Fug or Fab: Selena Gomez


Look, it’s better than half of what she wore when she was on Team Bieber.

And it’s interesting, and regal, and not at all nude. But is it too stuffy for a girl who’s only just gone twenty? And why are there two shapes of some sort making out over her crotch? I just… it’s never a good idea to turn your groin into a Rorschach test.

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  1. Katie Lynn

    With a different hairstyle I think she could have pulled this off. But the crazy half-up bouffant is really aging the whole look. Maybe some beachy waves?

    • Ines

      i agree. change the hair (and the purse). the dress is really pretty

      • Aj

        Me three on the hair … little too Barbara Parkins in Valley of the Dolls.

    • tigers4us

      I agree. The dress is OK, but the ‘do is not.

    • Cynthia W

      Ha.. I should have known that someone else would beat me to it. I think if she would have picked a younger, non-Dallas-beauty-pageant hairstyle, she might have pulled it off.

    • Ailatan

      That hair… Oh God. She’s not a contestant in Toddlers and Tiaras.

  2. Erin

    I wouldn’t say this is my favorite look of hers, but I like it.
    Let’s have a moment of gratitude for the fact no portion of the dress is sheer.

  3. Leah

    Oh I really love it. Is that velvet paneling? Looks so rich. I also could do without the Annette Funicello hair.

  4. pantsonfire

    I do so adore black and navy together. Unfortunately, the embelishment isn’t quite working for me here…the rhinestone encrustment (or whatever it is) is aging, making the dress look old (as in dated) and for, shall we say, a woman of more mature years. But I do like the idea of a hit of something metallic to accent the blue/black combo.

    Also, the fit is off. I thought for a second that there was ruching going on (which would have only made things worse–ruching is never the answer). And yes, I completely agree that her hair is not working here at all.

  5. Bottle Ginger

    Bee-YOUtiful dress, and I agree that it would have worked better with an updo. The dress has long elegant lines, and not only does the puffy hanging hair clash with that, the dress needs a long line of a neck to look its best.

    I don’t think it’s too old for her, even if it is sophisticated enough for a mature woman. Twenty is old enough to wear “I’m grown up now” things, and better this than the usual hookerwear.

  6. sarah

    I like this

  7. Helen

    It’s certainly a huge improvement, but I need a fourth option – IMO it’s “meh” because it’s too tall for her. This needed to be re-cut entirely and scaled down, for a more petite girl like Gomez. I think it might be an “as is” runway sample, not tailored at all.

    Gorgeous dress, though. It would look fantastic on someone about 5’10″ – 5’11″.

  8. lindsay

    her features are really fine and i feel like with the poofy hair her head just looks too tiny for her body.

    weird, i know.

  9. witjunkie

    This is so beautiful, but I have concerns that the way it’s draping on the side indicates backless/sideboob potential. I thought it was fitted at first.

  10. Esme

    What’s with the make-up? An homage to Theda Bara?

  11. ennufallo

    This would be gorgeous without the distracting insectile-labial panels. She is probably trying to find a new direction away from tween-tramp and this is preferable (to me).

  12. Kate

    Toggling between this site and Red Carpet Fashion Awards, have just seen the original runway look. It’s a relief Selina went for the lining, but the oddities of the design make more sense when it’s partly transparent. Interesting contrast : the dress now does skew too old, but the runway look could only be carried off by Cher.

  13. Vandalfan

    I like the cut of the dress but would chose different fabrics, and certainly neither of them sheer.

    But her hair just ruins this.

  14. Sajorina

    I love the dress… I’d buy it & wear it myself! And, the clutch is cute! But, her hair looks like a bad wig or LEGO hair or a Darth Vader homage! Dress = YES! FAB!!! Hair = NO! FUG!!!

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  16. Kristina

    She was on GMA this morning and made me cry when she surprised a girl with Make A Wish. She now has an absolute pass from me.

  17. Rubee

    She looks like a very young Cher to me.

  18. 7Kellx

    I like this dress a lot but it’s not right for her.

    Curious, does she work?

  19. emerthorne

    All I can think when I look at her is that she’s Joan Collins in the Dynasty prequel.

  20. karanakau

    She’s seriously pulling this off.. Ab Fab!

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