Fug or Fab: Rooney Mara


You guys are going to think I’m NUTS, and god knows I REALLY need this upcoming holiday hiatus (don’t worry, we’ve got some fun stuff planned for the break), but…this kind of weirdly works for me. No, really.

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  1. ladyd

    Hadn’t noticed how much she looks like Jennifer Connelly before

  2. Leslie

    Isn’t this just the same dress she wore before, but in black? Should we take bets on what color she’s going to wear next?

  3. Gine

    See, I still think it looks like she’s trying to dress like the character. I always find it kind of odd when actresses do that.

    • Chris

      Having read the first two books (and admittedly, I threw The Girl Who Played With Fire across the room in frustration because seriously Stieg, what), I can attest that Lisbeth would never wear this. Not even as Irene.

      • lc

        It’s hard to imagine Lisbeth in a dress, and I definitely think she would opt to cover more skin, but I do think she would appreciate the edgy design.

  4. Erin

    I wish it was in front of a white backdrop so we could really get the structure. I think the dress is actually pretty cool (and I like the mesh portions), however I WISH the fabric portions looked less like a too-low loin cloth.

  5. Kate

    When you can wear that dress an the first thing I think is, Wow Roony Mara is so pretty, you know you’re doing something right.

    • currygirl

      She is so pretty, isn’t she? Yes, she’s finally starting to get it right, I think. :-)

    • Jill

      Yes! The first thing I noticed was her face and hair. The dress is crazy but it just doesn’t matter at this point. Plus her body is kick ass.

  6. amys

    She looks so striking! My only quibble is with the lowest (modesty?) section. It messes with the line and makes it look knock-kneed or something. From the hands up, I’m enchanted. I would have preferred it to be a miniskirt and been done. We don’t need all that sheer silliness.

    She’s beautiful.

    • Miranda

      I cosign all this. I also wish the back weren’t 100% sheer; after all those interesting lines in the front, it’s kind of a letdown. Plus, too much sheerness, a little bit. If it were more like the front, we’d be in business.

  7. Julia

    I haven’t read the books, either. If I follow my usual method (see also: Harry Potter; Hunger Games; Facebook), I will resist reading the LS trilogy for several years (because everybody says I ought to read it and therefore I won’t), and then give in on a bored day, pick up the first book, and not sleep for about a week while I burn through all three.

    • Hel


    • Libby

      The real benefit is that you can read all the books in the series back-to-back, skipping the agonizing wait for the final book in the series to be published

    • Edith

      Oh, me too!

      Also, she’s gorgeous, she rocks this, and yet I cannot condone it. Partly (or perhaps ONLY?) because the bottom-most opaque portion of the skirt makes me think she messed up drawing her Christmas tree. The tiers get WIDER as you go down, if you’re doing it right….

      I have spent far too much time today reading, and yet this is hands down the quote of the day: ” Is it ironic that something can be an ice-dancing fire hazard? No: That’s not what ‘irony’ is.”

      • Margaret

        Is the all-question format one of my favorites? Yes. Is the quote Edith mentions about irony the best of all? YES. Do I like the dress? No.

  8. Karen

    Dear lord, she looks like she was attacked by Edward Scissorhands.

  9. Jasmine

    She has SUCH a beautiful face. I’m so on board with her slicking back the hair all the time if that face is what we are going to get to see on a regular basis.

    The dress is… so weird. And piecey. But also super interesting and fits her like a glove, so she’s working the shit out of it. I like it.

    • G

      She looks like she borrowed someone else’s dress, or had this forced on her by her stylist and she’s still not sure it’s a good idea. A daring, half transparent dress should not be worn with the demure, self-deprecating, hands clasped in front of crotch, eyes downcast posture.

      But the back of the dress shows the right way to do backless. The rest of the dress is just silly but could be carried off with confidence.

  10. kate

    She is lovely but something about the dress makes her look like she is standing in that awkwardly balanced, I really have to pee position.

  11. Lynne

    Yeah, the dress is a disaster but her hair and makeup are divine.

  12. Hel

    Yes to to the top part, no to the bottom.

  13. Josephine

    Not everybody can pull off a dress this weird, but, man, she sure can. I mean, if you look fashion-model-y, freaking take advantage of it. Be daring. Wear things that would make both me and Reese Witherspoon look completely laughable. Live it up. Well done, Salamander.

  14. TaraMisu

    She really is gorgeous, pulling the hair off of her face let’s the beauty show :)
    The dress on the other hand is awful. She’s in great shape but the cut outs make her look very hippy.

    Jessica my bookwormy friend, put these on your “to be read” list!

  15. Amalia

    The styling is a little too Robert Palmer Girl for me.

  16. vandalfan

    If the waist area did not look so much like cut outs from the front, and if the black lining of the skirt (the part that is now a tongue hanging down over her ladybits) was symmetrical and went down to the thick line on the overlay, I could like it. Her hairdo is so much improved.

  17. AJ

    It’s very Gaga adjacent, don’t you think? Like if Gaga popped up at the supermarket wearing this and 8-inch platform heels, I wouldn’t blink.

    And I’m a huge bookworm and never read the books either. They don’t sound like my cup of tea, and though everyone talks about them, I have yet to met someone who has actually read them and can tell me what they are about or what they liked about them.

  18. Laucie

    The front looks like a Spiderman homage, and that she left the table with her napkin tucked into her waistband. The back is way too naked. And there are mini-leg curtains.
    Yet, she is lovely from the neck up.

  19. Elizabeth

    She looks as if she were a Robert Palmer girl who was ravaged by wolves (who presumably made off with the guitar), yet the effect is somehow charming. Who knew?

  20. Aria

    I don’t love the dress, but she finally did what I had been hoping — getting those severe bangs off her fact and using a stronger lip to balance the darkness of the hair. She looks great!

