I am on record as really liking a pixie cut — I love Michelle Williams’s pixie, and I think Anne Hathaway should keep hers — but I am not really feeling Maggie’s:

I think I like her better with a bob, especially when it’s all sleek like it was here, and while she has had this haircut before — back in the day when she and Kiki Dunst had the same headsuit, when Kirsten was also dating Jake Gyllenhall — I do not think it has ever really worked on her. It would not work on me, either, man. Life is hard; sometimes Wash And Wear LOOKS like Wash And Wear.

The whole hair thing has me distracted from her outfit, which might be for the best. Overall, she kind of looks like Anthropologie threw up on her.

But Anthro has totally cute stuff!

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