Fug or Fab: Maggie Gyllenhaal


I am on record as really liking a pixie cut — I love Michelle Williams’s pixie, and I think Anne Hathaway should keep hers — but I am not really feeling Maggie’s:

I think I like her better with a bob, especially when it’s all sleek like it was here, and while she has had this haircut before — back in the day when she and Kiki Dunst had the same headsuit, when Kirsten was also dating Jake Gyllenhall — I do not think it has ever really worked on her. It would not work on me, either, man. Life is hard; sometimes Wash And Wear LOOKS like Wash And Wear.

The whole hair thing has me distracted from her outfit, which might be for the best. Overall, she kind of looks like Anthropologie threw up on her.

But Anthro has totally cute stuff!

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  1. christine christine

    I really like her shoes, and the dress is flattering. I’m giving her a pass on this one.

  2. Katharine

    Every time I see a picture of Maggie G., I feel compelled to go look up her age on Wikipedia. Woman’s only 35. Why does she look like a Well Preserved forty-nine-ish?

    The hair isn’t helping — but her entire demeanour is always so middle-aged.

    • Big Noise

      49-ish? My 86-year-old mother, may she rest in peace, would have looked lovely in this dress. And let’s not discuss the orthopedic-looking peep toes. You’re totally spot-on about the middle-aged demeanour.

      • Helen

        It’s true. And she’s carried herself like she’s middle-aged ever since her teens.

        • Anita

          Yes to all. She looks old enough to be her own (grand?) mother. Speaking of mothers, mine had this entire look — in 1972. And not all things retro are worth a second look.

          • Morris

            It’s the hipster curse. Looking like a tired school-marm is all the rage…

    • KSCnCA

      I was going to look up her age too! This outfit makes her look very frumpy.

    • Holly Hamilton

      I just turned 49 and she looks a lot older than I do.

  3. Chelsea

    I like that none of the poll options allow for liking this. :)

  4. Lynne

    Yes, I think Maggie and Julianne Hough should start a club. People Who Strive to Appear Older Than They Are.

    • Janice

      It’s not so bad to belong to that club. People will still think you’re 40, when you’re 50 or 60.

  5. Fifie

    Big Noise – you are so right! My late 88 year old mother would not have worn something this dowdy. It just screams old maid schoolmarm.

  6. LoriK

    Are we grading this one on the curve? If so I’d give it a passing grade. It has plenty of problems, but it’s better than what she usually wears. I think the dress is actually sort of cute, it just needed to be a size smaller and worn with an actual belt instead of of be-tasseled string. She also needed different shoes. Those are fine, but not with this dress. And of course a different haircut. What? I said I was grading on the curve.

    • Tiffany

      I agree, I think a smaller size and a more modern belt and shoes would have helped a lot.

  7. Sandra

    Wow, all the drapes at Tara wanted in on the act. Nothing about this look is flattering to her, except the lipstick, which I do like with her dark hair. Of which, OUCH!! The bob was so much better.

  8. Megs

    There is no option for liking it, which I do. Strangely. Maybe because this might be in her top 10 best looks.

  9. Zed

    I love it that she’s really not that bothered about fashion or her appearance. That casually tied string round her waist like a monk’s robe makes me chuckle. The whole outfit is far too old for her, it’s shapeless, the wrong length and too big for her, but she seems to rise above it all.

  10. witjunkie

    Oh dear. It’s not good hair.

    I always feel like Maggie should have been born at the turn of the century; she looks like every woman in a cloche hat in every old sepia print I’ve ever seen.

    • Helen

      Her face wouldn’t be out of place carved into a cameo either.

      • abm

        Exactly. She’s always done the 30′s Margaret Bourke White photo subject thing, if Margaret Bourke White had photographed socialites instead of sharecroppers.

        For what it’s worth, she does it well.

  11. Scouse Helen

    If her face and the backdrop had been obscured, I would have guessed that this was a 1978 snap of a social worker named Joyce.

  12. Daenerys

    Yikes! Rip it off and throw it over the duvet in the guest bedroom. And what’s up with that simpering smile she so often defaults to on the red carpet?

  13. sally

    She’d make a cute nun.

