Fug or Fab: Robert Downey Jr.


“Why? Well, let me think about that.”

“Wait, I know the answer.”

“Because I am Robert F’ing Downey F’ing Junior. The heavens have rained upon me with talent water, sex hail, and the snow of hilarity. I drink the Precipitation of the Gods daily for breakfast with a side of wry toast, and so this shirt? And this tie? They are going to HAPPEN.”

“If you don’t like it, here is my suggestion.”

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  1. AP


  2. Willow

    I adore him but he is a cuban cigar away from looking like a skeezy porn producer.

  3. A.J.

    God he’s hot! I’ve loved him since the movie “Soapdish.”

  4. Fawn

    I’m just tickled that he’s not wearing sneakers.

  5. jennifer

    channeling his inner Marc Anthony

  6. Dazie

    “The heavens have rained upon me with talent water, sex hail, and the snow of hilarity”

    Oh HAIL YES!

    (see what I did there?)

  7. Rayna

    @Willow – my sentiments exactly.

  8. Kimberly

    Yesterday, I sat comfortably in my “Ugh, shiny suits that are too tight, whyyyeeeee?” stance. And here comes the RDJ to make me DOUBT MYSELF. Love. Him. Okay, maybe the pants are a little too tight, but I love love love his shirt and tie.

  9. Chasmosaur

    Much like Brad Pitt, I sometimes think RDJ is simply messing with the press with the outfits. In more candid shots they seem pretty funny – I think they dress oddly just to see what people will say. In RDJ’s case, he probably prefers looking hot with people commenting on his cracked-out attire, rather than relentlessly bringing up the years he was simply cracked-out.

  10. TaraMisu


  11. CH

    I love this guy. He can do and wear whatever he wants.

  12. MaryK

    Love him and the look. Though he could nix the nasty facial hair. He’s definitely cutest when clean shaven.

  13. gladly

    Yesterday, I sat comfortably in my “Ugh, shiny suits that are too tight, whyyyeeeee?” stance. And here comes the RDJ to make me DOUBT MYSELF.

    Let me join you! Maybe the Gos just needs RDJ’s panache. I don’t quite know, but this works for me.

  14. Geemee

    He is so delightful. I love everything about him, and this outfit.

  15. Lynne

    Dear Hollywood Actors. Please ease up on the hair product and while you’re at it, introduce a razor to your face.

    That said, RDJ has exactly the right attitude to pull off that shirt and tie combo. It would look ridiculous on nearly everyone else. Except maybe Alan Cumming.

  16. Mary

    Mr. Downey has, IMO, gotten hotter as he has aged. And as for the suit, I wish it were less shiny, but otherwise: love. As others have noted, attitude is everything with an ensemble like this.

  17. Nicole

    Um, he is pulling it off. He knows he’s hot, isn’t douchey about it, and has a sense of humor. What more could you want?

  18. vandalfan

    Ryan G, THIS is how tight and shiny is done. 100% commitment with a wacky tie and shirt. Man up.

  19. Peggy

    There are about 5 guys in the world who can wear this degree of crazy and still look eminently do-able. RDJ is one of them. If he decides he doesn’t like this outfit, he can come over to my house and take it off.

  20. jessicookie

    Just don’t let him take off the jacket. I can only take so much of that shirt!

  21. ck

    As the others have said, he wear what he wants. I’ve loved him since “Weird Science” even though he played a douche in that movie.

  22. Libby

    He can do no wrong – the attitude always sells it. Aging nicely, too.

  23. CJ

    Funny how so many posters who were fugging Ryan Gosling’s shiny suit are totally into this. Add me to the club. The man is a force of nature and, man, he OWNS what he wears. Love him, happy he’s clean and has his life back. Always love watching him perform.

    And for those RDJ fans who haven’t seen Inside the Actor’s Studio: look it up. He does a little tap dance and sings “Kansas City” from Oklahoma and it is tooo darn cute.

  24. Sally

    Kimberly and Gladly- WORD! And didja all notice the sun glasses coordinate with the shirt?

  25. Sherri

    Pants are a wee bit tight around the pelvis, but they fit sleekly to the leg without invoking leggings. And, you know, what? I’m FINE with that. In the distance shot, those pants work completely.

