Heather and I have noted before that we are prone to a kind of Stockholm Syndrome with the people we fug. You cover them long enough and the next thing you know, you have developed — AGAINST YOUR WILL — a kind of fondness for them. Or, as in my case with Vanessa Hudgens, thanks to her Run of Insanity in the current Fug Madness, you fall in love with them.  It’s not a I Want To Make Out With You love, as much as it is an I Want to Clap My Hands With Glee Over Your Wardrobe; Please Never Change kind of love, but LOVE IT IS. And the point is, I think I’m falling in love with Miley similarly. It all started when she chowed down at a food truck, where all great romances begin, with bonus points for how terrible The Last Song is.  Mix that all up in your mind blender and here we are — I think she might look kind of good, but I have NO IDEA if I can trust my own judgement. LOOK AND JUDGE:

What say ye?

  • She looks great in both! (33%, 2,592 Votes)
  • The orange sherbet one is great, but the lace one is terrible. (9%, 682 Votes)
  • No, the lace one is great, but the orange thing is problematic. (32%, 2,532 Votes)
  • I hate both of these looks. (27%, 2,133 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,941

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