Fug or Fab: Naomi Watts


Jessica wrote a piece the other day that noted Naomi Watts’ problems making her lower half look as good as the upper.

I think she’s still plagued by it. All that lacy hoo-ha raining down from the diagonal thigh line is too much for me. At least the gauzy glitter draped on her shoulders balances it out a bit, but… I don’t know, this feels really dated and been-there, and the expression of ennui on her face isn’t helping (although I know she did smile the rest of the night). The gown just isn’t transporting me anywhere, except maybe to a Disney princess’s second wedding. I always knew Cinderella would end up dumping a guy who found her so supremely captivating yet in the end could only identify her by her feet. Even picking her out of a crowd based solely on her cleavage would’ve been more flattering.

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  1. wordphreak

    That is one shiny suit. On one unhappy guy.

  2. Jules

    I think if it were neon in color and worn by a trendier celebrity, all the frilly hoo-ha would be ironic instead of tragic.

  3. pantsonfire

    Those are the same shoes from the other post! Yay, I noticed something. I really like those shoes, an unholy amount.

    The dress is terrible. I don’t even think the top looks good–it widens the shoulders and makes the proportions of everything look odd. And yeah, the cut and flounces down below are massively awkward and a bit unflattering. And that non-color needs to enter permanent retirement. This just feels likes such a phoned-in effort: See, I’m here. I’m wearing a dress. It has lace and ruffles. Are you satisfied.

    I think I HATE shiny suits.

  4. Jules

    I think if it were neon yellow and worn by someone like, say, Rita Ora below, it would be less tragic.

  5. ringthing

    They look like they had Serious Words in the limo and aren’t over it yet.

  6. Helen

    They do look unhappy.

    But they’ll get over that.

    Whereas this garment will always be a bridesmaid’s dress as chosen by a very insecure bride.

  7. Sandra

    One’s complexion, hair, and dress should not all be the same color. If it weren’t for the lipstick, she’d look like five-and-a-half feet of nothing. Which is a complete injustice to this woman. She’s talented and beautiful. Clothes and styling should not make her disappear.

  8. Art Eclectic

    Dress from the 1978 Prom Collection.

  9. Lynne

    Her hair is fairly uninspired. Maybe it’s hot in Venice? Not too fond of the bright red lippy either. The shiny suit is just awful. They both look like they just want to go home.

  10. holly

    I thought that was Elizabeth Banks!

  11. jean

    I don’t know …that six foot plus accessory next to her sort of pulls it all together for me. :^).

  12. Siobhán

    It’s Marchesa. No more needs to be said.

    (though it does looks slightly better from different angles)

    • Siobhán

      Better, like in this photo, which you won’t know exists unless you click the pic in the main post (do I keep missing other pics, because I don’t click on the single pics usually???):

      But I found another con in the single sheer sleeve. What. Why. Symmetry is fun.

      • pantsonfire

        You know what–you’re right that it looks better in the second (secret) photo. I also now wonder how many of these additional photos I have missed over the months and years. They’re like the hidden bonus track at the end of an album.

        But yeah, I actually kind of like it in the second photo–or at least, I kind of think I might like the idea behind it. Too bad the first photo also exists…

        • vandalfan

          I think it’s a fluke. Clicking on the main photo usually gives me a zoom in option.

          Also, I think that’s just a pretty latticework bracelet, thank goodness. I also thought it was a vestigial second sleeve.

  13. Laucie

    She looks like a wealthy, youngish Mother of the Groom, whose son is marrying below his station.

  14. Carolina Girl

    It must be getting pretty close to cocktail time because that suit doesn’t bother me as much as it should. It’s got a kind of “Bond. James Bond” vibe. You know, if Bond had been dipped in shellac.

  15. Jen S 2.0

    I am less horrified by the feather duster around her ankles than by his shiny suit. What IS that? Chrome?

  16. V C Natasha Cher

    If it was light (baby) blue or teal or even pink, it would be better, cause now she looks like her skin becomes lace and grows into a skirt.

  17. cat

    She’s looking very Depressed Princess Charlene.

  18. Brook

    Ughhhh, Marchesa! The Sad Curtains of Lady Haversham collection.

  19. bex

    THANKS FOR THE LIEV! that is all.

  20. Emma

    When will men stop wearing suits that look like eel skin?

  21. crystal

    I like the shoes, but hate them with the dress. The dress itself is just plain ugly, though, so I might hate it with any pair of shoes.

  22. CranAppleSnapple

    The dress is that special sort of colour that belongs on long-dead women that died on their wedding day. Is she making a new ghost movie?

  23. Shoeniverse

    She looks mad, like she really just wanted to wear sweats and put her hair unto a ponytail, and maybe make popcorn or eat ice cream whilst watching the Breakfast Club… but NO she had to get dressed up…