Fug or Fab: Ruth Wilson


I feel for Ruth Wilson.

It’s got to be a bear to be the only person left promoting a movie that’s a turkey, financially and critically, while your director and the other stars are giving sulky interviews about how NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THEM without stopping to consider that maybe the movie actually wasn’t great, and also people have some Johnny Depp Wears Wacky Make-up, Employs Mannered Accent fatigue. Like, I really wish Johnny Depp would make a movie where he plays a modern person who has a regular (handsome) face, and talks with a normal person voice. It would be REVOLUTIONARY at this point. His reviews would be AMAZING because people would be so RELIEVED. Right now, he’s playing The Wolf in Into The Woods (which is a great part, but kinda more of the same for him), some crazy-sounding futuristic movie where he loads his brain into a computer that might let him have his actual face please God, and FREAKING CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW AGAIN IN ANOTHER PIRATES MOVIE MY GOD ENOUGH. I joked to Fug Friend Jen the last time we were at Disneyland that they should make a deal with Actual Live Johnny Depp to, once a year, replace Animatronic Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You wouldn’t know it was coming until you got there, and it might only happen for twenty minutes. It would be awesome. AND NOW I THINK HE WOULD TOTALLY AGREE TO IT. I love you, Johnny Depp, and you have done a lot of nice things for children and pre-teen me loved this picture of you cradling a puppy (the photographer’s take on that shoot is pretty cool; I’ve literally remembered that picture for 26 years). I just want you to sometimes work with people who will let us see your pretty face without blacked out teeth/giant sunglasses/ awkward face paint. Also, now poor Ruth Wilson has been totally ignored for this whole paragraph because I have so many feelings. In short: I don’t hate this, but I feel like she’s given up, and I don’t blame her. You?

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  1. Sandra

    I can’t believe they’re still making her do the publicity appearances. Nothing is going to save that film. Let’s just take her out for drink and ask IMDB to remove it from her credits.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Would she not be the MOST FUN to take out for a drink? You can just tell. Please count me in!

      I’ll lobby IMDb if she likes.

  2.  Chasmosaur

    Oh Ruth. Please let your sartorial guide be:

    Would Alice Morgan feel the need to do me in for wearing this?

    You’ll end up looking so much fabber.

  3. ringthing

    I just watched Luther on Netflix and developed a crush on Ruth Wilson immediately. She was scary evil gorgeous perfection in that show. And at least she’s still smiling; Armie Hammer looks like his dog died in all of his publicity appearances for this movie

  4. Carol

    I like a nice snake print as much as the next person, but this is a weird cut and the two-tone doesn’t work, especially with the strange sideways-parentheses (parenthetical?) shaped hem/seam on the top.

  5. ophelia

    i’m not a fan of the outfit tbh, but i ADORE ruth, and she deserves better than this movie!

  6. JennyC

    Wasn’t Johnny Depp in The Tourist recently? He looked pretty normal in that and I don’t think anyone watched it…

    • Miranda

      I was so going to comment that the last time he tried a modern movie it flopped. Maybe that was the St. Angie factor? Or people are tired of Johnny in general? I believe it may be both.

      • Jessica

        That entire movie weirdly looked like it was filmed on green screen.

    • Steph

      I saw it and I wasn’t mad at it. Although I did only pay $1 from red box to see it.

    • scone

      He looked normal (actually, he looked quite yummy) in Public Enemies, where he played John Dillinger. But I think no one but me saw that one, either.

      • Heather

        I saw that and liked it… and he and Marion Cotillard had some hawt chemistry. But Jessica’s overall points are very well-taken.

  7. HelenBackAgain

    Mixed bag, I think:

    Face, great; hair, messy and looks a bit dirty.
    Skirt, great; top, too much of the same pattern, and wrong color for her to boot.
    Shoe color, fine with the skirt; shoe style, unattractive and well over.

    So, overall… a middling pass, I guess? I mean, she’s showing those great stems, so that raises the grade a good bit right there.

  8. LETC

    In that linked puppy pic, Johnny Depp looks very Joey Tribiani.

