Because obviously what we were all thinking was, “what this show needs is more intricate business plotting and LESS personal drama, and more business rivals and fewer romantic interests!!!! I TOTALLY want to spend my Sunday nights thinking about mergers and acquisitions¬†and math and CFOs ! Let’s jettison the name Revenge and re-name it Business School! Can next week involve an entire PowerPoint presentation?!?!!!”

In other news, due to our technical issues over the last couple of weeks combined with our coverage of the Golden Globes, what we’ve got here are three fug-caps in one, and guess what? I have NO IDEA what is really happening on this show. The short version is: everyone hates each other; everyone is extremely stupid; it’s impossible to tell for whom we are supposed to be rooting (with the exception of Jack and Declan, for whom it is almost impossible to root because of their dumbness); and the network is still pretty excited about Emily VanCamp’s cleavage.

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