Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston


I don’t know with this one anymore. It’s like I’m unable to feel.

Yes, it’s black. Yes, it’s got a bra component:

But at least said bra component is also correctly supporting the girls, and she looks happy, and her hair is really shiny, and remember that time her face started looking strangely crazy? It doesn’t now. Maybe Justin Theroux has a magic revitalizing wang. I hope he also has a magic tabloid evading wang, because I have major Aniston Sad Clown Fatigue, and that is not even her fault.  Frankly, I think these two and Jolie-Pitt need to just get a room, orgy it out, and then let us all move on already.

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    The hell. It’s a jumpsuit and it’s eating her feet. This is not a good start to my morning.

  2. Sam

    Jumpsuits and wangs and orgies, oh my.

  3. Candy

    Is it a jumpsuit? Looks like pants & a vest to me. But, yeah, those pants need to be hemmed.

    Ya know, I really like Jen. She’s always seemed to me like she’d be a blast to hang out with. I totally believe that she’s over the whole Brangelina thing & it is just the tabloids making her into this bitter spinster.

  4. Tracy L

    Well, she is looking pretty, happy and healthy for sure. Can’t she afford a tailor though? Those pants are way to long and look silly. I’ve never been a fan of the whole bra-as-a-top thing, so i wish she had an actual top on. Love her necklace.

  5. Matilda

    It’s fine but it’s a bit outdated. Didn’t we all walk around like that like 20 years ago? Pretty underwear with an added vest?

  6. Lion

    She does look healthy. But why does she always wear ugly clothes???

  7. Jennifer

    Magic Revitalizing Wang is the name of my new band.

  8. maddie

    i’m pretty sure she has moved on. it’s just the media who hasn’t. im willing to bet all three of them are sick to death of obsessing over a breakup that happened years ago

  9. hannah

    it looks like something rachel would have worn on “friends” 10 years ago… too vesty!

  10. Lina

    It’s a vest, a bra, and pants that are eating her feet. Also, Sheryl Crow has worn this exact thing SO MANY TIMES. With the same exact hair. It’s already hard enough for me to tell JA & SC apart in photographs, JA doesn’t need to be dressing identically to SC as well.

    Meanwhile, I am so with you on the “orgy it out already” suggestion. Whatever it takes for closure, already! /so totally over them

  11. Gigi

    I hate her frowny smile. It’s like she is consciously choosing to not squint her eyes out of a fear of wrinkles and crow’s feet. How about a fear of never being truly happy, Jennifer? Gah, she’s pretty but so annoying.

  12. Deer

    Difficult to see what she’s going for here. You’re never going to pull off a smart (if rather square and mumsy) Charley’s Angel look when your trouser legs are collapsing like ice cream on your feet; it’s compromised by the slutty bra idea anyway (or vice versa) and the pendant has wandered in from another outfit (nay, decade) altogether. The only thing that says it’s Jen is that it’s, errr, black. Someone please give this obviously very attractive woman some ADVICE.

  13. pinkcheese

    Yuck. It just looks desperate.

  14. annabeth

    Non-fashion related, but on topic: It’s cracking me up how the tabloids are desperately churning out stories about how Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Justin Theroux has somehow driven Angelina and Brad into full-out supervillain mode, scheming to “upstage the wedding,” “get Jennifer back,” “ruin the romance,” etc. and so on. I fully expect US Weekly to feature a story next week about how they’ve taken up residence on their asteroid fortress and have aimed a death ray at the Earth, which will be used to crush us all unless Justin publicly dumps Jennifer and she dyes her hair brown — with a Nutrisse home kit, no less! The tabs clearly want to squeeze the very last drop of blood from this lucrative stone.

  15. Stefanie

    It’s typical Jen and I’m not mad at her for always being Jen. I find her consistency nice. I like knowing she isn’t going to show up wearing a giant cupcake or something.

    As for the whole Brad/Jen/Angie stuff: I read a blind item a couple of weeks ago about how a a famous actress (who once stole a husband) is looking to cast a fairly unknown actor (not so unknown for his personal life however) in her new movie because the famous actress/director cant leave well enough alone. Actor, however will turn down the part because he really loves his famous girlfriend. Personally, I love his and cackled with delight when I read it.

  16. christine christine


    This morning I saw Jeniston on people.com wearing a white tank top and blue jeans, and I was so relieved to see her not wearing black that my heart burst with joy. I just don’t understand the All Black All The Time thing. The outfit is just alright, nothing special.

  17. vandalfan

    I believe she is celebrating her directorial debut, and what better way to display her professionalism and gravitas than showing off her bra? I’m sure Orsen Wells and John Huston did that many a time.

  18. Jade

    the vest seems a bit on the small side. I don’t mind a bra flashing, but that top button is creating a lot of wrinkles. I probably would like it, if it was the right size.
    Same goes for the pants. Get it hemmed already.

  19. nuna

    outfit could be better for sure, but there’s nothing desperate about her.

  20. Alix

    JA dresses with the mentality of a formerly fat girl,. It’s like she can’t believe she’s no longer the size of a whale, and so dresses in black, black, black to cover up nonexistent fat. But she never WAS fat, so what’s the deal here? Say what you want about AngieJo’s shapeless caftans, her wardrobe is a veritable circus compared to Aniston’s. There’s classic and then there’s boring.

  21. Amber

    The outfit is fine, bra dispaly and long pants aside. However, I wish Jen would wear a color already!! So sick of black. I am also sick of the whole Brad/Angelina/Jen thing, I could scream. It happened years ago, nobody cares anymore (including those involved, I am sure). I wish the tabloids would find something better to write about.

