Fug or Fab: Tyra Banks


So, apparently Tyra threw a party about celebrating the awesomeness of your flaws, called — wait for it; I’m sure you can’t POSSIBLY imagine where this is going — the Flawsome Ball. Except whenever I say it out loud, like to the empty room and such, it sounds like “The Flossing Ball,” which is a whole other ball of waxed. HA. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Waxed, like floss? Oh, you guys, it has been A Week. My brain is running on demi-fumes left behind by the fumes with which I’m normally working.

Anyway, perhaps Tyra saw this flawsome flossin’ thing coming…

… because this is definitely a loving homage to dental tape. The thing is, I actually might really LIKE it, and not just because flossing has been so good for my gums (do you hear me, kids?). It’s like a gown version of Pink’s infamous strategically taped bodysuit, but with zero percent chance of visible cameltoe. It’s also got a dash of the Seuss about it, and looks like something that would be growing in Willy Wonka’s candy garden right next to the molten chocolate river, near the whipped-cream toadstools. It makes me smile, and for a party where you’re basically out to cheer up teenagers, it’s the right level of exuberance. I don’t know; I was charmed, even if the hair is a little odd. But I fully recognize that I might be alone on that island, and if that’s true, please could somebody send me some SPF?

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  1. Mair Mair

    Willy Wonka is dead on. And yet, j’adore. It helps that the fit is perfection.

  2. margaret

    It is somewhere between a satin stripey candy and an art nouveau elevator. In a good way.

  3. that girl

    …but why is there a line at the edge of her wig? Is it supposed to highlight her “flaw” (big forehead), or is her hair stylist really that bad??

  4. Sandra

    It is full-on cracktacular, but it looks great on her. Probably ONLY on her, but she is who she is.

  5. anny

    If it didn’t wimp out at the neckline it would be fully awesome. I want those stripe fingers to extend up into a sort of high Victorian collar. (Think of the racetrack scene in My Fair Lady.) It’s 95% into costume territory anyway, so why not step right off the edge?

  6. Art Eclectic

    Fun from the waist down. That bodice is a trainwreck.

    • Alle C. Hall

      I’m on the opposite committee. I think the to is much better than the bottom. The bottom is like “Meet Me in St. Louis.” I’d say cut it off, except then she’d be flaunting her lovely long legs at a supposed flaw-some ball, in a somewhat bad min that was fun for a flaw-some ball. All in all, it ain’t gonna work for this flaw-som ball. But, really, the bottom have is like a gift-wrapped wedding cake. This is not a compliment.

  7. Siobhán

    Candy stripes or bandage dress-maker gone mad?

    The bottom looks like some undiscovered deep sea creature.

  8. Orange Clouds

    Glorious. And there is even a little window into her soul.

  9. Kara

    Her facial expression looks kind of crazy in this picture.

  10. Kit

    When I saw it in the small piccy in my reader I thought “cracktacular!” but then when I saw it on the site, I thought “acca-awesome!”

    Also totally unrelated, but Fug Girls – have you seen “Pitch Perfect” yet? My beloved spouse and I have seen it TWICE and bought the sound-track. It’s awesome!

  11. LindenLovesFashion

    I think she might be the only woman on earth who could carry this off, but she does. Not hurt by the fact that not only does it fit perfectly, but her hair is great, her make-up is vibrant but not screamy, and she looks happy and poised. Young starlets who feel a need to smirk [The SEV] or look sullen [KStew] or blow kisses or assume stupid poses [list too long for this comment], take note. She’s not Tyra Banks for nothing…

  12. Lindy

    I’m so surprised that you people like this, that anyone likes this.

  13. Lisbeth

    Utterly gorgeous dress and it’s enjoying every minute of its gorgeousness. Tyra is completely at one with this dress and looks stunning in it. Completely Fab!

  14. Vandalfan

    Kind of reminds me of Audry Hepburn in the racing scene in My Fair Lady:


  15. Melissa

    She looks great, but she doesn’t look like she’s celebrating any flaws anytime soon. Unless… vanity?

  16. Gretchen

    Awww, there are too many legs on the Spiderman logo adorning her boobs..

  17. Jules

    I am just SO GLAD this is not SHEER!

  18. Gretchen

    I take it back – rather than a spiderman logo, I now think the pattern on her chest looks like Sauron’s evil eye from LotR

  19. pidget

    It’s weird and kooky, but so is she. Tyra is owning the heck out of this, and looks fun, happy and relaxed, ergo win. It’s also good for an event where she’s not supposed to be all “Sex Goddess”, which could easily happen with her bod and evening wear.

    GFY has great commentators, and I agree about “satin candy” “sea creature” and “Sauron”, and yet Tyra still manages to look dang good. As previously stated, she’s not a model for nothing.

  20. The Fugger

    You’re partially insane. This is completely insane, not least of which because I doubt the sanity of Miss Tyra herself.

    On the other hand, this IS Miss Tyra wearing the hell out of it, and at least she decided to not accessorize with a smize. Or a skinny tie. Or turn the entire thing into a jumpsuit. So yes, it’s crazy, but it’s also kind of awesome. Much like the woman inside of the dress.

    Although the bodice kind of reminds me of a bondage version of Arachne (from the Taymor version of Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark), so I’m not COMPLETELY sold on it yet.

  21. Jo


  22. Sarah O

    Don’t love the dress, but hard to hate when she looks so dang good. She’s got that smizing thing down, that’s for sure. She might as well have lights beaming out of her eyes.