  14. Mary

    Her face is to severe to carry that haircut. Grow that shiz out.

    Also, is her dress molding or is that the print?

    The Classy Cubicle

  15. Helen

    These colors are good for her, at least, but… oh well.

    I hope she grows out the hair again. Totally agree, chin-length or thereabouts is great on her. In the meantime, I think this could be greatly improved by allowing the front to fall a bit more on her forehead, and embracing the power of the earring.

  16. lindsay

    i feel like there is something in her chin region that benefits muchly from ma bob. this pixie is doing things to her face that are aging her right into this ensemble.

    maggie, you’ve got the genes! you can do better!

  17. Noel

    She and Maura Tierney have the same illness wherein no matter what they wear or how they are styled, they still look like they slept in their station wagons the night before.

  18. pantsonfire

    This is what happens when the world goes pixie-mad.

  19. Rayna

    I love me some MaggieG, and I respect that she is NOT cookie cutter style, but this is not her best day.

  20. Carol

    Borderline elderly here … youth-en up, Hon!

  21. Caroleena Stantonova

    Oh holy wow! Schoolmarm look directly from 1960-something.

  22. Vandalfan

    If the dress was sleeveless, and without the horizontal pattern at the hemline, it’d be fine for patio lounge wear, especially with the swish string belt.

    The pixie cut would work with longer, more forehead- obscuring bangs.

  23. Jane

    I have never, NEV-UH seen a picture of Maggie G where I’ve liked what she’s wearing. She always looks so dowdy and frumpy and…tired. And yet her style is not quite heinous enough to make it to the Fug Madness big leagues. Kind of a sartorial limbo.

  24. Claire1

    I like her looks on her.
    She never really “gets it right” when it comes to fashion…but she is always her. I like her thing…on her. She doesn’t care…and I so respect that.

  25. Scanderoon

    Yikes! That hair plus that makeup are aging her up about three decades. Seriously, that cut makes her forehead look HUGE, and then all I can focus on are how sunken-in her eyes look… whereas the bob accentuated her nice cheeks and made her look much more youthful. And the bright red lipstick is just making her mouth look a weird shape, like she’s about to start tutting at something and then sip a cup of tea.

  26. Sajorina

    Anthropology is MY favorite store! I like her shoes, but the dress is a boho chic mess! I don’t like her haircut either! By the way, I totally forgot that Kristen & Jake dated… So weird, it seems like soooo long ago!

  27. Jenny

    Very bad people are pimping Maggie in the celebpimp.com game, we have to stop them and make sure she is safe

  28. Emma

    Maggie has a really unsual, non-Hollywoodish face, which looks beautiful framed with a retro bob, but odd with this minimal-makeup-and-messy-cropped-hair look.

  29. Debra

    to me she always looks like she has a smirk on her face like she is the smartest one in the room and look at me I dont have to look put together because I am a serious actress blah blah blah…she is hideous and her clothes are worse…I am so surprised she has never been crowned fug madness winner…what gives???

  30. AMS

    I suppose I will date myself by saying this, but I LOVE that dress, particularly the tassel belt. It takes me right back to Yves St. Laurent’s Russian peasant collections, which I always thought were so terribly chic but could never wear because I’m 5’2 and not at all willowy. The problem might be that it just isn’t right for her personality (another Tom and Lorenzo “Girl, That’s Not Your Dress” moment), since she’s so. . . I don’t know, neutral? in photos most of the time. I also love the color of the shoes with this dress, but wouldn’t have stayed so on point with the shape, as it does look dated. As for the hair, I have to agree that it’s not right for her. She already has something of a droop to the outer corners of her eyes, and this haircut accentuates the points of her cheekbones and chin and makes everything droopier.

  31. jay

    as a short-haired woman, I’m heavily biased, but I would like this a lot more if she didn’t look so… sweaty. The problem with short hair is that it’s only wash & go if you actually WASH it. If you don’t, or you put too much product in, or whatever, you go from zero to Gym Hair in no time.

  32. Eurydice

    The whole thing screams Easy Spirit.

  33. Zulk

    I feel crazy because I would say this is one of her best looks. Her body looks great to me!