Fug the Show: Revenge recap, the last three weeks

Because obviously what we were all thinking was, “what this show needs is more intricate business plotting and LESS personal drama, and more business rivals and fewer romantic interests!!!! I TOTALLY want to spend my Sunday nights thinking about mergers and acquisitions¬†and math and CFOs ! Let’s jettison the name Revenge and re-name it Business School! Can next week involve an entire PowerPoint presentation?!?!!!”

In other news, due to our technical issues over the last couple of weeks combined with our coverage of the Golden Globes, what we’ve got here are three fug-caps in one, and guess what? I have NO IDEA what is really happening on this show. The short version is: everyone hates each other; everyone is extremely stupid; it’s impossible to tell for whom we are supposed to be rooting (with the exception of Jack and Declan, for whom it is almost impossible to root because of their dumbness); and the network is still pretty excited about Emily VanCamp’s cleavage.

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  1. Lizzy

    I agree – less business machinations, more Nolan and reveeeeenge!
    And Nolan’s current layering fetish reminds me of Steve Carell in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” complaining about (post-makeover) he’s wearing so many layers that he’s covered in sweat.

  2. Eli

    Padma was a MUCH better double agent when she was on Greek and infiltrated Frannie’s made up sorority. Just sayin. You’d think since she has experience she’d be better at it.

  3. Reg

    the only reason I watch this show is because of Nolan and the right to yell out “REVENGE!!!” with my fist up in the air while watching another episode. Other than that no idea what is happening or who cares. I am too mostly just following the outfits storyline.

  4. lindsay

    i thought of you during ashley’s big hire-me-back scene when she said something akin to “i am great at my job” and i was all “bitch, please.”

    confession: now that i read your fugcap, i probably won’t watch the latest episode. or any future episode, frankly.

  5. Kristan

    I actually decided not to continue watching this show, and guess what? Don’t miss it! Why? Because (as you said) there’s no one to care about or root for anymore!

    So. I will continue to read these Fug the Shows, b/c they’re hilarious (thank you), but that’s all the Revenge I need now.

  6. Sylvia

    I stopped watching this show, but I still read your screen caps. I don’t feel I’m missing much other than Nolan.

    If Rebecca Logan wasn’t so boring on here, I’d probably watch for her. I loved her on Greek and she went to my university.

  7. jj

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for fugging the Revenge (Revenge Cassidy and the Sundance Revenge!) Alas, I, too, can barely watch. I don’t even care about the Inquisition and their nefarious plans. Unless their plan is to blow up the world’s most boring bar. Your fugs, on the other hand, RULE. I read somewhere that “Grayson Global” is going to spin off on a show called, “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

  8. ErinE

    OMG, shorts in slide 15… I wondered how Ashley Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air time-traveled herself into Conrad’s office.

  9. H.C.

    RE Slide 9, actually that charity belonged to the judge’s wife (who has been guilt tripping all these years for letting David Clarke get wrongly sentenced) but I did enjoy that revenge-of-the-week (and its red Sharpie) made a brief comeback. Oh, and Nolan’s Layering Quarterly too!

    My OMGWTFmylittlepony moment was Aidan’s first Victoria assassination attempt was thwarted because she closed super-SHEER curtains while still very much standing in front of the window for next two minutes!

  10. meggyoh

    I have a horrible horrible feeling they want us to root for Emily/Amanda ending up with Daniel. And I CANNOT, network.
    Frankly, I have a similar problem with Scandal – especially after last week’s flashbacks! UGH.

  11. Faye

    I don’t really know what’s going on with Revenge anymore, but it makes fun background noise when I’m doing something else. And my love for Nolan keeps me watching.

    On the subject of clothes, did anyone else just looove Emily’s green gown at the wine auction/party thingy? Seriously, I don’t think anyone’s rocked a green dress like that since Kiera Knightley in Atonement.

  12. Vandalfan

    I adore your titles to the slides!

  13. Kate

    You are the ONLY reason my mom and I still watch this show. I have to record it and watch it on hulu, but the minute it’s over I come straight to this site to read about it. I don’t understand what the plot is right now and couldn’t care less as long as the galas and clothes keep coming. They need to go somewhere! I keep thinking about the boat scene that they had at the beginning of the season and how it’ll be at the end of the season. I hope someone important dies. Not Victoria. And ACTUALLY dies.

    Keep the Fug the Shows coming!!

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