Fug or Fab: Emma Stone


I don’t know.

I kind of like the fact that the appliques are spider-web-y? And I am an avowed fan and enthusiast of all things petticoat and petticoat-related. I love a hint of tulle under a skirt. And I kind of dig the quasi-panniers. And I love people wearing sleeves on the red carpet, even NAY ESPECIALLY if they’re all young and firm-armed and don’t even need them.  And I love her bangs because that is what my bangs are basically supposed to do but only ACTUALLY do if someone else does my hair. And also I love her. AND I heard the movie is pretty good. So I’m giving her the win here — I like it. I TALKED MYSELF INTO IT.

Did you talk yourself into it?

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  1. Chasmosaur

    Okay, while I am appreciating that the style trends are no longer skin-tight, this type of flared hip works better on a longer skirt. Otherwise, it just looks like a Barbie outfit.

  2. sarah

    So cute. Unfortunately I think the Krugs did similar a bit better at Canes.

  3. Vanessa

    This is also what my bangs are supposed to do! Instead I have a cow-lick that only professionals can conquer, so I normally look like I’ve got a deflated version of Old Elvis’s hair. I know it’s not related, but I just had to commiserate.

    • Anu

      Totally what my bangs are supposed to do as well, instead mine look like deflated wisps trying to crawl back into my head.. I have serious bang envy with the Stone and barely look at her clothes in the throes of my envy. Bangs aside, the dress itself has a fantastic cut except for the hip shoulder pads. DAMN YOU MAGIC BANGS.

  4. AmyK

    I love everything about this except the waist applique detail. It looks too… chunky?

  5. Hannah

    I like this, I do. BUT, whyyyyy does she always do some weird shape to her hip. that black pencil skirt lace dress, the eternal peplums…. MAKE IT STOP.

    Ps The Eternal Peplums is the name of my new indie rock band.

  6. Patrick

    It’s a bit too twee and “Disney Princess”-y for my liking, but she still rocks it.

  7. Claire L1

    The color and design ( minus the crazy hips) is really pretty….but the applique is too heavy, I wish it fit closer to her frame.

  8. Glee

    The clear shoes kill it for me. Also, while I love me some Emma Stone, I love me SOME, not all the time, every day, multiple posts… I need a palate cleanser, if you will.

    • Jessica

      Well, Spider-Man is the big movie out right now, and it’s her and Blake Lively in terms of material for us. We are a bit hamstrung in terms of Who Is Out Wearing Outfits as far as material goes.

      • Glee

        Isn’t Michelle Pfeiffer plugging “People Like Us” out and about? Or how about the Spice Girl the Musical (what???) reunion of the Spice Girls (and Posh did not look good in those pictures!)?

        And Jessica, could you do me a favor and send a note to Christian Loboutin threatening/pleading that if he makes another pair of those shoes, regardless of adornments, we are all going to be Brian Atwood all the way at Fug Nation (and yes, I speak for all!).

  9. dianalily

    I want to have cocktails and talk about boys with this woman so MUCH. However, this dress is a little jejune on her. It might be better for, say, Elle Fanning.

  10. Katie

    I have a quibble and a half with this. The full quibble is the hip… bustle… thing that’s going on. As far as I can remember without taking the time to actually look, Emma has a very nice figure, so I don’t know why anyone would think she needs to emphasize her hips any more than a nice, full a-line skirt would have done. My half quibble is the epaulets, especially the right one which appears to be coming undone. I do love me a petticoat, though, and the detail at the waist is lovely.

    • Hannah

      Agreed – I feel like she messes with the line of her hips quite often. unnecessary.

  11. Christopher

    I’m sorry… I love Emma, to a degree that borders on crazed teenaged girl Bieber-fandom… but, this makes her look like the spokeswoman for the newest Swiss Miss Raspberry White Chocolate hot cocoa… individual pieces i love… but as a whole… it makes me wonder where I’ve kept the mini marshmallows… and whether the new cocoa flavor comes in sugar-free…

  12. valueofaloonie

    My bangs are supposed to do that, too! If they even come remotely close, I’m having an Amazing Hair Day.

