Fug or Fab: Tara Reid


I think the only reason I am putting this up for a vote is because it is confusing to me in general:

OBVIOUSLY this has gone awry. While whoever made her WEAR a slip deserves commendation, THIS slip is a problem. She looks like she’s wearing military-issue full-body Spanx under the there, and my understanding is that those are needed only for dresses of the bandage variety. Also, can we see her shoulder pads? Regardless: a black underpinning would have been so much better. All this being said, I think we have enough information to make a value judgement:

This dress:

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  1. Amy D

    This shimmery spiderweb she seems to be trapped in has pinned her arms to her sides. Can’t be comfortable.

  2. Margaret

    I thought, that for her, she looked really great: not anorexic, not showing anything inappropriate or in danger of showing anything inappropriate, not overly spray tanned…. so kudos to her for this!

  3. electric

    Ew. Execution is all wrong. Maybe without sleeves? Maybe without the mock neck? Maybe burning in a trash can?

  4. Lina

    Goodness. Did she steal this from a costume trailer? It looks ridic on the red carpet, but it would completely rock for a guest alien of the week on Star Trek in 1968! Even the hair is fine! But she’d need gogo boots instead of those t-straps, I fear.

  5. Mahastee

    It all feels oddly Nana-ish to me. With the high neck, the long sleeves, the ballroom dance shoes and the school marm hair.

    Still, she is looking healthier and the fabric itself is pretty.

    • Francesca

      It does feel Nana-ish! Unfortunately, it’s like the time Nana pulled a plastic bag out of the trash, wrapped it around herself and sang, “I Feel Pretty.”

  6. GigiNYC

    She looks like a septuagenarian Upper East Side society matron on her way to some gala. That is not a compliment.

  7. val.

    It looks really heavy and not particularly comfortable.

  8. Willow

    is that a phoenix being electrocuted on her crotch?

  9. maryse

    she looks good from the neck up though.

  10. Andre

    she is literally wearing The Spiderwick Chronicles.

  11. Jed

    What happened?? She looked so good at the American Pie premiers! On another note I can’t wait for you guys to review the amfar event – there’s some delicious fugging material!

  12. Ben

    I’d actually like this a lot more if it were sleeveless. But this is Tara – on the whole, I can get behind this.

  13. Sandra

    I always thought that there isn’t much they can do for gangrene; maybe they have some really good doctors in Geneva.

  14. Liz

    Would be amazing on Diane Kruger and no one else.

  15. Ann


  16. Mrs. Whit


  17. Melissa

    My eyes never made it to the undergarment level having been arrested by the gangrene with pompoms.

    • Carol

      Yes, don’t you just hate it when your dress breaks out in gangrene or toxic mold …

  18. Elbyem

    Look closely. There is a baby dragon staring out of her chest.

  19. yeahandalso

    She has actually been looking pretty excellent since the start of the American Reunion promos….also I can’t deal with the fact that that movie came out when I was a freshman yet their 10 year reunion is some how the same year as mine.

    Did you see her in the blue dress from the other day at Cannes? that was a well played I thought (and not just by her standards)

  20. anny

    Is she slouching or does she just have really sloping shoulders? You see that in Edwardian-era portraits sometimes – think Gibson girl …

  21. Kat

    That is horrendous and hilarious, and as such, I would wear the HELL out of it, were it to suddenly appear in my life (conjured, perhaps, by one of those stage illusionists who do intense-staring-closeup billboard ads and have assistants named Nikki). I would hack it down to a boat neck, though. The mesh turtleneck is just a bridge too far.

  22. Jen

    She’s fully covered, and I am thankful for that.

    • Hannah

      Agreed. She doesn’t have the gravitas to pull off this look but I am proud of her for not being Erin Wasson-levels of nekkid.

      • Ms.A

        Yes. I was like, this is Tara Reid and I can not see her nips/ crotch/ buttcrack? BONUS.

  23. everydaygrace

    POSTURE. Stand. Up. Straight.

  24. Olivia

    I could totally see this on Gwyneth Paltrow. Or even Nicole Kidman. It needs to be worn by someone more regal, with outstanding posture. Or at least wider shoulders.

  25. Ghanimatrix

    We can’t see her shoulder pads because she can’t possibly be wearing any, right? I mean, look at the slope of her shoulders, if she is wearing shoulder pads she must have had her clavicle surgically removed.

  26. aimalyn

    she looks like a goddamned bobblehead. That’s slouching.

  27. guerra

    What happened to her shoulders?? & the boob area is so distracting. She can not pull this off

  28. Sajorina

    Just NO!

  29. SaraK

    While I’m glad to see Tara looking pretty and healthy, I wish she weren’t wearing a bedazzled x-ray and about a half-can of AquaNet. She needs to go back to whoever styled her for the last few AmPie events. Or if this is from that same stylist, make sure to get the outfit finalized *before* the cocktail hour.

  30. IR

    I think the main problem (and I admit there are others, too) is that it really doesn’t fit. Those sleeves are eating her arms…

    • Cranky Old Batt

      Agreed. The shoulder seams look like they are trying to rest on her biceps, not her shoulders.

      Overall there is a very sagging, matronly feel to this, and the obviously nude underslip does not help dissuade that image.

  31. LadyB

    That outfit can never recover from the sparkly pom-pom action going on, no matter who wears it. :)

  32. Aria

    Forget the undergarment, the outer garment is so horrendous! Hate the pom poms and all I can see on her pelvic area is a bird that smashed into a window. Blech. On the plus side, her face looks pretty and she is not showing too much skin…

  33. Cheryl G

    Game of Thrones anyone?

  34. Mo

    Her head looks nice and totally not drunk. The garment is a hot mess. Her legs look frightful. She has a very “porn knees” thing going on. But the shoes are great!

  35. emmy

    She looks about a million years old. Make this floor length and Colleen Dewhurst’s ghost would look fetching in it.

  36. vandalfan

    There are those who would wear this without the slip. I think with a suitable black lining, no turtleneck, and properly fitted sleeves, I’d wear this.

  37. Shiitake

    Are those sea urchins creeping up her dress?

    Gak…What a mess!