Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig


This looks so familiar to me, and I had to rack my brain into split pea soup before realizing that I think it’s from the same family of Stella McCartney stuff as this jumpsuit, and these items worn by Rachel McAdams and Rumer Willis.

I think, understandably, that people get sick of me harping on about hating jumpsuits all the time. I get that. I get bored of me, too. It’s just that I have a very hard time being case-by-case with them, especially when Stella McCartney herself — who, by the way, seems like she has a great sense of humor – said that when she wore her version she had to have help going to the bathroom. AT THE MET BALL. So there’s a practicality hump I can’t get over, in addition to general recurring concerns about polterwang (not present here, thank goodness) or Inflating Pelvis Syndrome (marginally present) or any of a number of other concerns. Is this the worst jumpsuit, or even the worst version of THIS jumpsuit, that I have ever seen? No. Does that save it? I leave that to you. The harpy is letting YOU speak.

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  1. Jen

    you are right to hate jumpsuits, on principle, and on individual cases.
    And then … this! this! this is like she got caught in a pair of lace pantyhose and couldn’t get out!

  2. Eliza Bennett

    I like it, but with reservations… at Hotel I Don’t Really Know How To Feel.
    I do not like the shoes with this. I’m stumbling a bit over the implied sparkly nekkidness of a jumpsuit in that lacey overlay nude fabric. But I don’t hate it so strongly that I keep thinking I like it.

  3. Kristen from MA

    Just read about the film premiere attended by Kate & Wills. Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend, Jacqui Ainsley, wore a jumpsuit and didn’t bother to have it hemmed. I’m surprised she didn’t trip and fall.

  4. Lynne

    I can’t. I adore her and she looks lovely but I just can’t condone the use of a jumpsuit under any circumstances and when (oh god, when) will this jumpsuit madness end? Awful.

  5. Andewot

    Jumpsuits make no sense for an adult except when worn to skydive. This makes her torso look very long (and yes, with an inflated pelvis). She has a great body. Why would she muck it up by wearing this?! Also, the top portion seems loose and the unfinished bit under her left arm makes it look like she gave up shaving (which is her prerogative) but may cause questions and irritation. I like the dark hair on her though.

  6. Hima

    Heather, please feel free to harp on about hating jumpsuits every single day. I am hoping if we continue this hard stance, some day they will go away.

  7. Random

    I dislike everything about this trend, YUCKO! Why not just wear a pair of pants and a nice top, they can even be matching, of the same material and color for all I care! One little break in the fabric isn’t going to break the dang outfit, but THIS is NOT working. At least then you could go to the bathroom at the Met Ball all on your own, like a big girl!

  8. Amelia

    You didn’t even mention the lace with nude lining bit… really, isn’t that two strikes against this jumpsuit? Though, as we learned in Annie, you’re never fully dressed without a smile – it helps that she looks happy wearing it.

  9. Willow

    It’s totally Leighton Meester’s Lace Monstrosity: http://cdn03.cdn.gofugyourself.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/96901_106931354_8.jpg after turning over a new leaf.

    That outfit is one of my Top 10 Worst Outfits Ever Worn.

  10. AM

    This could be a cute and pretty dress–long or knee length, or I would like it as a top with black pants. I do not like it as is. Plus, it just seems so impractical somehow, which bugs in it’s own right.

  11. ChaChaHeels

    Oh I can see from here that the old Stella McC has a sense of humour. Unfortunately, it’s the kind that’s nasty and cutting, not something you feel good about sharing. She puts people in these clothes and I cannot believe they climb in voluntarily! That’s not funny. Not at all. No way.

  12. Kathryn

    My biggest issue with jumpsuits (and leotards etc.) is that if you do go to the bathroom, you have to pull down your top in order to pull down your bottoms. So if someone does burst into your stall (because of course you’ve got the one with the broken lock that day), you’re sitting there without even your top partially covering your bits. Just a bra, and everything else is around your ankles.

  13. Trina

    I don’t mind when you harp on jumpsuits, because I also despise them and want them to go away forever.

  14. vandalfan

    Yick yickity yuck. Jumpsuits are only appropriate on adults for garage mechanics or jet pilots, and black lace is suitable only for tablecloths in a funeral parlor. If this also had a peplum, I’d hate it with such intense passion that I’d burst into flames.

  15. Kris M

    Haha, we have been too trained to hate jumpsuits to like this. Also, jumpsuits are silly.

  16. Mel

    Christmas came early for you Heather: double offender with the jumpsuit AND the black lace over the nude. Do you think she read your rant about it and is trying to send you a message? Maybe wink at you in an irreverential way that only Kristen Wiig can get away with?

  17. Katharine

    I don’t LIKE this, not in general being a fan of all over lace — but I’m shocked — SHOCKED — that this is Stella. I mean, it seems to more or less fit! It’s not eating her feet! The shape is pretty flattering! What happened; was Stella out of the shop that day, allowing a cowed but sympathetic minion to make this small gesture towards foiling her nefarious plan to clothe the world in ugliness?