  9. AM

    I think it’s a pretty cute outfit, not fantastic, but good. Her hair–she has the kind of bob I always think I can achieve, but sadly, cannot. So I will not look at her head!

  10. Maria L.

    She got to be real close to Idris Elba for three seasons. After that, any article of clothing is bound to be anticlimactic.

  11. Hannah

    Finally someone agrees with me on Johnny Depp! He’s played the same character in, like, 95% of his films since Edward Scissorhands. He’s amazing at it, but man would I love for him to show some versatility and play a suburban dad who is not on drugs or crazy or something.

  12. A. Beaverhausen

    I have a terrible fear of snakes, so I really hate thissssssssssssssss.

  13.  Daenerys

    Is it a top and skirt? Or all one-piece? If top and skirt- I kind of like them as separate pieces. But the top is WAY too big [something you don't usually see on the red carpet]. Those sleeves look like they were built to wrap around some massive biceps.

    •  Daenerys

      Oh Lord can I take that part about kind of liking it back? Just found out that dress is {gag] Stella McCartney!!

  14. Sally

    The sleeves bother me and that weird little parenthetical mark over her lady bits is distracting. For me, it is so close but slightly off .
    When Pirates of the Caribbean 1 first came out, we put together a good size group of women from the office to see it opening weekend. One of the guys said, “Really?” and the overwhelming response was, “Johnny Depp in mascara? We are there!” Sadly, that is no longer a big draw.

  15. Elle

    LIke the print and the colors together. Hair and makeup good. Above all casual, comfortable, while perfectly appropriate to her part in the publicity machine for this questionable film.

  16. Sajorina

    Ruth is too young for this dress and the styling is too plain! I like the dress and think that Cate Blanchett would ROCK it!

  17. Karen G

    Guys, the movie really wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t as amazing as it could have been for sure, but it was really quite okay.

    • Heather

      As I understand it, a big part of the critique was the vast gap between the amount of $$ spent to make it ($250 million) versus the quality. Most of us are OK with some light summer fare, but for that price one expects something with more substance, including a comprehensible script.

  18. Brenna

    I love that as everyone involved in the movie is trying to defend it, Mark Wahlberg basically said “Why in the world did the studio spend so much on a horse movie?” Gotta love Marky Mark.

    As for the outfit, I don’t actually hate it. I would fix her post-gym looking hair though.

  19. Abbe

    I totally get your Johnny Depp rant. YES –you really put your finger on what is going on.

    And your personal relation to that Depp youth photo –one would totally wish to be the puppy held in Johnny Depp’s arms in the picture. And his face there is his young, innocent ROUND face, not the hollow sucked in cheeks face of later years which might emerge even in normal roles without transgendered pirate or other face paint.

  20. Magatha

    Thank you so much for the link to Deborah Feingold’s blog page. There’s not a lot of content, but what’s there is fascinating. I hope she adds a lot more.

  21. Sophia Loren

    “They had expectations that it must be a blockbuster. I didn’t have any expectations of that. I never do.” Right. Johnny Depp thought this would a critical success that would test his range as an artist.

  22. Beth C

    I think i would really like this if the sleeves were, like 2-3″ shorter. There’s just something about the proportion of them that’s throwing everything off. Otherwise, though, I like it. it’s different.

  23. Cynthia W

    I dunno about this outfit, it looks like one of those tunics that you put on at the hairdresser’s to protect your outfit.

    Ummm… no, Johnny Depp, the critics did NOT keep me from going to see your movie. The trailer did. It looked TERRIBLE and not at all like the Lone Ranger of my childhood and it made me MAD just thinking about it. Plus, I HATED you in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Dark Shadows looked terrible, too – stop crapping on my childhood!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Dark Shadows WAS terrible. I wouldn’t even class it as Worth Watching If You’re Sick.

  24. jean

    I think you did Ruth a disservice by reminding us she was IN Lone Ranger. Just rent Luthor people! Then you’ll understand how she is better than this. Her hair especially is a bit of a mess. And the yellow. The yellow/green of the shirt is highly unflattering. Alice only wore black with red lipstick and she pretty much owned the screen.

  25.  Emma

    STRAIGHT UP FUG. Where did her neck go? She literally looks like a lizard.