Fug or Fabs: Miley Cyrus


Heather and I have noted before that we are prone to a kind of Stockholm Syndrome with the people we fug. You cover them long enough and the next thing you know, you have developed — AGAINST YOUR WILL — a kind of fondness for them. Or, as in my case with Vanessa Hudgens, thanks to her Run of Insanity in the current Fug Madness, you fall in love with them.  It’s not a I Want To Make Out With You love, as much as it is an I Want to Clap My Hands With Glee Over Your Wardrobe; Please Never Change kind of love, but LOVE IT IS. And the point is, I think I’m falling in love with Miley similarly. It all started when she chowed down at a food truck, where all great romances begin, with bonus points for how terrible The Last Song is.  Mix that all up in your mind blender and here we are — I think she might look kind of good, but I have NO IDEA if I can trust my own judgement. LOOK AND JUDGE:

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  1. Kimberli

    There’s no photo, you gorgeous wordsmith you.

  2. liz_bee

    Haha yeah. At first I thought we were just voting on whether the Fug Girls are still competent to judge fashion. The answer is YES YOU ARE! Don’t ever stop!

  3. knubbig

    For a moment, I actually thought the post was /supposed/ to be but words… Your descriptions are so striking they usually suffice!

  4. Erin W

    I can’t wait to see the “orange sherbet” one.

  5. Carrie

    Why is there no poll option for the invisible dress?

  6. Andrew S.

    ‘I can’t see shit captain!’

  7. Jessica

    I love you all. It’s fixed. I hit the wrong button last night when I wrote the dang thing. CARRY ON.

  8. Christian

    I think peach is a nice color on her, but my problem with both of these dresses is they don’t fit well. So both are a nay for me.

    • NYCGirl

      I agree that neither fits well, but I have to disagree about the peach being a good color on her.

  9. Edith

    The short hair is awesome. Her makeup is great. Her tan is atrocious, and that thing is a nightgown.

    • valueofaloonie

      Agreed! I think the shorter hair looks fantastic.

      I’m jealous, actually.

  10. Patricia

    I just think she looks….crispy. In the orange, she is ALL ORANGE. In the….black?…I think it’s too big for her.

  11. bambi_beth

    She needs to keep whoever did her makeup for this event FOREVER.

    • Libby


      • Alle Hall

        Agree. Make-up and hair excellent. I wonder if her hair is as orange when she is not in that color. i think she is as close as anyone over the age of two will get to making the color work. It reminds me of the frozen “peach” chunks in peach ice cream from the 70s. Like: Nothing in nature is that color.

        The schmata itself: you Fug Ladies are going to kill me, but I honestly think it would be better as a (wait for it) … pants suit.

        The black one is too big.

  12. Kristen from MA

    Snap out of it, Fug Girls!

  13. Stefanie

    Any reference to Peaches and Cream Barbie and Im totally 100% on board, no matter what the look may be. And the black is good too, if a little big on her.

    Hair and makup is good but I would like to give her a good scrubbing to lighten up that tan.

    • Hannah

      I agree – any dress that invokes Peaches and Cream Barbie is alright with me. That’s why I love Lady Holiday’s supper club dress in the Great Muppet Caper.

      • Sabina

        Thank you SO much for the Great Muppet Caper reference! I remember that dress so well.

  14. Stefanie

    I just re-looked through the pictures and I can’t believe how young she looks! Maybe she finally realized she has plenty of time to look like a Real Housewife of Kentucky.

  15. Suzie

    I like her new ‘do a lot! Really flattering! Dresses are ok. I like number 2, but as others have commented, seems a little big.

  16. Shiitake

    No love for the orange nightgown.

    The black dress…If Miley Cyrus wants to dress like Krystle Carrington she needs to amp up the makeup, do something with her hair and slap on some chandelier earrings.

  17. Chasmosaur

    I try and cut this girl some slack. She is 19 years old. When I was 19 it was the late 80′s and the clothes were atrocious. There are barely any pictures of me left from college wearing said clothes. This girl will have to look at her youthful sartorial indiscretions as long as Google is up and running.

    Her new shorter hair is adorable, and it’s obvious she’s striving to look more adult. I feel like we need to praise her for the parts of her ensembles that are good – for example, her lady bits are all covered, her make up is good as is her hair – to gently steer her out of fug territory into fashion that she is comfortable in, but not a hot mess.

  18. tassie

    I do think she’s adorable. But i think her style choices age her. For example, in the photo of her walking on stage she looks like Sheryl Crow. Not a ‘young Sheryl Crow’. Sheryl Crow. Who looks AMAZING. But she’s 50. A lot of the more formal choices Miley makes call for a sophistication she doesn’t have yet. (…..trying to be diplomatic)

    • Sandra

      Exactly! The kid is nineteen and both the clothing and the hideous tan make her look decades older. There’s time enough to look like an old broad who spent too much time in the sun when you are an old broad who has spent too much time in the sun.

  19. neiges

    I hope your loving disease is not contagious! She looks good!

  20. Tracey

    My first thought was lingerie from an 80s nighttime soap opera or mini-series so I’m with you FUG Girls. The black’s okay. Miley looks particularly thin though…

    • Linda

      Agreed; her arms and chest are bony/not healthy-looking IMO.
      Hair and makeup = divine, though.
      Dresses = meh.

  21. Cutebutnerdy

    I’m not one to threadjack, but this punked ad is driving me cray cray, and during Fug Madness to boot. It is a testament to my devotion to bad fashion that I am suffering through it. It’s constantly reloading my page…

  22. Debbie Thomas


  23. Ally

    Is it just me or did she suddenly grow the face of Lauren Conrad? I can’t look at Miley these days w/out first thinking “Woah. Did LC cut her hair?”

