Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence


I love Jennifer Lawrence, and I am looking forward to this movie, and I am also looking forward to her going back to being blonde-ish, because her Katniss hair is so harsh-looking to me. I mean, sure, Katniss has A LOT of problems and her lack of highlights are the least of them, but… you feel me, Fug Nation.

But how do we feel about this?

I like it in theory, but in practice I think she looks like a really stern cocktail waitress.

What do you think?

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Comments (35):

  1. anonymoose

    From the neck down: great!

    From neck up: she looks like Barbra Streisand/Maya Rudolph…which is just fine if you ARE Streisand or Rudolph, but not if you are J Lawrence.

    and please shower off that Snooki-orange skin coating!

  2. Clara

    She has a pained expression on her face. And no wonder.

  3. becca

    I can’t get past her hair and tan (or maybe it’s just the lighting). I call fug.

  4. ortenzia

    She’s becoming my favorite in the ingenue style department – everyone else goes for standard big name fashion with a tiny spin (stewart: edge, stone: quirkiness), jennifer lawrence goes some place completely different, where the only look she ever seems to be going for is about her and not about what’s on her. I like it. I want to learn that lesson. Girl crush, check!

  5. Willow

    Give it to Marion Cotillard and we’ll talk.

    JLaw just doesn’t suit such a severe look, she’s born for the more beachy look. I entirely blame the Katniss Hair.

  6. Helen

    This does not work for her body type, and it doesn’t fit very well either. Also, I’m not sure I like her in unrelieved black. And that’s way too much eyeliner.

    The shoes are horrendous. Not only ugly, but also, immediate sympathy “OW.”

    It’s a total fug. Start over.

    • pidget

      Yup – I almost can’t see past the ouch-factor of the shoes. Eep!

      This is all too severe, from the hard haircolour, yanked-back hairstyle, the too-stiff and shiny fabric in unrelieved black (perfect description, Helen) and the mean shoes. Is she going for angry dominatrix? See Lucy Liu @ Ally McBeal for that. Updated Robert Palmer girls? They were interchangeable backups. Jennifer’s a lovely young woman with a wicked bod, who should get clothes that let her natural, relaxed hotness shine through. (You too, Biel). Sporty beachy/ ski bunny/ mermaid would be good. Where’s the fun in this?

  7. Alison

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help thinking this looks like a robe that comes with satin lingerie. I know it’s really nicely made and is definitely intended to be a dress, but I can’t unsee it.

  8. happydaria

    simply too much is going on. especially the make up. naturally beautiful people like her should wear minimal make up.

  9. Carol

    My feet hurt just looking at her shoes … ouch! Pinch-y toes.

    • Scouse Helen

      Ouch to the shoes, and also to the belt. It looks as if it’s cutting off her circulation. She can do better than this, e.g. the fab re & white Dior she wore last month.

  10. MelissaW

    I think the dress would have been better in a jewel tone, maybe green since she has the dark Katniss hair again. The black is too harsh.

    I’m divided on the shoes – is there a bit of color on them or is that light reflecting off black patent?

  11. Leah

    Spectacular! Total shoe envy

  12. theotherjennifer

    she looks like a flasher. those shoes are horrendous, as is her faux tan.

  13. jerkygirl

    She can do better, and has, many times. This does indeed look like a robe, and a too-small one at at that. And those shoes, man, they look like some kind of punishment or something (OUCH.).

  14. Eliza Bennett

    Dude, I thought this was Maya Rudolph. I love Maya, and I love Jennifer, but they shouldn’t look anything alike.

  15. Jen

    I actually like the dress, but the styling leaves a lot to be desired. The shoes have got to go, and be replaced with something in a color, that doesn’t look like a torture device for feet. The hair is too unpolished for such a dress, and the jewelry is almost invisible. A nice chunky necklace would have gone a long way.

  16. luxsword

    It’s really nice, except for those shoes : they are as horrendous as unconfortable.

  17. KateShouldBeWorking

    I would eat my own children for her waist.

  18. M

    I don’t really like her hair, and her dress is ok. Love the shoes.

    And I just got back from watching that movie and it is SO good! I just wanted to comment to say that.

  19. Cat

    The dress is ok and I think she’s pulling it off– but it’s too black and too much satin. If it were a different fabric and a different color (maybe a deep green or blue), I think I would like it a lot more than I do. Not a fan of the severe hair.

    Also those shoes: OUCH!

  20. Mollsworth

    I think she’s going to be stunning with another 10 years on her face. The dress is fine, the shoes are real stinkers.

  21. buttercup

    The dress isn’t flattering to her at all. And her shoes look like they’re on the wrong feet.

  22. Jackie Leigh Gilliam

    I would like to think that there are more options from the House of Dior. Cinna does not approve of this or the black suit from the other day. The prep team was definitely employed for the gray dress on Leno.

  23. Dinah

    She’s absolutely obnoxious and needs to shut her mouth for a while. Also, she’s not a Dior girl at all. It doesn’t work for her and it’s a terrible partnership for Dior.

    • Sajorina

      Simmer down now! What has Jennifer Lawrence ever do to you? Either chill or leave!

  24. Nancy

    Dress – Nice. Hair, shoes and lipstick all make me sad.

  25. Ladyblahblah

    Damn, Dinah – did she talk smack about your or your family or something? Most of the starlets shilling for big fashion houses add nothing to the brand, so why the anger toward Jennifer Lawrence in particular?

  26. Rubee

    Am I crazy to consider this refreshing? It showcases her physical assets without being tacky or exceedingly into a classical or trendy silhouette. I love it and she certainly has the attitude to pull it off.

  27. Sajorina

    I really like this, but her dark hair is so harsh… I miss her blonde hair! I would wear that dress and the shoes, which are AWESOME!

  28. Heather

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this was Maya.

  29. KB

    This is all very Heidi Fleiss School of Professional Madames to me.

  30. mimi

    I don’t like this look at all. The dress looks like a too-short satin trench coat or bathrobe. She’s wearing too much fake tan and the hair is bad. She always looks stiff and uncomfortable when dressed up for her red carpet appearances. I’m also fed up with her constant whining about skinny actresses in Hollywood and how she never diets or would never lose weight for a role. Never say never, I say…especially at the age of 22.