  21. Aria

    oops “face” not “fact”

  22. Meg

    “Lisbeth Salamander” FTW!!!

  23. Jennifer E.

    *provincial (because i’m just a spelling nazi that way)

    it’s hideous. even the sexiest woman alive, who is NOT jennifer aniston OR angelina jolie (though she was in the running 5 years ago!) would not look good in this. yuck.

  24. britt

    i just give her a big “bravo!” for being facially perfect enough to pull off short, slicked back hair. the dress doesn’t offend me — i’ve definitely seen wackier — but i don’t really love it, either. my least favorite part has to be that piece on the front that looks like a pseudo-loin cloth. i actually rather like sheer upper back.

  25. Jax

    When your hair and face and body look that fucking good, you can just about get away with anything. She’s reminding me of Jennifer Connolly’s perfection.

  26. AM

    I don’t like this dress at all. She looks fine from the waist up, dress-wise and the hair and make-up are pretty. I don’t like the thigh cut-out thingys. I’m NOT saying she’s fat or has fat-legs, I’m really not, so don’t bother to say I’m attacking someone’s body. It’s just that who would design or why would we have one of the most difficult parts of a woman’s body, the outer thighs, highlighted? I never would have thought of that.

  27. Carol

    You are right … it’s an ice dancing costume … if you are ice dancing with vampires.

  28. Cecily

    The dress is wacky, but works, somehow.

    Meanwhile, she is so pretty!

  29. Lynne

    I really want to see the vampire ice dancers now. I assume they’re from the Czech Republic or someplace and will dance their free program to Wagner. And for a finale, they snack on the French judge.

  30. Anne B

    This is NOT a dress. Shapes In Search Of A Dress, yes; dress, no.

    Put down the scissors and start over, Rooney.

  31. mary lou bethune

    She has a big chane to be a Real Actress and she knows it… she has depth which few have, I think…The dress is silly but fits the role which has to be the most horrendous one in living memory. Hope she goes for a light comedy next.

  32. Mare

    Very pretty face, makeup, hair, but she looks like she is oh-so-fearful that one incautious movement or an errant gust of wind will bring disaster. It reminds me of a Project Runway dress where the designer lost/was the victim of sabotage/forgot to buy enough fabric and had to make do. (They invariably win those challenges, WTH?)

  33. ok

    I like her hair slicked back, I like it with the bangs– I really don’t get the hate for her hair. She has tremendous bone structure, the kind of cheekbones that can cut glass– she absolutely looks amazing with the blunt short bangs, they make the contours of her face pop– it’s a great fucking look.

  34. Gabi

    I would actually recommend NOT reading the books! I made the mistake of reading the first one after borrowing it from a friend – I love mysteries but not the super gory/serial killer ones, more the fluffy/historical fiction-y types. I asked my friend if The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was scary (I’ll be the 1st to admit I’m a total wimp, who refused to see scary movies at all costst!) and she said no. But she LIED! It was really creepy and I was totally freaked out by the end. Avoid! (unless you like that sort of book, in which case, to each their own)

  35. erin

    this dress looks like a rorschach blot or that optical illusion where you can either see two people in profile or a vase, depending on which part you focus on….

    not sure if that is really something anyone would want said about their outfits frequently (or at all)… but here, i kinda love it.

  36. BWags

    I’m not sure how I feel about the dress, but now and forever, my friends vaginas will henceforth be known as their rooney maras.

  37. Sandra

    I think this thing started out life as a widow’s veil. Why she re-purposed it as dress, i’m not sure.

  38. Bambi Anne Dear

    It’s hideous.

  39. Kris

    There should be a note on the label of this dress, right along with the washing instructions. “Hand wash cold with like colors, dry flat, do not wear unless you are Rooney Mara, or possibly SWINTON.” Anyone else wears it, it’s automatic fug.

    • Anne B

      On SWINTON I’d probably love it.

      But would she wear this? I doubt it.

  40. B

    I find this dress is just way too obvious.

  41. Claire L

    I really can’t think of anyone else who could pull this off without coming across as desperate. She looks pretty ( like illegally George Michael from the 80′s gorgeous) and makes it edgy instead of sleazy.

  42. jenny

    Jessica, have I mentioned that your posts are just the BEST? They are.

  43. Mahastee

    I love it – but only on her.

    I will chime in with everybody else (damn the delay caused by my distant time zone) and say I love this hair and make up on her.

  44. NYCGirl

    I might have been able to live with it, but then I saw the back, and could live with it no longer. Her hair really does look better this way, though.

    I haven’t read the books, either.

  45. ChaChaHeels

    I think we’re all just so thrilled she finally did something about that truly awful mullet with bangs she got stuck with. But by now I wish she’d try some other look besides illusion netting, in white or black. Maybe I’m just provincial, but to me, the “cut out” netting look is passe by about 2 years, some kind of Stella McCartney homage (so misguided, we should never legitimize seriously ugly), and desperate looking. She’s a beautiful girl, she should look so much better in public.

  46. Foodycat

    Now you’ve mentioned ice dancing, I want a movie where she and Johnnie Weir play fraternal twins and have a skate off TO THE DEATH.

  47. anny

    @GFY Jessica: You don’t have to read everything. Life is finite, and I’ve often been disappointed by the books everyone else is raving about.

    On the other hand, Mrs. Wharton, Mr. Clemens, Miss Austen – and so many others – aren’t writing anything new; and it does take time for Connie Willis and Kate Atkinson (to name two) to do what they do so brilliantly.

    My practice is: read everything, but if after giving an author/series a fair chance it just doesn’t grab you, don’t be afraid to move on (even mid-volume sometimes – and I read everything, all the time).

  48. crystal

    I hate the back, but she’s making it work.

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