Fug Upon A Time

I think possibly every person in the background of this photo — be it amusedly or with flinty awkwardness — is thinking some version of the following:  “WHAT? NO.”

I mean, the horribly fit top, the wrinkles, the Frowny Groinparts… Even the baby is averting her eyes. Clever girl.

[Photo: Splash News]

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Comments (21):

  1. Mair Mair

    If that were a short skirt instead of pants, she’d have herself a real cute little figure skating outfit there.

  2. LoriK

    She’s another one of those people who looks consistently terrible for no obvious reason other than apparent bad taste. It’s a shame.

  3. maryse

    wow she sure looks tall though!

  4. Lynn

    I really don’t understand why she can’t find something that looks good on her. I would think that she would be incredibly easy to dress. Does she not have a stylist? Does she fight with and refuse to listen to a stylist?

  5. Bella

    This looks like a mash-up of about four different garments.

  6. Carol

    Is that a jumpsuit? And what’s with the inverted crescent-shaped seam between belt and lady area? Finally, Sam, you made the pants too long!

  7. Candy

    Even with horrible outfits, I try to find a little SOMETHING to like… but I got nuthin’. Except, her face is pretty.

  8. Caroleena Stantonova

    Is she on stilts?

  9. Helen

    And now, opening up for Dananananaykroyd*, let’s have a big hand for Frowny Groinparts!

    * A real band.

  10. Patricia Paramo

    Heyyy i saw your blog through style 99 and you are pretty funny haha…

    check out mine, hope you like it!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  11. Elle

    Dissenting vote here. I think the garment is ok and she looks attractive.

  12. Chris P

    1) The top doesn’t look THAT bad. At least compared to what it’s attached to.
    2) Whatever else you might say, she looks like she has legs for DAYS.

    That said: This is…not good. There’s a reason that “satin” is one letter off from “Satan.” (I mean, it’s even red – the color of THE DEVIL.) I’d object less if this were a dress. Made out of a different fabric. And perhaps with a different top (I don’t mind it, but it is contentious). And maybe a different color. And if THIS garment were burned in a ritualistic offering.

  13. Anne B

    If giant-Twizzler-suit becomes the new little-black-dress, I will shoot myself.

  14. Rob

    I thought that it was Geri Halliwell. LOL

  15. Lsamsa

    Even discounting the tackiness of the whole outfit…who the h*ll did that hemming job? My word…I’ve done a much better job myself over the years with trousers & jeans.

  16. Emmaleigh

    A ketchup colored jumpsuit is not the best look for her and that’s before I noticed the bad fit and “Frowny Groinparts”. Glad she cuffed the pant portions, really adds more fug.

  17. Aurora

    ‘Frowny Groinpants’ are terrible yes, but that parabolic type droop is what her mouth is usually doing…I did not recognize her face because she did indeed ‘turn her frown upside down’.
    I stopped watching this show because of her constant unpleasant expression…she wasn’t that way on House and I finally decided it was lazy acting.
    That is all.

  18. Sandra

    A mathematical proof:

    1. Fashion = Art (often)
    2. Tomato soup can = Art (if you’re Warhol)
    3. Tomato soup can ≠ Fashion (evidence in photo)

  19. Jenni

    I can totally she how she ended up wearing this and I don’t hate it.