Fug or Fab: Halle Berry


I’m not sure this qualifies, on its own merits, as Fug OR Fab.

It’s one of those dresses where the body makes it more than the design does. And because Halle Berry CLEARLY stole everyone’s genetic lottery tickets, her body is giving this sucker a shape and a life that it wouldn’t have on the hanger. But I do wish she’d stood for one second without her leg jammed out the slit. The only photo we have where she’s straight up-and-down is this one:

And trust me, it is a pleasure to share this with you. Tom Hanks has become the most distinguished man-clown in America, which I mean both with affection and as a compliment. As for Halle’s dress… again, I think it’s the bod that sells it, but what pleases me the most is it seems so calm. All that effort and strain that drips off her other dresses doesn’t seem present with this one. She’s just letting her assets speak for themselves, which they probably appreciate every now and again.

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  1. glee

    I want my ticket back!!! I could use 3 or 4 inches. OF HEIGHT!!!

  2. Kirst

    I wish it was a colour.

  3. mue

    it looks like a costume from the movie.

  4. Helen

    It’s just kinda yawn.

    Though the posing is cringe-worthy.

  5. Squirrel!

    I voted “I like it fine?” but now I want to change. Her left sleeve (on our right) irks me.

  6. Susan

    I can’t get on board due to the top. Pick one sleeve style and go with it!

  7. Sajorina

    I think it’s FINE, but it is definitely her body that’s selling it! She looks good compared to what I’ve seen her in lately, but if this plain dress was in a bold color, it could’ve been a FAB! And, Tom Hanks is a National Treasure! LOVE HIM!!!

  8. cathy

    halle is gorgeous and tom is such a wonderful goofy man

  9. bambi_beth

    It’s not navy? I voted love, full stop because I think it is navy and I love me a good slinky navy dress.
    I don’t think enough people wear navy. I think at one point the fug girls agreed with me.

    • ringthing

      I will jump on the navy train with you. I love navy and it’s so flattering on pretty much everyone, esp. brunettes.

  10. McLisa

    I love the color and the style goes along with the theme of the movie.

    But, that sleeve is irking me like an itch I can’t scratch.

  11. Kristen

    I voted “I like it fine” and I guess I stand by it. It’s kind of a Victor Victoria dress for me and with her (very orange looking) leg sticking out, it’s disjointed. But she looks beautiful as usual.
    And now I have a bit of a crush on Tom.

  12. tigers4us

    Except for the sleeves (one or the other but not both), I like the dress. It’s understated but elegant, color is more interesting than basic black, and it looks comfortable to wear! No potential wardrobe malfunction!

  13. sarah

    LOVE the shoes. LOVE!

  14. Jasmine

    I wish there was a voting option for “I don’t have enough feelings about the dress to warrant a vote but Mr Hanks continues to delight me”.

  15. thereset

    It does not involve sheerness and the Trying Too Hard quality she tends to roll with. I’ll take it.

    • Scouse Helen

      Agreed. She’s moving in the right direction, even if she is getting it a bit wrong. She must have had to work pretty hard to find a dress to make her figure look slightly hippy though (and I don’t mean the patchouli’n’ Woodstock version of hippy, for the avoidance of doubt).

      • Shannon

        My thoughts exactly on the dress making her look hippy…maybe it’s just the way she’s standing (really, Jolie leg?!) but it seems to make her look thick. I think it might have something to do with all the weird lines created by the two different sleeves.

  16. amanda

    I’m really glad her hair is short again. I think she looks much more striking without Generic Hollywood Hair.

  17. Sandra

    I like the navy color and the Sleeve Indecision annoys me massively. So that’s an “I like it fine?” on our Fug Ballot. Mr. Hanks, on the other hand, I love without reservation. Though I will be relieved when he’s done with the Disney-fying and can shave that skeeve-stache off his face.

  18. Cristina

    I feel like this is made from the same Contempo remnants Britney’s dress was.

  19. Shanti

    I don’t care so much about the dress one way or the other, but thank you SO much for that second picture! She and Tom Hanks both look utterly delightful.

  20. Che

    Why don’t you guys extend this to fashion bloggers?! Models and actresses and artists had been thoroughly checked and fuglify, why not the many fashion bloggers?

  21. Erin

    “But I do wish she’d stood for one second without her leg jammed out the slit” – amen.
    Women should have to take a vow before wearing dresses like this – “I solemnly swear to never stick my leg out at an unnatural angle whilst wearing this dress, a la Angelina Jolie”.
    In other news: hate the sleeves, the dress is blah, her hair and shoes are fab, Tom Hanks is the man.

  22. holly

    Respectfully disagree. We know HB has a gorgeous figure, but I don’t think this dress is doing her any favors in the hip area.

    • EngProf

      Holly’s right. Some odd orthodoxy about Ms. Berry is shaping this discussion. She doesn’t look so great in this and given how great she can look, this has to count as a fail.

      • Katharine

        Yes, I’m also with Holly. She is looking a bit lumpy in this thing, and if Halle Berry is anything, lumpy isn’t it. (Although remember when EVERYONE wore these column knit dresses? SO MUCH POTENTIAL for lumpy! In general, these are really easy to wear on the inside, but are almost never great on the outside except on ruler-shaped skinnies.)

  23. Moi

    It looks a little . . . casual? One of those HelmutLangAlexanderWang type dresses that I see everywhere ad nauseum, mainly, I suppose, because they are flattering and workable. But this seems sort of stunted at the bottom. Needs to be longer OR shorter. Want those shoes, though.

  24. Lisa

    If it looks mediocre on her, it would look awful on every other person on the planet so I vote no.

  25. erin

    she shouldn’t do the jolie leg pop if for no other reason than the dress is SO much more flattering on her when she’s just standing normally!

    that said – her bod, as always, is off the charts.

  26. Gill

    I think that on anybody else in the world it would look kind of slouchy, and even here some of the fabric is bunching up a bit. But the cut is interesting, and I’m glad we’re not doing the whole cut-out sheer-panelling thing Halle usually likes to wear. (I need enough chocolate and ice cream to deal with her rocking genetics as it is.)

  27. Emma

    Actually I think it does very bad things to her body.

  28. amys

    I love the color with those beautiful shoes. As gorgeous and rich as she is, I think she could have found a different dress that was more figure appreciative. She has such a rockin’ body that it deserves to be flattered. This particular style just ain’t cutting it for me (or her!). She is such a DNA lottery winner and a fine actress to boot. Damn!

    • Esme

      How come it’s OK to discuss “DNA” when someone is beautiful but not when someone is rather less so? Just wondering.

  29. Glenn

    I just think it looks odd when she’s sticking her leg out and it continues to just hang there. Like she’s the very definition of a human clotheshanger. An exceptionally beautiful one, true, but… yeah.

  30. JanetP

    Dress is … fine, although I didn’t notice the sleeve issue until just now and I am reconsidering. Tom Hanks with that mustache, however, creeps me the fug out.

  31. gryt

    It looks a little cheap (which I’m sure it’s not).

  32. Morgan W

    Dress is mehh. For “Cloud Atlas” review and beauty news please visit 16thfloorfiction.com!

  33. Marvelous A

    I really, really, really need to touch that fabric, though.

  34. house mouse

    Depressing and unflattering.

  35. Faye

    Halle Berry is beautiful, but this dress does nothing for her. And she looks like she’s smirking in her poses here.

    Tom Hanks looks like an aging, sleazy, French porn star here. Just no to this look for him.

  36. Esme

    I think it’s a size too big, and it’s really meh verging on fug.

  37. Esme

    Hanks has pretty much gone from delightful to annoying in my book.

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