    Unrelated: I am not having an Amazing Hair Day today.

  13. Susan

    I believe the dress may have said to the designer “OK, I’m done, you’re happy, so how about Emma? She’s young, she can wear anything, so I have my best chance on Emma.

    Emma and dress win again.

    • Mair Mair

      Yes, this definitely falls into the only-Emma-could-get-away-with-it category.

  14. maryse

    i’m actually ok with the crazy hip shelves. she’s so slim and willowy that no one can think she’s actually shaped like that. it’s unusual and i kind of like it. not everything she wears has to be slimming.

  15. Laucie

    I rarely comment on Emma and I think it’s because she always looks clean, appropriate, and never in danger of a wardrobe malfunction, and don’t want to nitpick. Some of her outfits are perfect; some, like this one, are a mixture of lovely and odd. This is pretty and charming, but I’d love to see it with 30% less hip action.

  16. Katharine

    I really like the hip shelf, but the applique looks like a fancy back brace to me.

  17. Ines

    i was in until i saw the lopsided frayed hem (dress and petticoat) and those shoes…

  18. CJ


  19. gail

    I’ve seen these shoes like a thousand times already. At this point it just indicates a real lack of creativeness from the stylist rather than talent. Do they truly get paid just to apishly follow “trends”?

    I don’t really like the dress, the bustle is annoying, like we’ve never escaped the restrictiveness of Marie Antoinette’s day. Also, it looks like the hem was hacked off with some nail scissors which does not compliment the look.

  20. Rho

    It looks like her upper torso is growing a maroon beard. And the beard poofs out in a way that makes her chest look totally flat. Although I may have been staring at the picture too long.

  21. Kato

    I think this is a case where the sum is less than its parts. That said, the dress is okay for me, but I don’t like it on her.

  22. me

    I’ve always been onboard the Love Emma Stone juggernaut, but liking *this* outfit! Really!?! The tulle, the applique and her pose (so twee I dislike) – not working at all. OTOH, that face is as always – remarkable!

  23. Lisa

    I was unsure about this until I zoomed in. I love the way the applique isn’t completely sewn down to the dress, and I love the detail on the hip bustle (hipstle?). I’m not as sure about the raw edge on the hem and petticoat. I do love that she coordinated her pedicure to her outfit, even though it barely shows.

    Unrelatedly, it struck me as I looked at the close-up of Emma’s face that this is sort of what LiLo could have looked like now if she hadn’t ruined her face with drugs and plastic surgery.

  24. ra_ra

    My only quibble with this dress is when she is wearing it. If she wore it in December, I would be all in.

  25. Melanie

    Don’t love the shoes and I feel like it makes her look boxy / bigger than she is. I love the colour, I love the applique, petticoat, etc. I just think the cut isn’t great.

  26. Amanda

    I get that she doesn’t love the body-hugging, boob-baring get-ups that most starlets her age seem to wear everywhere, and truly I applaud her for that. Individuality in Hollywood is hard to come by, and demure sexiness is even more rare.

    However (you knew this was coming) I don’t like how so many of her choices make her seem wide and boxy. She’s young and her figure is quite lovely. She doesn’t have to wear a bandage dress (or 2012′s equivalent) to every (or any) press junket, but I like her much better in more fitted/less architectural looks.

    Of course, she’s a wildly popular and successful actress so I doubt she really needs or wants my help :)

  27. bex

    no nO something that makes her torso this boxy must be made illegal or burned

  28. Mongerel

    Ugh. I was ready to love this. Creative shape, neato 3-D appliques…..But look at that hem, all cut with dull scissors. And those shoes. Love the spikes but for heaven sakes I don’t want to see your stank toe cleavage.

  29. fritanga

    She looks like a strawberry sundae. Mmm. strawberries.

    I see nothing wrong here.

  30. devopet

    Am I the only one who sees a squinting bull with a manificent beard? Like the folds around her underarms are his eyes?

    I don’t mind the shape at the bottum but don’t like how it’s falling…so close but it is so unique and eye-catching that I see why she chose it.

    • Libby

      I have a problem with the way the sleeve attach also. Otherwise I love it!

