This looks so familiar to me, and I had to rack my brain into split pea soup before realizing that I think it’s from the same family of Stella McCartney stuff as this jumpsuit, and these items worn by Rachel McAdams and Rumer Willis.

I think, understandably, that people get sick of me harping on about hating jumpsuits all the time. I get that. I get bored of me, too. It’s just that I have a very hard time being case-by-case with them, especially when Stella McCartney herself — who, by the way, seems like she has a great sense of humor — said that when she wore her version she had to have help going to the bathroom. AT THE MET BALL. So there’s a practicality hump I can’t get over, in addition to general recurring concerns about polterwang (not present here, thank goodness) or Inflating Pelvis Syndrome (marginally present) or any of a number of other concerns. Is this the worst jumpsuit, or even the worst version of THIS jumpsuit, that I have ever seen? No. Does that save it? I leave that to you. The harpy is letting YOU speak.


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