So, Shannon Woodward here — known to me as Katy Perry’s Millionaire lifeline, but known to many others for Raising Hope — is now, whether she likes it or not, distinguished among pop-culture-watchers as The Girl Andrew Garfield Was Dating For A Long Time And Whom No One Knew About Until They Broke Up When He Was Filming Spiderman And Maybe Started Seeing His Co-Star Emma Stone. That is a lot to deal with, no?

And in fact, I am worried it’s made her into a crazy person. Not that I blame her. However, she appeared here on the same night Emma was across town promoting Crazy, Stupid, Love. Some people call that a coincidence of scheduling. I call it a fantastic potential alibi. You know, just in case anyone HAPPENED to stuff any animal innards up Emma’s tailpipe and/or set fire to her topiaries.