I’m not sure this qualifies, on its own merits, as Fug OR Fab.

It’s one of those dresses where the body makes it more than the design does. And because Halle Berry CLEARLY stole everyone’s genetic lottery tickets, her body is giving this sucker a shape and a life that it wouldn’t have on the hanger. But I do wish she’d stood for one second without her leg jammed out the slit. The only photo we have where she’s straight up-and-down is this one:

And trust me, it is a pleasure to share this with you. Tom Hanks has become the most distinguished man-clown in America, which I mean both with affection and as a compliment. As for Halle’s dress… again, I think it’s the bod that sells it, but what pleases me the most is it seems so calm. All that effort and strain that drips off her other dresses doesn’t seem present with this one. She’s just letting her assets speak for themselves, which they probably appreciate every now and again.

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