette. & before her, probably not that many people cos theydve been arrested. an exception: charlotte cibber. & concurrently w/ all of them, lots of other people. just overworked & throwing out some suited highlights here.

  35. Julie

    I thought of Johnny Depp, too. But, damn, I love me some Johnny Depp.

  36. meister forheaver

    One word for this…..O-F-F-E-N-S-I-V-E. Surely with the money she makes for doing sweet FA she could afford soe style? Why does the world have this weird fascination with a strange few filles that grace the small screen – and put so much emphasis on them as icons? C’mon people, these are clothes horses with nothing more than vacant stares and perpetual nothingness circumnavigating their skulls. Candy for a generation that licks up celebrity like it’s the last drop of water on a pavement caked with the faeces and quagmire of the H’Wood machine. FFS.Let’s get back to the age of class and style. Jesus. Why do we celebrate vacuousness? Who gives a shit about these girls?

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