    As for jumpsuits, I personally like ‘em fine. As long as the torso length is right – and the bathroom difficulties are IMHO greatly exaggerated. Unless Stella is making hers with full length back zips — which of course she probably is.

  18. Emma

    I was bordering on “like” but was distracted by worry about whether she’s wearing a name tag. What is going on there on her left … lapel? There’s a rectangular situation I can’t figure out.

  19. Amber

    It’s…not the worst jumpsuit ever. That being said, it’s still a jumpsuit. If it were a dress, I think I could like it. I also don’t like those shoes with this (though don’t ask me which shoes would go with this, I don’t have an answer for that).

  20. crystal

    Jumpsuits are the worst. Even when they look okay, there’s always the awareness that they would look BETTER if they were only a dress. And they look so uncomfortable. :(

  21. Elle

    Look, I usually hate jumpsuits too. Whenever I see a jumpsuit featured on this site, it makes me want to rend my garments as I cry to the heavens, “WHY COULDN’T SHE HAVE MADE IT A DRESS?!?!”

    That said, I don’t recoil in horror at this one. I might actually like it just a teensy little bit. But that could also be my undying love of lace talking.

  22. Sajorina

    I don’t HATE it! Do I love it? NO! The shoes are FAB, though! And, is that a nametag over her left boob? Ugh…

  23. Jenny

    I always think jumpsuit is super cool for thin girls.

  24. Kara K

    I usually hate the jumpsuits. I do. But that’s a real fetching one, even if it is a jumpsuit and whenever she goes to the bathroom her boobs will be nearly nude.

    And honestly, I assume not many of the ladies in the gowns can go to the bathroom without help, either. Either there’s enough slink and spanx to need help in peeling the layers off or there’s too much pomp and fluff, so you need someone to hold a lot of it while you do your business.

  25. Kara

    I stand firmly beside those of you who hate all jumpsuits all the time. Onesies are for infants and toddlers, with exceptions for prisoners, skydivers, and mechanics. This is no exception. Fug.

    • Mongerel

      Perfectly said. Permit me to QFT and add emphasis:

      Onesies are for infants and toddlers. Exceptions: prisoners, skydivers, and mechanics.

  26. Annie

    Yes, I’ve only ever seen a few jumpsuits that didn’t make me twitch, but they haven’t been memorable enough that I can actually remember who wore them or what they looked like.

    What is that little gold bar on her left shoulder area? Is she wearing a gold nametag? Because that would actually be kind of hilarious….

  27. Tony

    Love the intricate pattern. I don’t hate jumpsuits fashion wise. This one basically looks good on Kristen.

    My concern is the fit on the top, where the inside portion of her arms meet the dress. The jumpsuit is sticking out a bit on the right side. It’s almost as if she has to wrangle the suit beneath her arm pits. She does a good job of wrangling on the left side, but not on the right.

  28. Mair Mair

    Oh Kristen, you looked so great in that sparkly minidress and orange clutch from yesterday’s post. I was so hoping that was the start of something. Le sigh.

  29. maryse

    it makes her legs look really really short. i’m not anti-jumpsuit on principle, but this one is just not flattering. a wider and longer leg might have helped with proportion. or if it had been a dress.

  30. Robyn

    Are the hems hinky on this? I’m imagining static cling has them creeping up her legs.

  31. Brandon

    Is she wearing a name tag? I don’t think I’ve ever inched up to my monitor and stared at a clavicle for so long.

  32. Alisa

    Mmm… It’s not beige sheet fashioned into a dress, so improvement?!

    Can we talk about how she was there to support Amy Poehler? Because I’d rather talk about how awesome Amy is. And how cute she looked. Please?!

  33. vandalfan

    (Click on the photo and you’ll get another photo in slid-show format. Then click on the words in the lower right corner “view original” and it comes in on a black background and your insert point turns into a magnifying glass. Click again, and you’ll see every thread.)

  34. Cranky Old Batt

    Reminds me of those catsuits in the old Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalogs, only this on done in lace for women of a certain age. There is not way this could fail any harder.

  35. Victoria

    /shrug I think it’s cute. And I love her hair. And I always think it’s Mary Lynn Rajskub first.

  36. Lady Satan

    This was one of those scroll-down moments for me. At first I was thinking, OK black lace, rather pretty…*scroll scroll* AAAAAAH! JUMPSUIT? Black LACE jumpsuit? No! No! No!

    Chop it off from the waist down, replace with a pretty flow-y chiffon skirt (something, anything would be better) and this would be pretty.

    Please Stella McC leave off with the jumpsuits already! The worlds supply of eye-bleach is nearing critical levels, and we’re all going to need some for the next jacking of Kim Kardashians face.

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