Fug or Fab: Kelly Brook


Quick! Pretend you didn’t read the headline to this post, and guess who this is:

[Photos by: WENN.com]

Me, I’d have laid down good money on Katy Perry — who is due for a long period of dressing like birds, after having conquered the challenges of dressing like fruit and dressing like candy. However, it’s English lad mag model/television presenter Kelly Brook:

Charming if you’re on your way to a Black Swan-themed premiere party, but I personally try to steer clear of dresses that might molt.

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  1. Jennifer E.

    if you’re going to wear a bird, this is the way to do it: have a PERFECT slamming-hot body, a well-proportioned dress, intriguing but not overwhelming shoes, and classic hair and makeup. magnifique!

  2. Stefanie

    Like Jennifer E. said, this is how you wear a bird.

    (Although, I do kinda feel like she may be the dominatrix Big Bird visited during his BDSM years.)

  3. Anonymous

    I just wish it wasn’t ALL feathers. I think if either the bodice or the skirt (preferrably the bodice) was made of you know, fabric, I’d love it. As it is, it kind of creeps me out.

  4. yeahandalso

    I think it looks fabulous and fun, I like that she is a “glamour model” yet still manages to look natural, fresh and beautiful…I mean compare her to Jordan or Pam Anderson or whoever

  5. ortenzia

    @anonymous – if it weren’t all feathers, i think i would hate it. it would be too oksana baiul. as it is though, and with the black/grey/white, love.

  6. Kris

    I feel like I shouldn’t like this, but I totally do. As Jennifer E said, this really is the only way to wear bird. I really like the shoes, though they look incredibly painful.

  7. Anna

    What do you think of @IAMROGUE’s top 5 Thanksgiving Hotties? http://bit.ly/f2Mu1R

  8. Quentin

    The shoes look like they came from the “Bridesmaid” aisle at DSW Show Warehouse.

  9. Karina

    It looks like she dragged out Oksana Baiul’s 1994 figure skaking dress, which had gotten a bit moldy from 16 years in storage.

  10. lc

    It’s beautiful and and fits her like a dream, BUT it looks like her fairy godmother was a one trick pony. No hosiery, meh shoes and clutch, and no jewelry. It’s like wearing gorgeous eye makeup and no lipstick. I think you do have to keep it simple with such a dress, but not stark.

  11. Sandra

    Love the shape of this and she is a beautiful woman. However, the all-feather motif and the color makes me think of a feather duster. After the dusting.

  12. Anonymous

    I sort of love it despite myself.
    I’m pretty sure the entire dress would be ruined by sitting down though…

  13. La Petite Marmoset

    I’m not gonna lie, I love this dress! I have an attraction to anything with feathers that is sometimes problematic. I feel like she could have thrown a jacket over it to tone it down, but either way I want it!


  14. Nariya

    She looks like a sexy turkey from the back. A high-end, subtle halloween costume. It kind of works but it’s a little too much on the turkey side. It’s a good thing she’s so pretty.

  15. Zandra

    This has the exact coloring of a city pigeon. I kind of love that.

  16. Bambi Anne Dear

    I love it. Mostly. Just not the trashy lace-up back and the lack of other things. Some jewels? A bracelet? It all looks so bare.

  17. Joan of Argghh!

    Saving grace: it’s in lovely monotones of serious black and gray. The shoes are a contented sigh of minimalism and her hair matches the theme.

    I don’t think any other color scheme would have worked as well.

  18. Meghan McNally

    She definitely has a hot body and this dress silhouette is safely pretty, but it looks like a complicated representation of a human hatching from a bird, and it’s kind of gross/weird rather than pretty when you look at it up close. And yes, allergies, yeesh.

  19. vandalfan

    I hate myself for loving this dress. It fits like an incredibly good fitting glove, just look at the arm pits!

    I’m somehow disappointed in the plain bodice, however, some thin black straps like the lacing in back would steer it away from Ice Skater. I’d bling it up with earrings and a black and chain Chanel handbag. The shoes are keepers.

  20. Anita

    I’m pretty impressed that she has an open,
    lace-up corset on and there isn’t a single sprodge of flesh peeping out of the laces. Props to her for that!

  21. exquisite red

    Nope. Sorry, if you’re going to wear a bird, you need to be Bjork.

  22. Lizzie

    I think I have to agree with Jennifer E. up there: if there is actually a good way to wear a dress made entirely of feathers, this is probably it. But could this very pretty girl not find a dress made of more normal materials?

  23. Angie

    Ok, I thought this said “Kelly Brock” which my mind automatically translated to “Kelly LeBrock” of Weird Science fame and thought, damn, that back looks amazing for a 50 year old. But this back is 19 years younger than that.

  24. Muscle X edge

    She is looking awesome in this outfit. I must say that she is fashion conscious.

  25. Matilda

    I like it from the front but not the back. And I can imagine after sitting an hour or so on your feathery arse the view from behind will be worse than it already is.

  26. I.K.

    Bambi Anne dear pretty much summed it up for me. I like the front, but the back is kinda…eh. At least it fits like a dream.

  27. Lia

    I was going to guess Oksana Baiul.

  28. geemee

    I’m with Bambi in that she needs a little sparkle on her ears and a wrist. Also, I want to know how they hid the laces after tying her into that thing. I find it hard to believe they’re elastic — the bodice fits too snugly.

  29. Maryn

    I would have guessed Leighton Meester.

    And I think she does look fab, although a little more sparkle wouldn’t have hurt.

  30. Anonymous


    Am I alone in liking the back? The ‘V’ of the opening really brings out the hourglass of her figure.

    IMO, any jewelry or adornments would take away from the overall effect.

    The irony, of course, is that in England a ‘bird’ is a euphemism for ‘girl’ or ‘woman’.


  31. Kelley

    I love it. I shouldn’t love it at all, but I can’t help myself. It fits perfectly and the back is to die for. I have no clue how she will sit unless there is a secret feather flap that pops up for sitting.

  32. Mjx

    The fact that she looks about a step away from falling out of her shoes is sort of distracting me from the dress itself, which, when I can tear my eyes away from her feet, I realize I would absolutely wear myself. Seriously. It’s a great dress: simple and well-balanced, and also striking.
    Even the shoes are fine, but they need to be a size larger.

  33. Andreea


  34. atz

    I dislike the dress, but I really despise the shoes. They don’t appear to fit and they show odd toe cleavage.

  35. Su-Yin Johns

    so pretty! a bit feather-dustery but so pretty because she’s so fresh and happy. her figure is amazing and so is the fit. i love the idea of a feather-flap for sitting down, but i assume she plans to stand, dance or be carried by admirers all night.

  36. Nicole

    I can’t figure out what to do. I mean she’s wearing feathers for gods sake. But damn she’s wearing them well. But it’s feathers.

  37. juniper

    I like it but…how does she sit down without destroying the feathers?

    Maybe, to get a body like that, you need an anti-sitting-down-ever policy, anyway.

  38. Lily1214

    The dress looks wonderful from the front but maybe the designer ran out of ideas for the back.

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