Fug or Fine: Emma Roberts

This outfit cracks me up.

It looks like she bought everything at a consignment store that specializes in stuff celebrities want to get rid of, like… I don’t know, Michael Jackson’s old childhood performance blazer, one of Hef’s bunnies’ Thursday night necklace-shirts, a pair of sunglasses Michelle Williams once wore, Phyllis Diller’s culottes. Seriously, look at the rise on those suckers. Waist to crotch looks like a foot and a half. At least she looks like she’s having a good time — Phyllis Diller would be pleased — but I don’t think the fashion gods ever intended for your zipper length to be closer to your age than your shoe size.

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[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Stefanie

    She is such a try hard. But I do sorta like that shirt.

    • Art Eclectic

      Me, too. I wish there was a better view of it. I might want it.

      The rest, however….dumpster.

  2.  ohsohappy

    Going out on a limb here. I am a fan of certain high waist looks. But the crotch on these shorts is just to dang low. It definitely needs to come up. Other photos of her from the side are really pretty because the top is not visible. But somehow I think the top without the jacket would be really cool, provided the pants fit better. The shoes are stellar. The glasses must go.

  3. Sajorina

    It IS hilarious, but I kind of like it! I like the sunglasses, the jewelry, the shirt, the clutch and COVET the shoes! I think the blazer wouldn’t look as bad as it does with the ridiculous matching culottes if she was wearing jeans! But those culottes make me laugh!

  4. Eliza Bennett

    Where’s the button for “Oh hayell naw”?Or “Jewelry is not a shirt”? This gives me a headache.

  5. Tiffany

    I like the shoes, but come on! She looks like a 5 year old going on a cruise! The shorts are too big, the glasses look like shades on a toddler, and gold everywhere (especially on the shoulders) looks like a costume.

  6. Meri

    I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s working for me, when by all rights it shouldn’t. I think it comes down to the sparkly shirt distracting me, and the smile- she looks like she’s having a blast, and it makes her look great. Memo to Ginnifer Goodwin: A smile works miracles.

  7.  ErinG

    Motion to amend the “everyone looks hotter in sunglasses rule” to exclude white plastic frames? Only Malibu Barbie has ever pulled them off without looking like an extra from the Jersey Shore.

  8. HelenBackAgain

    I really love the blouse, but the rest, despite her good cheer being so infectious, is ridiculous. Pair that blouse with an evening skirt in some dark color, maybe in the blue family – teal, navy, midnight – and I think it’d be gorgeous. It isn’t daytime wear, like everything else she’s wearing.

  9.  Courtney

    I have a serious thing against sunglasses like that. But otherwise, make the shorts a skirt and I think she looks cute. It’s very summery and very glitzy and I definitely appreciate her effort here.

  10. Jules

    If her skin is naturally that amazing, I am intensely jealous. If it isn’t, I want to know what products are making it look that way!

  11. VanDee

    First thing I’ve ever liked on her. And first time I’ve seen her smile. She’s usually so mopey and annoying. The sparkly top is awesome – I don’t know how.

  12. Brenna

    Is that a shirt? Or a bunch of necklaces layered on top of each other to make a “shirt”? I feel like it’s option B, and that is horrifying.

  13. Nanny

    The cut of the shorts kill this look. I think the shades are a young look and she is young, the top is sexy without really showing anything which is also appropriate. I think even white shorts work, but not those.

  14. Goldfish

    I cannot make even the most cursory examination of her clothing until she stops standing like like that. Even Kristen Stewart would be capable of doing a (limited) intervention.

    Possibly the bling is pulling her forward in terms of posture, but is she trying out a new pair of feet and hasn’t quite got the hang of them yet?

    Going against the tide here, I think these sunglasses are fabulous, and I will totally sign off on them. They are the only things working on here. I’m a sunglasses fanatic, and this is a cutting edge style that is unflattering on many, but we will all have to give in to them for awhile. It’s like capri pants in that way. If you do hate them, then for you, Winter is Coming.

  15. Esme

    It’s all odious–except the shoes. The top looks like something in the clearance section of a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogue.

  16.  Anissa

    Red Carpet Fashion Awards described this as a playsuit w/ jacket so this might not be separates…but at least on the model the crotch-seam isn’t dropped.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Wow it looks totally different on the model.

      Emmy’s officially publicized height is 5’8″. I am not believing that after seeing this contrast.

      • HelenBackAgain


        Another of those “My kingdom for an Edit button” moments! I don’t know why I thought we were looking at Emmy Rossum. Emma Roberts is 5’3″. That seems more like it, the way this is fitting her.

  17. claire1

    On someone my aunt’s age…. YES…. In fact when I hit retirement age I want to wear this kind of thing ALL the time….
    However, On her…. the top would have been just as kooky fabulous if she’d worn it with a slim skirt.
    I kind of want to see that jacket with a pair of jeans….

  18. Francie

    This ensemble makes me think of staying up late on Saturday nights to watch The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. (yes, I realize this makes me soooo OLD)

  19. lindsay

    my first impressions were: is that a shirt? is that a skirt? how i wish the answers to those questions were reversed…

  20. Cassie

    First thing I thought of was that is SO something Julia Roberts would wear. She’s awesome, kid, but you don’t have to dress like her.

  21. Susan

    It’s not the greatest outfit, but if negative comments had any chance at all of sending her over to the land of Miley Cyruses and Lea Michelles and all of the other scads and scads of trampy looking girls who love to have every single asset they have out on display at all times and wouldn’t know what class is even if were a designer label, then I say this is gorgeous!