It’s an All Mara Morning!

First of all, I want those shoes. Second, I freely admit that I used to dislike Kate here for seriously no reason whatsoever  — I am a monster! — until she popped up on American Horror Story and now we’re totally cool. (I think there’s probably some kind of lesson in there about how an overly zealous PR machine actually turns people off of celebrities in instances where the person’s work isn’t very widely known. I sometimes think that erring on the side of allowing the public to discover someone is better for that person in the long run. But I haven’t had my coffee yet, so what do I know?) Third, I love this color. Fourth: are we at all worried that she might look a bit too much like she ought to be a background player in the new Gatbsy movie? Discuss.

Feel free to also discuss why they’re making this particular Great Gatsby IN THREE-D. I mean, doesn’t Gatsby 3-D sound like a Lonely Island skit about how 3-D has taken over EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE CREATIVE ENDEAVOR? I’m just saying.

[Photo: Getty}

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