  24. Abby

    The orange nightgown has gots to go. I do like the black number, though.

    I adore her shorter hair style. Am not a fan of the color, however.

  25. Tracy Walker

    I don’t care what she wears – her hair looks so good without the ratty extensions that she could appear in a terry cloth bathrobe jumpsuit complete with camel toe and nude stacked pumps and I would STILL give the girl a thumbs up!

  26. Kayla

    I think she looks kind of great. The hair = fantastic. Makeup = beautiful. She looks grown up without being slutty (for a change). Sure, the orange is nightgown-adjacent, but it could be so much WORSE, YOU GUYS. We all remember.

  27. Halo

    Her hair is really cute, and her makeup is decent. I wish she didn’t have the orange spray tan, but overall, she’s looking so much nicer these days.

  28. Dazie

    She’s really growing in to herself as a young lady. Kind of like when Chelsea Clinton grew up and people went “Whoa! Pretty!”

    That said- oh honey no. Nightie that matches the tan no. The black one is better, but it doesn’t fit right.

    All in all on the right track though.

  29. CJ

    She looks so much better without those ratty extensions! I love the more natural hair, and her makeup is pretty, but the orange sherbet polyester nightie is not flattering. Still, she looks her age and not too slutty or like she’s trying sooooo hard. Black dress outfit is adorable. She looks like she could be Jessica Alba’s cousin.

  30. Girlin

    I love the orange sherbet – I think the colour is great on her and the shorter hair is making me consider bringing her photo with me to the hairdressers! Thank you for cheering up my Tuesday with the Dannielle Steel film evocation in slide 2!!! Hilarious!

  31. R

    I love the orange sherbet and it is so perfectly fun and age appropriate on her. I think she has until she is 21 to wear this kind of thing and then it will be night-gownish and inappropriate. On a teenager it is youthful & vibrant. She looks bright & happy and gorgeous. Also, Miley is no Emma Watson. She isn’t the face of a fashion designer or known for her sartorial choices. I really like that she just picks dresses that she loves and wears them with the biggest grin. The black lace, is heavy, ageing & serious and doesn’t look like it fits properly. I hate the length of it and the hemline is unflattering. Too much fabric for her small frame.

  32. vandalfan

    Orange negligee, immediate and firm NO. Grandma’s best polyester nightgown. Black and lace number? Umm, not really, because it’s just too big, but could be a qualified yes. Her hair and makeup are so much better than usual!

  33. nicole

    I actually like both. now sure how I feel about this though.

  34. Kat

    I feel as though my poll options were insufficient, though I understand that plates are full. Because Miley’s looks were TERRIBLE, but she’s just so cute and smiley (which is, like, her name, right?) and she looks so friendly and food truck eat-y and her hair is cute … she’s like my younger sister’s friend that I’m like … yeah, I’m not 100% I want you around my sister all that much and all that you’re wearing needs to change but I just LIKE you, kid. Rock on.

    • megs283

      Yes! She seems so genuine (even with her genuinely dumb mistakes) that I can’t help but like her. And she is so darn cute with that hair.

  35. Mongerel

    Her hair looks really dumb: a bunch of lank, brassy-colored, SJP-Junior dog flaps. She looks her best as a rich brunette, to balance out her caramel skin tone.

  36. Kelly B

    Interestingly, I was at this event and I was pleasantly suprised at how truly pretty she looked – additionally, she spoke incrediably well and was very composed. She hosted 8 kids from the Make a Wish Foundation at the event as well and was nothing but gracious. I went from a ‘don’t really care about Miley” to “wow, she seems like a really nice kid” in my book.

  37. Sajorina

    I hate both looks! I loathe Miley AND Vanessa Hudgens… No Stockholm Syndrome with me! And, I don’t see them doing anything that would win my love in this lifetime! FUG!!!

  38. Adriana

    No matter how cute and smiley Miley is these days, those two dresses are fug. I do appreciate that she seems to be having fun with her new look/aesthetic.

  39. karanakau

    It really doesn’t matter how glamorous I initially thought she looked. As I was reading this, she appeared on tv and started speaking and instantly dropped to zero in my estimation.

  40. Liz

    I’d describe both looks as “Late 90s Azerbaijanian princess” – personally I’m not a fan but Miley could be preping for this year’s Eurovision circut and that is something I certianly am a fan of (aren’t we all?).

  41. jean

    I do love her hair! Yeah, it “ages” her, up to 21! Which is fine. It’s a much more mature haircut than straggly hair extensions. And she looks like herself, not another starlette and all because of a simple haircut! Bravo.

  42. kat

    Is it just me or is Miley getting prettier as she gets older. It’s like she’s growing into her face. maybe it’s the short hair?

  43. Blanche

    Hey, outta the blue, Miley now looks less like a Disnified Cabbage Patch Doll and more like one of the popular small town girls from my north-midwestern youth circa the 1980s. If she is converging with them, then there’s a whole lot of booze-fueled hijinks, Foreigner-based karaoke, and marital infidelity we have to look forward to in Ms. Cyrus’ future! Until then: only the peach lingerie works here, but I can’t recommend it off the karaoke stage.

  44. Cat

    Am I the only one who think she looks a little deep fried in the pictures with the peach gown? Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s pretty and I love that she’s gotten rid of the ratty extensions but I hate the peach gown and she looks overly tanned and her hair color is terrible. Blech! Hate the lacy lingerie. I actually like the black one, though.