    Love the shirt and tie, too. Love the shirt a ridiculous amount.

    And while part of me does agree with @willow above, I’d say that RDJ has always ridden that fine, fine line. It’s part of his charm. The scary part.

  26. Gigi

    I have loved him from the days when he and Sarah Jessica Parker were shacking up. So glad he’s clean, working and loved by his wife, aka One of the Luckiest Women in the World.

  27. Sherri

    Oh just noticed. In the first shot, does he not involve ENTIRELY that Dox Eques commercial of The World’s Most Interesting Man, only younger?

  28. elizabeth

    looks kind of like he studies at the Mickey Rourke school of man-style.

  29. Jill

    Ummm… is he wearing wedges???

  30. Perveen Maan

    Downey is always amazing.

  31. Claire L

    ONLY RDJ can pull off shiny car salesman…. and only RDJ can make it hot…not just I’m housewife with a midlife crisis hot…. but HOT hot.

  32. martha

    i agree he is hot and can wear anything he wants!!!! he is aging nicely

  33. Edith

    Everyone’s said it already – it works for him because he is R-f’in-Df’in-J. It’s panache, it’s charm, it’s confidence, and, above all, it’s knowing who the fuck he is and being completely comfortable with that. It’s that indefinable *something* that he has that can’t be faked. On most men, that shirt alone (much less the ensemble) would have the desperate air of Trying Too Hard. On RDJ, it’s effortless and HOT.

  34. Martha

    I seem to have the opposite opinion of others, because I think I would like it more on someone else.

  35. Chrissy Cunningham

    i’m sorry, that is fabulous!!!! Smarminess at its best!!!

  36. Betty


  37. Menollie

    Dear God, yes! Love it, love HIM. He has the personality and, like someone else said, the charm to pull this off. He pushes the lines and works it every time.

    “above all, it’s knowing who the fuck he is and being completely comfortable with that”

    -This, all day! Perfect.

  38. sandy

    You know how guys fall into either the yes, no or maybe category? RDJ started out and always will be a definite yes. No matter what he wears. He’s got the trifecta of hotness: cute, funny, talented.

  39. eee

    CJ, thanks for the tip. Between my love for all things Oklahoma! and RDJ, I will totally look for that tonight. In the meantime I’ll be humming “Kansas City” for the rest of the day.

    As for RDJ himself, this look is both ridiculous and hawt. Which is the essence of RDJ himself. If this were anyone else I’d be repulsed, but because it’s him I just laugh and sigh and dreamy sigh.

  40. Kat

    Dude is one black glove away from channelling Karl Lagerfeld in the top pic there.

  41. KT

    I love me some RDJ- but how could you not comment on his shoes. They look fine from afar, but elsewhere I saw a close up…and well, they are clearly distant counsins of both orthopaedic nursing shoes and crocs. Orthocrocs. Dress orthocrocs.

  42. Blue Buddha

    In small doses, with the jacket closed it’s cool. It’s a bit much otherwise, but fun nonetheless. It’s nice to see a suit not be so stodgy at a premier. It’s supposed to be fun, right?

  43. Lori

    I love this man. He could show up wrapped in toilet paper and he’d still be hot.

  44. Sherri

    @ Lori — I would totally buy a ticket to see THAT!

  45. Josephine

    He is a delight, and also he is TROLLING THE WORLD.

  46. Steph

    I’m not 100% sure about that facial hair. I need to sit on it for a while to form a truly considered opinion. And yeah, I totally mean it like THAT.

  47. Carolina Girl

    How is it that this man could have had such a long standing, well documented, hardcore heroin addiction and still manage to come out of it looking this damn good? Take notes, Sheen.

  48. andrea

    Carolina Girl–

    I suspect that the difference between him and Charlie Sheen is that RDJ is not an asshole. And, I further suspect that he is (and was, even then) very, very professional and never burnt any bridges, even at his worst. Hollywood likes to act like a party town, but if it becomes known that you Don’t Come In To Work, your opportunities dry up really fast.