  22. Gabi

    I actually don’t mind the bra but the pants are ridiculous – they are BAD. Anything that makes Jennifer Aniston look hippy is pure evil. Also, I want her hair immediately – this is the color that I always strive for but will never get because you have to go somewhere that costs $500 a treatment. Jealous!

  23. The Other Molly

    Just another of the many boring outfits Aniston wears.
    I think the whole Aniston/Jolie/Pitt thing is perpetuated because if you take away that,
    what else is there to say about Aniston.
    She is so yesterday’s news.

  24. Sarah

    At least it isn’t a nude toweldress!

  25. Erin

    It’s so Rachel Green from Friends! Mid-90s chic.

  26. witjunkie

    Y’know, this is Aniston, this is her thing, and she always looks good. Yes, always black, tailored, minimal, but 95% of the time SHE looks great in whatever it is. We were just harping on Evan Rachel Wood for always copying someone instead of finding her own style…Jennifer Aniston found her style a long time ago and has the self-assurance to wear what she’s comfortable with. Do I get all excited about what she wears? nah. But dammit, she always looks good.

  27. elle

    What happened to her bob? How did she grow that much hair so quickly? Please don’t say “extensions,” because if she cut if off just to tack it back on, that makes no sense at all.

  28. Kara

    I’m with Gabi – the pants bug me a lot more than the bra does. The bra is probably deliberate, but the pants just look sloppy – either hem them or wear different pants. I know she has access to a tailor AND lots of other pants that are the right length, so there’s no reason for this.

    And I am SO on the “STFU about Brangelina v. Aniston” thing. Frankly, I don’t find any of the three of them that interesting, individually or together.

  29. Hel

    First, I checked if it was a jumpsuit. It’s not. But it still isn’t a win because of the bra and the pants’ length.

  30. K-Star

    Jen, just stop trying so hard to be sexy. You just don’t have it and you are about as exciting as a cup of warm milk.

  31. Tara

    The Fug Girls did say a while ago that Jen and Ange aren’t that different – both are not fond of wearing colours or hemming their pantsuits!

  32. Anne B

    I do not like the peekaboo bra. Or vest-without-shirt. Or the Return-To-90′s (sure they were fun, but people! People! The only way out is through!).

    And while I wish J’anthroux continued health, happiness, and contentment with their monochormatic wardrobe (I have one of those myself; it can be indicative of a life-rut, low-level depression, or just comfort), I am more interested in your “inability to feel”.

    Heather, does it seem that you
    1) are missing “a sensitivity chip”, or otherwise have a critical piece missing, most likely from the vicinity of your forehead?
    2) are trying to find “a movie about an interesting life”, when the problem is that you’re “not living an interesting life yourself”?
    3) have been telling the same story to everybody you meet for, like, six years?
    4) have had people asking you the same questions for, like, six years?

    Please let me know. I CARE. I’m here for you. And also, billions of tabloid sales depend on your answers …

  33. pam b

    Didn’t she wear a similar outfit (pants/vest/bra/long necklaces) to an award show not long ago? I’m thinking it was around the time ‘Just Go With It’ was being released, and she was presenting with Adam Sandler…

  34. Andrea

    Eh, boring outfit that doesn’t fit properly.

    I do love how the tabloids STILL love to paint Ange out as a homewrecking monster but are conveniently forgetting to mention Jen and Justin started gettin’ it on while he was still with his girlfriend of 14 years.

  35. Claire L

    I figure better her than me…if I was built like this woman I’d NEVER wear sleeves or anything that covered me from the knees down or mid sternum up.

  36. bunny

    I thought that was Sheryl Crowe when I first saw her.

  37. dkk

    Does anyone else find it odd that she is wearing Don Eladio’s drug dealing necklace from Breaking Bad? is she secretly in cahoots with Gus Fring? Secret stakes in / moonlighting at Los Pollos Hermanos could explain her frumpy outfit…

  38. Emma

    It’s like she went to Express and bought a pair of black polyester work pants and matching vest.

  39. Diana

    She always looks fantastic. She and her new beau make a very attractive pair. I really hope they last. Though she does seem to have changed her style a bit to match his….

  40. Clare

    Outfit sucks. But yes she has great hair and a great face.

  41. Sajorina

    Just hem the pants to the right length and I’d love it! I did the vest with exposed bra look in 1995 and rocked it! And, so does she, but I’d lose the necklace, which is way too long!

  42. Celeste

    Nah, her face still looks crazy. It’s like they busted her whole previous face and started over–not a good look. I wish people would stop trying to tell us she’s beautiful. Cute is as far as I’ll go, and that’s fading fast.

  43. Melly

    Boy, tough crowd here. Beautiful and lighthearted woman, but she blows it with the pants here. Otherwise I like it. Actually I’m still thinking about a shot of her on the street from yesterday, where she’s got her high beams on in a white tank top and thin bra, jeans, and a scarf tied around her waist in a bow. Aviator glasses. Hair up. Smiling, open, herself, fantastic.

  44. fritanga

    I’ve seen 50000 nascently middle-aged women wearing a variant of this outfit in Palm Desert, Newport Beach, La Jolla, yadda yadda. It’s like a California uniform, it’s expensive, it’s ever-so-slightly tarty and it’s totally unimaginative. I guess Aniston doesn’t care anymore, or she’s trying to out-simple Angelina, which is stupid because Jolie will always win as she tops her outfits off with her blindingly beautiful face (an accessory Aniston will never have despite her many trips to the plastic surgeon). Whatevs.

  45. Laurence De Maere D'aertrijcke

    why the hand in the photo? ahah.

  46. S

    Hasn’t she worn this before?