You know, aside from the usual yada-yada about how women in neckties should’ve died out after Brenda Walsh, is it just me or is Leighton Meester kind of pulling this off?

IFP's 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards - Arrivals
I mean, okay, so the pants are pulling weirdly at the groin. And her eye makeup is sleepy-heavy. And I don’t think those are true peeptoes so much as Shoes With A Transparent Toe-Adjacent Blush. And maybe the pants might be too short? Or not? I don’t know anything about menswear, much less menswear that’s being appropriated as womenswear. But I can’t shake the feeling that La Meest actually looks a bit cute in this, and frankly, I think we should all join hands and sway and sing “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” because we’re relieved she’s not wearing this backwards. Yes, as much as Brenda Walsh will be yoked eternally to photos of girls in neckties, so will Celine Dion’s reverse-suit disaster be tied to photographs of other suits, and hats, and maybe even anything off-white. That’s a major law of the universe.