I don’t know with this one anymore. It’s like I’m unable to feel.

Yes, it’s black. Yes, it’s got a bra component:

But at least said bra component is also correctly supporting the girls, and she looks happy, and her hair is really shiny, and remember that time her face started looking strangely crazy? It doesn’t now. Maybe Justin Theroux has a magic revitalizing wang. I hope he also has a magic tabloid evading wang, because I have major Aniston Sad Clown Fatigue, and that is not even her fault.  Frankly, I think these two and Jolie-Pitt need to just get a room, orgy it out, and then let us all move on already.

But, the outfit:

  • It's cute! (23%, 2,055 Votes)
  • It's fine. (39%, 3,456 Votes)
  • It's blech (20%, 1,786 Votes)
  • It's walking narcolepsy (18%, 1,596 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,895

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]