  31. Evalyn

    Love the colors, her hair,etc., but do not love the side bustles. They make the fabric pull oddly across the front so the dress is longer on the sides and her slip is showing. And her shoes have the measels, or chicken pox, or something spotty. From the waist up, yes, from the waist down, just a waste.

  32. Julia

    Too cutesy for me. She looks like she could waitress at an upscale beergarden.

    • ML

      I adore her personally but yes, Julia, I was also wondering if she was serving at this year’s Oktoberfest.

  33. Cranky Old Batt

    Dudes, seriously, every day with this chick?

  34. vandalfan

    Bad shoes, stupid panniers, but the overall look is still pleasing. Oddly it’s another iteration of my white drill team uniform circa 1975. The red velvet detail looks like a giant frog closure.

  35. livvy17

    I would love it if they took that little bit of applique off the shoulders…for me, that’s what pushes it from interesting to costume-y.

    • Nee S

      I first saw this in a photo of a close-up of her face, and in that shot, the shoulder bits looked like lobsters that had crawled up on her shoulders. That ruined it for me, even though she appears lobster-free in the full-length photo.

  36. Cristina

    Love it unreservedly.

  37. Annalynn

    I would have given this a fug, but I can’t help but LOVE the spider designs on her Spiderman premiere dress.

  38. Renee

    Best Canada day dress OF ALL TIME!!!

  39. Helen

    She’s adorable, but this isn’t a dress so much as an antimacassar.

  40. blah

    What’s happened to you. The old you would have gone off about how the artificial hips make her look like she’s smuggling a cooler into the event, the ragged hem looks like she hacked up a ball-length gown in the limo, and the applique looks like entrails. I AM DISSAPOINT!

  41. cc

    Too cutesy. I thought she was supposed to be the girl next-door not.. whatever that is.

  42. SW

    she sometimes dresses like a creepy creepy doll, and standing pigeon toed doesn’t help

  43. Amy V

    I had to look at it in the large size to make an opinion. I’d be fine with it except for the fraying edge on the skirt! Couldn’t they have just hemmed it?

  44. Mahastee

    NO. I love her, but this is all wrong. Let Blanchett try it and we’ll see.

  45. CJG

    I like the IDEA of this dress. I think the sketch was probably beautiful. But the fit on this dress is horrendous. It’s pulling in her armpits, it’s shaped poorly around her boobs and the panier-style hips look poorly constructed and odd. All due respect to the house of Chanel, but I am one of those people who doesn’t think that everything Karl Lagerfeld does is golden. In fact, his last few collections have seemed more like parades of ill-fitting, unflattering expensive clothes to me. I am sure the fabric is beautiful, the appliqués are probably gorgeous up close, but fit is everything, and the fit is fug. She deserves better.

  46. Mindy

    I was there and saw this dress pretty close up. I really wanted to love it. It looked a little Nancy Kerrigan/Ice Dancer-ish to me. The shoes were fierce though. Sorry Emma….

  47. Kathleen F.

    Divorced from any outside context, I like this–the lines are fun and pretty. But it seems like she’s been riding the “soft, sweet, delicate” look SO HARD during this whole press tour, and I’m really kind of bored of it now. Bring on the brights and the sassy already!

  48. Shiitake

    I’d prefer the lines on the skirt to be a softer drape and the tule not to show.

  49. Rubee

    I’m amazed by some comments saying this outfit is too young for Emma and in fact,this outfit is pretty much what real-life twenties is about: experimental, modern and joyful, not to mention she looks very good in it. Minus the shoes, that’s it
    The truth is that today’s red carpet standards demand more poise, sophistication, self-confidence and sexiness from young actresses than what’s normally expected for girls elsewhere. It’s not enough anymore – has it ever been?- they are beautiful, talented teenagers and young adults doing what they are accomplished at. They are “powerful”, and the whole outfit, makeup and pose are oriented to prove this. So, when a young lady deviates from the “diva-in-the-making”general trend, the media reflects her as she is looking too young , when she’s actually looking her age.

  50. Kathleen

    I am totally distracted from the dress by the pose that makes her arms look freakishly long – soz but cannot see anything else

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