  49. Teresa

    Well, the colors look nice on him (and he, apart from the clothes, looks fab). However, the tie is too narrow and clashes with the shirt. As for the suit, alas, it does look a bit snug. So close.

  50. Cecily

    LOVE HIM, nary a more talented man! Would there be nothing more fun than sitting around listening to him riff? I would agree that since he is Robert F’ing Downey F’ing Junior, he can make anything happen, even that shirt and tie and shiny suit combo. You go, RDJ!

  51. Cecily

    @CJ, thanks, can’t wait to watch it! :)

  52. jen

    I’d do him. I’m pro RDJ and pro shiny suits.

  53. Sarah

    I love him no matter what he wears, but this is actually a lot better than many of the outfits he has sported…

  54. Mongerel

    what IS it with the facial hair these days. I don’t like to see American men decked out as muslims or merkins.

  55. Leone

    @Willow for the win!

  56. marcia

    I am almost exactly the same age as RDJ, but sort of missed that train the first time around. Sadly, I haven’t been able to hop on this time either. He’s ok.

  57. Dusk

    I should never have watched him on The Graham Norton Show… singularly non-funny!!!
    …although Norton is a hard act to beat…

  58. minette

    this is man is ridiculously attractive to me. can’t explain it. don’t have to. just enjoying it. and he totally works this crazy outfit – it doesn’t overwhelm him. i like that.

  59. Griffin Thall

    Love that guy! Rockin’ his Pura Vida Bracelet! http://www.puravidabracelets.com

  60. shebrihart

    ddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddeeeeeeee. yes! yes! yes! i loved him in ‘wonder boys’ and ‘a guide to recognizing your saints’ and ‘sherlock holmes’ and i will continue to love him until the end of time. i need to watch that inside the actors studio episode. he needs to leave his wife and marry me. right. now.

  61. yeahandalso

    if he lost the tie I would like it.

  62. An Onymous

    So, when a man is showing a bit of personality with his clothes, it’s auto-fug? Rrrright…

  63. Sajorina

    Yes, I love HIM & I also love IT! He looks great and is so unique! WIN!!!

  64. flanabanana

    I love that in the second picture, he’s in front of a Hooters!!

  65. Sonya

    He is one of the few men who can do no wrong in my book. Facial hair or not, terrible hair or not, I just. love. him.
    Anyway, I saw “Back to School”, (from 1986) a few months ago and I had never seen it before. Even then, RDJ was very yummy, although I agree with many of you that he has gotten hotter with age.

  66. NYCGirl

    It’s hard for me to get past the shiny, over-patterned-ness, and the Marc Anthony resemblance…

  67. justme

    So fug that it’s AWESOME!

  68. Deedee

    RDJ can do NO wrong.

  69. Melissa

    Too shiny, too tight, too long, and I haven’t even gotten to comments on the shirt/tie combo.

    But you know what? He could wear a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and I wouldn’t care. I’LL TAKE ONE OF HIM, PLEASE.

  70. jean

    Somehow it works. He’s a bit magical that way. That is QUITE the wedding band too. I don’t usually notice men’s rings, but hello. Diane needs to get JJ one of those.

  71. Kristin

    I do not care what he wears. EVER. That man is sex.

  72. MG

    Nope, hate it. Take it off immediately. ;)

  73. Anne

    In a better outfit, yum! In this one, ewww!!!!

  74. Danica

    Okay yes, he’s wonderful, but has his face gotten a bit… shiny of late? He looks likes he’s dipping his toes in the sweet smelling but ultimately corrosive waters of those-who-refuse-to-age-so-choose-to-look-inhuman-instead.
    Please, RDJ. Stop before it’s too late. Just age like a normal super hot and talented dude. Really, it’ll be okay.

  75. Lyana

    I agree, flanabanana.That Hooters picture right there, is the money shot.
    So loving the hilarious text and comments here!

  76. Jen DC

    (sighs) You’re so beautiful, Robert… I’ve loved you for nearly 30 years, even when you were drug-addled. You make the clothes. You could wear any crazy thing you wanted and I’d still. love. you.

  77. Jordan Goslin

    It doesn’t matter what he wears because always I prefer he’d take it off.

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